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Thread: Global kits Cessna Skylane
09/03/2019 09:27:33

Hi Andy,

If your kit is like mine, that is full of the finest oak balsa I would suggest changing it to a lighter grade of balsa.

I could not believe how heavy the tail assembly alone was.

Also, I would strongly recommend strengthening former "B" as on mine it totally shattered in 6 places in a relatively minor cartwheel which I've had similar models come away with little or no damage. As you will see the sides of this former are only 10mm wide and this former takes the wing dowels so a lot of stresses pass through this former in such an arrival, as your going electric there is no need for the tank so you could make a new one.

Hope the build goes well and go for the forward CoG position



Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
06/03/2019 21:13:47


I started working in September 1978, the cost of the Avro 504 was a week and a halves wages before tax was deducted.

I got this last year

avro 504 a.jpg

May start building it later this year.


I would love to find a copy of this concord, used to see it in the plans guide years ago, gone now.

I once built the Howard Metcalfe Crossfire fibre glass fuselage, never got past the maiden aileron flutter rolled over and in like a rocket. The joys.



Thread: How much for a kit?
05/03/2019 18:35:53

I would be happy to pay £170 - £200 or so for a kit of around 70" wingspan.

Saying that I have just bought a 60" Fokker DR1 kit only, on e-bay for £146 plus P&P, though it is coming from China just another three weeks to wait, hopefully it looks as good in the flesh as it does on the net.



Thread: Real Model Pilots
05/03/2019 18:15:15

I have used them twice, the first time took a long time to arrive I forget exactly how long but it took a couple of phone calls.

Have you asked for your items to be painted. I did on my first order and had decided to paint my second set of pilots myself I do recall these arriving a lot quicker.

Their painting is to a very good standard and I must say worth the wait.

dsc03080 (800x533).jpg

dsc03081 (800x533).jpg

This gun turret and part of the flight crew came pre-painted

Hope this is some help / reassurance



Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
02/03/2019 16:30:39

Hi All,

A bit more done today including re-calculating the CoG position as this has been on my mind since my terrible maiden attempt of my FW 200 Condor which had a major CoG error, the new position is 12mm forward of my original position possibly due to the weight gain.

Her she is just a few seconds after opening the throttles, yes that's right just a few seconds it all happened so quick I did not have time to react.

my condor 4.jpg

This remarkable Image taken by a fellow club mate, just before impact and the resulting damage helped put me off working on the Dornier and a lot of self doubt set in. All of the damage has been repaired and she is waiting to have another go, CoG moved a lot further forward after re-checking and confirmed by a fellow modeller.

So, back to the Dornier, I have modified the battery box to allow a 4s lipo to fit and drilled for the wing retaining bolts. Following that although there is still a lot to do I balanced the model and at least the battery box is in the right place and in it's present state the battery is at the rear end of it, so hopefully after finishing and painting I'll still have some room to play with for the battery position



The battery can move right up into the nose if needs be.

That's all for now



Thread: Flair Tiger Moth, help needed.
28/02/2019 19:28:52

Hi BP,

The chap who is selling the tiger moth refurb kit and the pup short is Dean from Flair, have you tried asking him to see if he could help



Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
25/02/2019 19:38:23

Maidened my DB Bi-Stormer 72 yesterday,

Flew beautifully despite a dead stick just a minute or so in but the rest of the days flying was great I LOVE this model

my bi-stomer4.jpg

Up and away

my bi-stormer8.jpg

my bi-stormer7.jpg

It's a real floater



Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
19/02/2019 19:53:40

Thank you Piers,

The 8mm gap is with the 8 x 4 props, the 8 x 5 is a contender but I might try some others later on.

I do think the 4s is the battery so I'll have to alter the battery compartment but not until I have done a trial balance as I was way off on my FW 200 Condor and had to move the battery back 8", though that is part of the fun of own designs.



Thread: Gutted!
19/02/2019 18:22:02

She is looking really good Cliff.

Fingers crossed for the maiden



Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
18/02/2019 20:39:19

Hi All,

I have just carried out some prop tests this evening.

Here are the results,

Firstly, I just connected up a single motor. Not wanting a repeat of Saturday's disaster where after connecting a 4s battery to my TN Lancaster following some repairs and wanting to check out why she behaved so different from the previous flight to which I managed to burn out all 4 ESC's in a matter of seconds even though they were marked 2 - 4s, a smoking model in doors is not a good sight thank goodness the wife was out and the smell had gone by the time she returned. So new ESC's ordered along with new motors just in case.

So back to the Dornier, the props and batteries were what I had to available, the order of the test was 3 blades first as they were already fitted then the 7 x 5 and then the 8 x 5 props. The batteries were all freshly charged at the start of the testing period with each motor run lasting a few seconds.

single motor fitted with 8 x 4 x 3 blade

Battery 3s 4000 167Watts

3s 6000 172 Watts 13Amps

4s 5000 402 Watts

3 Motors running 7 x 5 2 blade APC props

Battery 3s 4000 333 Watts 29Amps

3s 6000 365 Watts 30Amps

4s 5000 723 Watts 46Amps

3 motors running 8 x 5 2 blade APC props

Battery 3s 4000 433 Watts 38Amps

3s 6000 472 Watts 40Amps

4s 5000 935 Watts 60Amps

3 Motors running 8 x 4 3 blade GWS props these do seem a little flimsy and may flex I think

Battery 3s 4000 434 Watts 38Amps

3s 6000 470 Watts 40Amps

4s 5000 950 Watts 62Amps

So it looks like I have to modify the fuselage to take the 4s, it is only just a bit too big to fit.

