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Thread: source of 2mm Depron?
28/10/2019 19:40:36

Hi, I've also been pondering this one and either thought about sanding b&q 3mm down to 2mm or I have been looking at the hb10 food boxes from ebay, each box would give you two sheets roughly 200 x 120 mm, 25 boxes for about £7, don't quote me but I think it's 2mm, a call into your local kebab shop may confirm.. Glyn

Thread: My last foam board build before the balsa journey
03/02/2019 18:28:42

So, how does it fly

Thread: Flitetest Kit Builds
03/02/2019 18:27:08

Also, see here . A good read

03/02/2019 18:19:03

Just recently built the edge and had a dozen flights before the Xmas , used the hot glue and didn't have a problem although,like you, I was thinking that the glue would set before I had the chance to complete the joint, it was never a problem once the glue got up to working temperature. The motor mount isn't substantial enough, you need to beef up this area, evidently the waxed paper is a pig to paint and there isn't much that will adhere, I have bullet tape on mine in red bull blue n red but no graphics. The flying characteristics....... One of my most forgiving aeroplanes in the hanger, takes off easily and straight as an arrow, will perform 3D and aerobatics easily, tracks straight and inverted is a piece of cake even for me! 2200 mah 3 cell and a park 450 motor, can't remember prop size but will check and update......glyn

Thread: My last foam board build before the balsa journey
10/01/2019 22:07:01
Built one a month or so ago, flies like a pussycat on a 2200 3 cell, really floats but very capable aerobatics motor mount could do with beefing up, think your coat hanger idea won't stand up, too soft, 2.5mm piano wire would be good
Thread: Replacement shafts?
29/12/2017 15:42:49

LMS, get the relevant size piano wire and make your own, a Dremel helps as piano wire is too hard to cut with hacksaw.g

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
15/02/2017 19:53:53

Ha ha, I'm with Ben on this one, suffered the specky disease myself. Gg

Thread: heli floats vibrating!
19/11/2016 00:41:58

Bent shaft or unbalanced blades???

Thread: Phantom 4 question
10/11/2016 20:13:12

Hi Les,  have just seen a post on phantom pilots forum that was asking a similar question, suggest that would be the best place...g

Edited By gliggsy on 10/11/2016 20:14:11

Thread: Latest on EASA Drone Regs
13/09/2016 07:48:58

Heard s​one strange points of view here, some folk think that banning something makes the problem go away, a bit like heroin, drink driving, speeding and anything else that's been banned...the problem just vanished

Thread: dx9 problems
17/05/2016 18:07:18

I'm with Ben on this one and not sitting on the fence. Just recently got my Dx7 back from HH. Said they couldn't find any fault but replaced rf board for peace of mind. Not been a problem since but it is early days yet. Would suggest op send the tx to H H before it causes more grief....g

Thread: The final straw.Spectrum doubts
11/03/2016 23:33:07

dx6i working perfectly !!!!!! .g

10/03/2016 18:36:00

Hi Ben, got to say you had my sympathy with your saga, I couldn't at the time be positive that I had the same issues, I am sure now and there is no amount of trying to blame anything else would convince me. Sorry guys and I do appreciate any advice or help that may give me another idea to try but after following Bens thread I think I have covered all the simple things, this problem, imo is the one that you can't see.....the signal.....g

10/03/2016 18:12:04

Hi guys, Steve, I did say that I would be ditching the DX7s after being repaired but if they do change the board or find a fault then I suppose it would be sensible to stick with it given the amount of rx's that I have but.....It will only get the one chance, if it fails it will finish up under the wheel of the car. I followed Bens thread last year, can't remember if I posted but I certainly empathised with him .. C8 these are electric models fella, 3cell lipo, batteries weren't an issue....g

10/03/2016 14:38:13

Transmitter now in the hands of Horizon, watch this space......g

08/03/2016 06:24:40

Hi guys, certainly opened a hornets nest here, thanks for the replies. Just to clarify a couple of points. My battery monitor was showing a full battery and the reading was 7.4v. With one of the planes the battery wasn't ejected and as I approached the plane sprung into life at about 8'. Stepping backwards and forwards at this point was making and breaking the tx connection. Both on genuine rx's. I did have a few oranges etc but ditched them after too many failures, looks like they were innocent after all.....glyn

06/03/2016 22:41:28

ok, question on a serious note, voltage on tx in afternoon 7,4 volts, had it on charge for a couple of hrs voltage at 7.7 volts and now range checks ok, could it have been low power on tx and why no low warning LED fitted on Tx......thoughts guys.....g

06/03/2016 22:30:52

Hi guys, I do have a dx6i as a back-up,my first tx, which I haven't had any signal issues with, this is what prompted me to buy the 7 which is a dangerous piece of kit or at least mine is, also had a totally reliable Tom-Tom for 8years, never lost signal until it got stolen but don't get me started on the garmin which merely gets me lost on a regular basis......grrrrrrr

06/03/2016 20:16:18

or it could be me that's jinxed......Jonah

06/03/2016 20:14:54

Hi guys, thought at first it may have been a tx battery problem (lipo alternative) but voltage good at 7.4 . genuine rx's,both installed on small ie30" w/span foam models, nothing binding and no brown out flashing from rx. Checked on deck after event and only about 20' or less range. Motors went dead, into failsafe and both planes turned turtle from about 30' up and 100' out..........Garmin loses signal about 3 times per hour for anything up to 15 mins totally useless........Glyn

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