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Thread: uhu por
20/07/2014 23:35:47

yep, I could use a bucketful of impact glue!!!!!!!smiley

Thread: xtal question for 35
19/07/2014 12:08:57

Hi fellas, I am looking for some old fashioned type help here, a workmate asked if I would build a plane for him that he had stored for about 8 years, everything was new in the boxes, Vmar Discovery high wing trainer, Enya 40SS engine and a Futaba skysport 6. Well I put everything together for him and got it running, I had to replace the rx flight pack but other than that all's good. He thought that because it was classed as a trainer he would be good to fly it off his own land, unaided!!!!! I put him right and have purchased a Bixler for him to start on. it's his first plane so I didn't want to go to the expense of buying him another tx, now the question is ok so I need another rx, does it need to be Futaba and if so I will obviously need a crystal, do I need a pair of matching crystals ie one for tx and one for rx. I I do need a pair ,then can someone enlighten me why the are sold singularly.......G

Thread: prop size //??
13/07/2014 23:35:15

Hi fellas, so gone and got me my first ic, a TT 25 size 2 stroke which I am going to fit in a 25 size high winger with aelorons. The question is..... what size prop do I start with, something tells me about 9x4 if I was guessing but a bit of knowledge is always better than a lot of guessing. The other thing I would like to know is, how do I know if I am overproping or alternatively not getting the best from the engine.....G

Thread: first small ic plane
02/07/2014 18:37:01

Hi fellas, thanks for the response, ATM both transport and storage are both contributing factors of size, all the guys at my club fly big and they are a good bunch with lots of knowledge, it's just a question that I thought I would put among you fella's. Will do a search for a 15 or similar and do a little more research, would love to build but work gets in the way!!!!!! g

01/07/2014 15:33:37

Hi guys, I have been flying leccy for the past four years and although it is very convenient for a quick blast there is something inside me that would like to have a go with something a bit more mechanical and messy!! Problem is I only fly small I.e 38" wing span and preferably with removable wings. So the question is : which way forwards. What fuel types and engine size would I be looking for and coupled to which airframe. I prefer sport flying if this helps, is this something that is viable .g

Thread: estes falcon
09/05/2014 21:23:38

estes f16 012.jpgestes f16 010.jpgestes f16 009.jpgHi Stiker, sorry for not getting back sooner, didn't realise there had been a response to this post, anyway, progress so far, I had to fit a simple elevator and now it flies great, lots of ele' authority rolls well, plenty of power and floats in like a dream, getting 4.5 mins out of a 180Mah 3 cell, not sure what speedo and motor are in it but it is currently one of my fave fliers.....a few picsestes f16 007.jpg

Edited By gliggsy on 09/05/2014 21:26:38

Thread: 86" W/S Depron MkIX Spitfire
08/03/2014 12:09:45

well Roy, it looks like you have surpassed yourself, the last build was 'awesome' but this looks stunning (is stunning better than awesome?) will have to try and get down the shop next weekend and look at it in the flesh. Wish I had the time to build something myself as your builds inspire me so much and have me glued with your dedication and craftsmanship. ps you were going to reveal the whereabouts of your club field to me last time we spoke, any chance mate..........Glyn

Thread: estes falcon
03/03/2014 22:03:54

Hi guys. I'm looking for some ideas, I have recently converted the Estes Falcon, to the uninitiated, a foam, jet winged F16 type thing, about 14" wing span ,chuck glider, basically a kids toy. I have fitted a couple of servos for the elevons. And a small pusher motor, I managed to keep the original c of g and managed to keep the weight reasonable and although it still has a reasonable glide path as soon as I pull on the up stick it reacts like a lawn dart, drops the nose and crashes. 2 questions, anyone know if. It's possible to set up elevons on this type of wing configuration or has anyone come across the Estes rc conversion, a Google does show someone flying one on the tube but there is no information of how. Will try and post some piccies ASAP.....G

Thread: Hello
25/02/2014 21:04:26

Bixler everytime in my opinion. No landing gear to rip off, big enough to see at a distance, will glide with the best of them, tough, prop that isn't going cause any grief, tough, carry a payload, cheap and did I mention tough as well as easy to fix, cheap spares, comes in whatever colour you're willing to paint it......g

Thread: capacity after flying
22/02/2014 19:28:56

price of batts these days best to have a few and swap often, overflying lipos is the second best way to give them a premature death.....g

Thread: dx7s numpty
18/01/2014 10:13:33

Hi guys, just replaced my dx7 with a brand new dx7s and after spending the last four hours reading the manual and fiddling with the tx, find myself no further than I was four hours ago. I am trying to set up for heli ie pitch and throttle curves etc. Would have thought the tx's would have been similar but I am. Obviously missing something important and the manual isn't very user friendly. Wonder if any one knows of any tutorials or can point me in the right direction....glyn

Thread: flying in dorset and wilts.
20/12/2013 15:36:02

Hi guys, I have recently been informed that I will be working on a project down in Lyme Regis and will also be looking after some machinery near the solstice services on the a303. The job is scheduled to start mid january and run for about 3 months so consequently I am looking for suitable flying fields for small electric. Any information would be good. Tia...glyn

Thread: 86" W/S Depron MkIX Spitfire
14/12/2013 11:17:31

another watcher here Roy, looking forward to your build.......Glyn

Thread: competition winners
11/12/2013 21:40:03

Pm sent David....glyn

11/12/2013 17:55:48

Hi fellas, great news, I have just checked out the winners area and it seems I have been very lucky and have won the clean sweep 60. The question is, does the kit get automatically posted or do I need to claim the prize, pay for postage etc any help fellas. Ps, I don't remember winning much in the past smiley........g

Thread: 42" Curtiss Hawk 75a Depron Scratch Build (1st )
28/11/2013 01:08:46

Hi guys, watching with interest, and some good stuff going on there. Regarding the foam cutter, I had a trigger type soldering iron, the one that is shaped like a pistol, removed the tip and replaced it with 1/16 brazing wire shaped to whatever profile I wanted to cut. Would post a picture but not at home at the moment. Working night shift all week.....g

Thread: Depron 1.8m DH-Sea Vixen Pusher
22/11/2013 20:27:09

Enjoyed following this post and got to say the results are awesome.........a word I very rarely use....well done fella.....G

Thread: Problem with ESC or motor
21/11/2013 16:34:37

Hi fellas, adding further to my post I. Have had problems in the past with the male side bullet connectors. The expanding cage will make a good connection inside the female bullets but leaves a poor connection to itself. The answer is to solder the cage to the nose of the bullet and to check the wire joints the heatshrink has got to be removed as I found out myself only last week....G

20/11/2013 20:42:05

Hi fellas. Only ever having flown electric, my experience would be to check the three motor connectors,both male and female bullets, remove the heatshrink and check all soldered joints.

Thread: help with radio gear purchase for Bixler
15/11/2013 20:29:26

Hi fellas, I fly with a 2200 3 cell in the Bixler 2 and have to have it tight into the nose to get a decent c of g. flies nice and stable with a hand launch at level and 3/4 to full throttle. Fitted the flaps but never bother using them IMO a waste of 2 servos + the extra weight. I do find that it can be a little slow at reacting on reduced rates and there are times I think it will never complete the roll so consequently always fly on full rates. IMO a brilliant starter plane that's very forgiving and will fly extremely slow, good luck with the builds and let us know how you get on fellas......G

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