I have no intention flying off water with the exception when our field becomes water logged.

Any thoughts Piers or others on the above



18/02/2019 06:30:35

Hi Piers,

I was hoping to use a 3s set up but I do have a 4s which I would need to make some slight adjustments to the battery box. As for prop sizes, I assumed i would be using a 3s setup and from the instructions prop size for 2s = 12 x 6 and 4s being 8 x 4, therefore, 3s would be 10 x 5 for a two blade and using a rule of thumb to down the diameter an inch for three blade, but a 9" prop would fowl the fuselage so by physical restraints I went for 8 x 4 x3.

Now that I have aired my thoughts I hopefully do some testing this week with different prop sizes.

Will keep all informed of the results.



17/02/2019 22:43:03

Hi Both,

As I said I'm trying to get back into this model and why I had got 30Amp ESC's, however, now this is possibly where I have confused myself, looking at the motor data sheet which is the same as Piers 2nd link and click on upload files then click on motor instructions it states 50Amp.

Though I must agree with a 30 Amp ESC should be OK with a max current draw of 22amp just puzzled why instructions call for a 50Amp.



17/02/2019 15:19:44

Hi All,

It's been a while since I last worked on the Dornier having had a bit of a distraction and built myself a DB Bi Stormer.

I have spent some time today looking at the Dornier and trying to catch up on my train of thoughts back in September and having wired and installed the motors back then and am now a bit puzzled.

For some reason, which I cannot recall I have fitted 3530/14 motors with 30amp ESC's oops, these motors require a 50 Amp ESC.

I think I must have ordered the wrong size or had a senior moment again.

If I kept the motors and bought new ESC's they would be a tight fit in the outer nacelles and almost impossible in the centre one plus I am a little concerned about the heat / cooling



Central nacelle, a bit crowded without the ESC and the incoming power cables

Possibly a twin with freewheeling central prop?

That's all for now



Thread: Bistormer 60" (A Barnstormer with more ribs)
09/02/2019 16:51:43

Here's my 72" version


Followed some of the tips and made a canopy, steerable tail wheel and 4 ailerons



Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
09/02/2019 16:48:36

Hi All,

Just like to share with you my latest model a DB Bistormer 72" fitted with an Irvine 53 and weighing in at 7 3/4 lbs.

Covered in easycoat 2nd's red and white and HK for the blue. Decals from Callie Graphics and a couple of homemade. I was inspired by the colour scheme of the pitts special.

A couple of changes from the plans, steerable tail wheel, canopy, after all it is winter and I also fitted four ailerons there was no mention on the plans that specified top wing only or bottom wing, servos mounted in the lower wing. I have halved the throws on low rates and as the instructions stated on high rates.

pitts special.jpg

pitts special4.jpg

My inspiration





Homemade canopy using the pop bottle techbique used two 3ltr bottles as I could not get it to form right



Just the canopy to fix and CoG and wait for the weather

Hope she flies as good as she looks



Thread: How can I reverse a plan to build two wing halves
08/02/2019 17:53:28

Hi Phil,

I use baby oil lasts for quite a while and not so smelly, my workshop is in the house.

with the baby oil the paper becomes transparent and it is good for your hands too



Thread: German WW2 Insignia
24/01/2019 20:09:26

Hi All,

I agree with the opening post in that if it had one then one was applied to the model.

However, having built a civilian FW Condor. I chose the civilian version for two reasons, firstly, I have built a lot of military models and very few civilian aircraft and secondly it the civilian version had no gondola, turrets etc to assist in the build.

When I got to the finishing stage I did start asking myself questions about where it was correct or not and found that it was illegal in Germany and thought having found nothing to say you could not so in the UK so I did. The aircraft I modelled was the first aircraft (fixed wing) to fly from Berlin to New York and back in 1938.


BTW, the Finnish airforce also used a swastika during WWII but in blue. Just a thought, would a Finnish WWII model be allowed in Germany, still bearing the swastika albeit in blue?



Thread: How long have you been in the hobby?
22/01/2019 19:38:49

I first built a keil kraft glider not RC in the mid seventies when I was in my mid-teens, this was not a success and not until the summer of 1990 just before going to Uni I discovered our wonderful hobby, started out with a Galaxy Fiesta fitted with an OS 25FP (possibly the worst engine I have ever owned) Futaba Challenger. I built the model on an old bit of ply in my mothers dining room (very seldom used as such). My second and third models were built in the garage, a case of trying to run before I could walk, my second model was a Galaxy Chipmunk and the third was a plan built Vulcan bomber (never flew it) but I did and do enjoy the building process and handling the wood and covered it with nylon and doped.

Now in my 29th year, (where did all those years go).

I have only had two AFTF's in all that time one still survivies and is over 10 years old or so, Ripmax Extreme. I enjoy building from plans, kits and have even made a few own designs over the past three years.

Certainly agree that you never stop learning and help is always on hand either on here or at the flying field



Thread: Chipmunk C of G
20/01/2019 18:46:28

Hi Chris,

I have a Galaxy Models Chippy at 72" span

Chord : 350mm

CoG: 105mm - 118mm



Thread: De Havilland Airco DH2 scratch build
19/01/2019 09:29:48

Watching with interest



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