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Thread: Tony Nijhuis 72 Mosquito Build Log
08/08/2017 16:06:11

Years ago, my father who worked during WWII as an inspector at D. H. in Boreham Wood told me he had been involved in the building of a Mossie with a Gun Turret. I have never seen anything in any flying mag to confirm this. does anyone out there have any knowledge to confirm or otherwise please.

Thread: Jocasta Plan
27/07/2017 16:00:52

Having had some health issues during my build I came back to find my fuselage had warped or not been built properly. so the tail feathers would be about 2-3 degrees out of true with the wings. A lot of sanding would correct but I feel this would leave a twist in the fuselage. Not good. so being quick on the uptake ( who knows) I thought get a new plan as mine is no longer usable so I went to the traplet site and I'm sure you know the rest.. Please oh please, where can I get a new plan? Help please.

Thread: Setting up controls
10/06/2016 17:05:33

I want to use a separate battery in my model, how do I eliminate the flight battery power through the ESC?

Thread: Jocasta
29/02/2016 17:00:04

Well, little done in last few weeks but hope is still high. Had another incident with thieving bastards at my Church. on way home from local town, turned a corner at about 3:30pm and there was the thieving git, full daylight, filling his cans with our heating oil. I went in to car park and he shot at a rate of knots with me in chase. No luck then but went home called the boys in blue went back to church an nearly hit him head on. He came back for his cans and our oil.

Not end of story, a few days later did some shopping at local store and lo and behold, there was his car in the car park. spent a life in motor trade so not hard to identify, called local fuzz who recognised his Reg and put a name to him.

Hate too say it but a bit more exciting than my efforts at flying.

04/01/2016 16:27:33

Glyn, good job, looked at photies. Wish I had restarted but 'er indoors has other jobs to do, Equally I went round to my Church today to find 2 probs; 1st some evil bastard has had a go at the heating oil tank and 2nd some idiot had turned off the security camera I installed so no evidence.

Looks like I have more important duties to attend too than my Jocasta.

03/01/2016 16:43:29

well I am back again, more health issues Docs had me going to a local Gym to get able again.. didn't overcome drug probs. Ne'er mind still struggling with finishing build but intend, if Er indoors is happy to go at it (disgusting Minds) over next week or two.

Will try and follow up soon.

Thread: Bix 3
23/09/2015 16:55:56

Got home after hairy day, fitted some 3 inch wheels. Mates had already reset my tranny on the ailerons to 50 and -30 on low, 75 and -25 0n mid and 100 and 0 on high. Will try next weekend id weather permits

Setting figures arc for A Spektrum

I had a trainer (Pioneer) with me as well. This was a rebuild following a disaster with a new motor, same as last one. It wouldn't get off the ground. checked the motto, same as last one but found it only gave 300 w on same prop or so I thought. Never mind upped it to a 4S from 3S gained 200 W changed prop as well and gained another 100W.


Thread: Does Size Matter?
21/09/2015 16:47:53

I agree with Mower man, I too have reached the age where fingers are not so nimble. I've returned to the hobby after many years away and tried small for indoors and large for outdoors and at my stage in life large is definitely better and easier.

Moral of story is "Don't get old its horrid"

Thread: Bix 3
21/09/2015 16:34:16

flew 1st flight yesterday lucky had more experienced friends present. They both checked C of G and were more than happy. But didn't check my tranny settings which were as set by Spektrum.

Three issues came up when flying, 1) wheels are useless off grass, 2) C of G was iffy, had to land and add more weight to nose. 3) had too large a set of throws and made it difficult to fly as very nervy even with gentle stick movement. I also used one of the recommended batteries, albeit the smaller 1800 unit

With help from mates, sorted C of G and throws but took home to fit better wheels now done.

Makes one wonder if the only tests are done from hard surfaces or hand launch and never from grass any longer than bowling green standard. Tasters must always use refined settings but whatever you do don't mention that in write ups. Lastly they clearly have a perfectly balanced model, I see that AB also had a problem, so not uncommon.

