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Thread: 'Latest Forum Posts' box upgrade
29/10/2013 21:05:12

ever so glad I read this postsmiley.......G

Thread: first heli
20/10/2013 23:46:52

Hi fellas, well my thoughts are that the 250 is impossible for a newby to learn on, far too twitchy and responsive, I fly, reasonably competently, 450 size electric, both clones and the original Trex. I have persevered with the 250 size and can tell you, it will break your heart Bren as well as your bank managers. Now I don't own one but there are plenty of heli pilots out there that swear by them........MCPX.....bind to a speccy Tx, if that's what you're on and TJD are doing them for £64 ATM......G

Thread: C.A.D.M.A.C fly in this weekend
05/09/2013 21:42:10

Any chance of the postcode Ben, may well be able to call in on Saturday if I am passing.....g

Thread: electronic problems !!
04/06/2013 21:25:07

Hi Fellas, one other thing that's not been mentioned, if there's a duff servo pulling more amps than it should and causing the BEC to overheat, a problem that I've encountered in the past. Worth a try, pull all servo leads from rx and re-connect one at a time checking temp on ESC after each one.......G

Thread: Ton Van Munsteren's P-51 Mustang
14/05/2013 20:09:41

Hi Ton, not building at the moment but would like to in the future..........G....

11/05/2013 13:29:53

Hi fellas, had a read of the article and looked at the plans but can't find any mention of dihedral to the wing but looking at the pictures there's deffo some on the finished article....or is it me, have I missed something.....G

Thread: balsa stripper
11/05/2013 13:19:44

Hi guys, I read somewhere that some of you trad' builders 'must have tools' included a balsa strripper, as I would like to start a build I thought it may be worth owning one myself. Now being a Yorshire-man I want to spend wisely ie as cheap as possible but best quality, looked on the bay and there seems to be two types, the SLEC one and then the other, question is.....which one is best. I know I will probably get two different answers or maybe there's a third option...........G

Thread: washout
08/05/2013 19:16:08

Ok guys I am looking at plans and would like to have a bash at this month's fun fly but I am struggling with the washout and what it is. I don't quite understand,is there a twist in the wing along its length or what......g

Thread: Hi to Concorde Sheffield
07/04/2013 11:14:35

Just wanted to say Hi and thanks to the guys from Sheffields Concorde flying club. Called in there yesterday on my way home from Manchester. The first decent flying day of the year and couldn't find a field suitable anywhere across Woodhead, fingers were itchin' etc so decided to call by and see if there was any action. Thanks for the welcome guys and the offer to let me have my 'fix'.............G

Thread: Very new to model building
02/04/2013 20:44:47

Hi Tel, not sure where you mean by 'North London' but if you toddle down to Holloway rd and stop somewhere near number 308 there is reasonable parking and an excellent model shop, alternatively, Enfield high street but a google will bring you a few retail outlets.......G

Thread: Fort William ???
15/03/2013 18:46:29

Hi fellas, thanks for the replies, some decent information worth looking into, never even thought about the Saa. Great memories from MJE, reminded of the time!!!! In fact a few times lol. There is one avenue yet to explore,a farmers field, looks promising and the weather is good enough at the moment......g

15/03/2013 09:57:14

Hi guys, I. Have been posted to Fort William in Scotland, and it looks like I could be here for a while. Travelling to Inverness daily and at a loose end all weekend, plenty of spare sky to fly in but don't seem to be able to find anywhere that is suitable for landing. Only flying small electric ie 40 inch span and 450 size helis. If there's Anyone that can help with any information on flying sites or any suitable fields etc..........g

Thread: flight times query??????
20/01/2013 20:16:40

Hi PatMc, Only paid very little money for the cub and didn't really want to put any money into it, have plenty of spare brushless kicking about but also wanted to keep it brushed because I have spent all afternoon rebuilding damaged 3 cell lipos and converting them to 2 cell, have quite a few 3cell 2200 from my helis and some of them with a low cell etc, besides it's only a 3 channel cub so don't want to gild the lilly so to speak dont expect to be 3Ding.......G

20/01/2013 20:08:04

well thanks for the quick replies guys, my original thoughts were that it would be good for around 14 mins' using a rough rule of thumb guide(my calcs' so I wasn't too far wrong although it seems the original suck-it-n-see method seems to be the way to go. Did try it on a larger prop but motor got a bit warm, 7x4 seems about right, so whats the general concensus on the power to weight ratio and will it fly.......G

20/01/2013 19:01:09

Hi guys , looking for a bit of help to calculate flight times. I dare say that I could search but that would probably take all evening so hope that someone can help with a simple answer or simple way to enable me to calc' in future. What I would normally do with a new model is throw it up, fly for 6 mins' , land and see how much batt I've left and then increase or decrease accordingly but I would like to know the scientific method!!! Ok so a particular model, that I have yet to maiden....Cub with a 46" w/span, auw @ 18.35 oz fitted with a 400 brushed motor and 20 amp esc.. Already had a watt meter on it and finished up fitting a 7x4 prop drawing 7.5 amps, abaout 50 watts wot with a 2cell 1500mah lipo.So here's the $64,000 question.......How long can I theoretically fly for......G

Thread: Soldering again
18/12/2012 22:26:35

Hi Fellas, I think one of the biggest mistakes with novice solderers is the fact that the iron should be kept away from the work and allowed to heat to temp' and then introduced to the workpiece allowing the transfer of heat at a quick, short blast therefore ensuring a good joint. Holding the iron to the work too long, before it's hot, is merely using the workpiece as a heat-sink, this will melt the plastic on the Deans and cause a poor joint......G

Thread: Looking for a twin
07/12/2012 20:35:51

Hi Fellas, I'm looking for a twin, ok there's some material for a few jokes there in the opening be more specific....I have an old Twinstar (Multiplex), it's a Mk1 and getting very weary although there are a couple of decent brushless motors fitted, am looking to fit them into a new airframe but can't decide what or even what's available. There are a few criteria though, would like a w/span as close to 1000mm as poss' with a removable wing if possible. Pref' 3 cell 2200 power as that's my stock size, dont mind foam and already considered Dynam Catalina, am currently working in the Shetlands for a few weeks, the home of the wartime Catalina squadron, any suggestions welcome or is it back to the Mk11 Twinstar...........G

Thread: Newbie from London
14/11/2012 19:55:20

Hi Felix, don't think you would find a better opportunity to learn all you need by starting the Tucano mass build and if this version flies anything like the smaller, 30 " version then it's a doddle.....G

Thread: Depron Alpha Jet - Maiden Flight!
30/10/2012 22:45:12

well done there fella, nice to see a home build have some success

Thread: Tucano Signing Up Thread
28/10/2012 20:35:36

Hi fellas, count me in as well.........G

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