16/09/2015 17:14:40

Thanks for that info, I finally got it balanced with and extra 120 gms thanks to er indoors who helped with some pastry cooking beans stuffed in the nose, blocking the cooling flow will try tomorrow and report back.

I had another foamy a year ago with no CG dimension at all it came a cropper after a couple of flights with suggested positions from a forum. Probably my fault as still learning.

16/09/2015 16:17:29

Have just assembled my first ever and probably last ever Hobby King product a Bix 3. Got it as a temporary model to keep up on stick time while finishing my Jocasta

Then came the issue. I tried setting the C of G as per the skimpy manual dimension given was from tip of the nose. My balancer works using leading edge as the datum. So press on and play around with tape and a ruler and finally got a calc figure to suit my gadget.

Put plane on and complete with and 1800 LiPo and a major tail dive occurred. OK I appreciate this model can use an on board camera but everyone wants to go that route especially as a relative beginner. So I tried a 2700 LiPo weighing over a 100 gms more. still no use. Anyone out there got any advice other than lots more weight.

I have to admit my feeling is that they have quoted an incorrect C of G. I rean out of extra weights to try and sort it.

HELP anyone

Thread: Jocasta
05/09/2015 16:56:45

My building has stopped cos 'er Indoors had plans for a new kitchen so all the bits and bobs filled my work place. Now completed so hopefully its back to the building.

09/07/2015 16:38:01

PS: I have read various comments on a motor to power this one and have either missed/forgotten or whatever. so anyone who can advise please help on best motor for Jocasta?

09/07/2015 16:34:58

I am new to wing banding, has anyone else used PVA glue or should I stick (pun unintended) to Epoxy?

06/07/2015 16:39:12

Wings now sorted, filler used where necessary and sanded, seen what others have done bit worried about using PVA with bandage to stiffen joint. (A bit old fashioned at my age)

Also worried about using epoxy, I have become a bit slow at working, so ordered some guaranteed slow set epoxy today in 3 times the bottle size I had from another source. will wait until it arrives and go from there.

Then I will let all know the details.

03/07/2015 16:21:24

Just re reading previous posts. Had a problem with my Jemima and my strip. I use a farmers field which is out to hay and had lots od sheep on it. We had a few ruts from field drains so everyone put larger wheels on our planes. I have used 5" (127mm) wheels to overcome. They worked on Jemima so I am pretty sure they will with Jocasta.

May help others who have a less than perfect flying field

28/06/2015 16:47:03

My wings are done but now need strengthening with glass fibre/ how do it. i.e. do I use it. one under and one over or one layer wrapped under and over.

Where do I start, on the underside or on topside. Never done this before please help.

13/06/2015 16:47:29

My Jocasta is now ready to fit the controls. I have never used snakes so would welcome any tips and/or advice on layout and how to do it

I am also looking at using a Spektrum gyro control system, any comments would be appreciated.

22/05/2015 17:07:46

Glyn, That's a bit of A dooooh, you want a small piece of ferrous metal, i.e. a bit of a can of your favourite soup. check with a magnet and if OK cut out a piece. a washer is essentially a disc with a hole. no such thing as a disc without one. That will provoke a debate, watch it happen..

16/05/2015 16:32:01

I've been out of it for a while age has caught up, had some health issues etc. Not a lot done when I checked I had a wing problem, I set one inner rib at 0 degree's dihedral. Stupid sod., never mind, like others with earlier wood packs I had some issues, but easy to overcome. looking forward to next few weeks cos I had a sore leg but my doc says his fault as a drug he prescribed caused damage to a tendon.

They do their best but sometimes get it wrong, so many drugs they can't possibly remember all the side issues.

Made up my mind as a beginner for the 2nd time will buy a 2nd trainer while I finish my Jocasta. its taking longer than I expected. I must get back flying for the summer. Winter up here in the North ain't fun

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