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Thread: Depron Alpha Jet
26/10/2012 20:34:44

Hi there, I have been following this thread with interest and have to say what a nice looking job you made of the build and paintwork, wish I had the patience, dont mind the build but am rubbish with the paint. Bad luck with the maiden there fella but at least you saw it fly after a fashion, keep at it, as you say and don't be beaten by it, as said get the rates altered + expo and give it another go......G

Thread: Building with Depron
03/10/2012 20:03:10

Hi fellas, have just completed a self-design thingymajobby in Depron with a 38" wingspan, would post a pic but unfortunately am working away ATM, in theShetlands Brrrrrrrrr ! What I tend to do is build full fuze with depron but start with a basic sub-structure of the wall insulation foam that's 50mm thick. I stick a firewall/motormount ply sqare to the front of the builders foam and with clever planning mount the u/c in there as well then cover with Depron to the desired shape, basically the first 2/3 of the fuze is Kingspan with all the hardware mounted but the wings and tail-plane are all Depron......G

03/10/2012 20:03:09

Hi fellas, have just completed a self-design thingymajobby in Depron with a 38" wingspan, would post a pic but unfortunately am working away ATM, in theShetlands Brrrrrrrrr ! What I tend to do is build full fuze with depron but start with a basic sub-structure of the wall insulation foam that's 50mm thick. I stick a firewall/motormount ply sqare to the front of the builders foam and with clever planning mount the u/c in there as well then cover with Depron to the desired shape, basically the first 2/3 of the fuze is Kingspan with all the hardware mounted but the wings and tail-plane are all Depron......G

Thread: Twin brushless config'
28/08/2012 22:03:50

Hi Chris, should have added, yes, running of one lipo, 3 cell and two esc's with a 'Y' lead from the throttle channel.......G

28/08/2012 22:00:04

Thanks for the input guys, pretty much as I thought though, already disconnected one of the ESC power feeds to disable the BEC, did do a bit of reading prior to this mod' . Haven't programmed the ESC's, just as they came out of the box, maybe worth doing a flight to see what the effects are before throwing any more dollars at this one, my thoughts are that it probably will fly, and maybe ok and I may swap the motor/ESC around to see the effect or maybe try another ESC, will keep you posted with the results as this may be of interest to other flyers although it could be a couple of weeks before I get home to try it as I have been posted down to Plymouth for a while with work.......g

28/08/2012 13:14:58

Hi guys, recently purchased a Twinstar mk 1 for very little money, given it about half a dozen flights on 11.1 lipo and as expected, one of the standard motors packed up on me. Really enjoyed flying it so decided to treat it to twin brushless so got a couple of motors from GS (had a guess at the size and power etc) and these fit nicely with some old 8x4 wooden props, fitted a couple of SS ESC's from HK and on WOT pulling about 150 Watts. So all's well so far, the problem is that one is doing more work than the other by the sound of it, also one tends to start up before the other. Anybody out there configured twin leccys and are there some rules and guidance. I would have thought I need to balance these out a little closer than what they sound but have not maidened yet, any advice on leccy twins would be mucho apprecio.........G

Thread: Heli orientation
24/08/2012 20:03:30

Hi fellas, I came from helis into planes although I can only 'sport' fly, flips, rolls, circuits and 8's etc and was quite comfy on the sticks, no 3D for me. decided to get into planes cause' helis were just too intense concentration and no relaxing and taking your eye off the thing. I personally feel there is too much pressure on learning the hover orientations, especially nose-in. What I did was to progress into lazy 8'S, gradually making them bigger and more 8 ish and actually flying the nose-in until all felt natural. A heli will fly very much like fixed wing apart from rudder response, which, in a heli is far more responsive.....G

Thread: Spektrum DX6I Model Settings Reset
31/07/2012 13:45:12

Hi guys, read on another forum about this happening and may be related to the use of SIM and not switching off correctly, any of you guys been previously 'simmed' up before these incidents, happened to me twice BTW......G

Thread: What do you say to a friend who has just crashed his pride and joy ?
19/07/2012 09:07:34

Best not suggest taking up helis then because that can break your heart even if you have deep pockets, as a lot of you fella's say, its a hobby, you do it cause you love it, and if it doesn't go right then back to the drawing board, if it were golf you wouldn't expect a hole in one every round and if it was easy then everybody would be the Tiger Woods of the skies, frustrating I know but not worth beating a tranny up for........G

Thread: Terminology question
19/07/2012 08:52:38

Hi guys, yes you missed it Peter, mown grass strip at club. Taken all on board BEB and will persevere with what you tell me and will hopefully get it right before destroying the retracts, have upped the throws on ele' to 125% but not moved any clevises, not sure which hole we're using ATM, will have to look......G

18/07/2012 12:59:22

Hi, and thanks for the input guys, ok I'll come clean, been flying the mustang and belly landing, without great incident, and seem to have got the hang of coming in clean, but now we've introduced the Spit Mk9 with retracts, which I've read a lot of nose-over problems. All I'm after doing is minimising the damage, already had one nose over and ripped off the tip of the tail-plane. ROG is a new landmark for me, taking off isn't a problem it's coming home that is. Flying off a decently mown strip, just don't want to destroy the L/G and prop. Only had three flights out of the Spit so still not sure as to how slow it will handle before doing the death spiral......any help appreciated and no offence taken as I am pretty new to planes as helis was my thing up to 8 months ago......G

18/07/2012 06:18:06

Hi guys, been doing some reading lately and come across 'flaperons' and 'spoilerons', now I am guessing the former deploy your aerolons down for more lift when landing and the latter deploy them up as air brakes....or have I got it wrong, anyway could someone give me a quick lesson and indicate the effect on a conventional wing type ie warbirds.......G. Ok that's the first question, the real question is; I am basically trying to get to grips with ROG, particularly landing, and am looking to 'come in' as slow and steady as possible, is a flap mod on a PZ spitfire mk9 worth doing or is there any mixing I can try to give similar effects

Thread: Hobby King models thread
15/07/2012 21:14:15

Hi TC, TBH I'm pretty new to planes, only been flying about seven or eight months, got most of my airtime flying helis and now can throw the PZ foamies all over the sky, also fly the Nigel hawes Tucano, 39", both of impecable manners. Thought I would give this thing a try for a bit of 'sport' style flying. Now I've heard of tip stall but not sure what it is TBH but this plane just gave no indication it would drop it's nose so drastically when slow flying, had 4/5 flights and did experience it whilst high aloft and took an age to recover, just refused to glide, had been running with c/g too far forward but on it's final run was set to specs' and now it's been despatched to the bin so will never know. Actually broke my heart to bin it, nothing to do with the $, more a personal goal and pride dented. Thanks for the heads up garbo and Chris..........G

15/07/2012 13:38:00

Ok, here we go, got one of these, looked good quality, put together and finished nicely, there were no instructions, which wasn't a great problem but the lack of knowing the ideal CofG was, anyway it turns out that the instructions are on-line on the product page. So off to maiden, not expecting a lot as I hadn't read all the reviews until after purchase, mainly because all the reviews aren't in one place ie some in USA, some in HK etc. Well it lifted off ok and did a fast circuit and rolled ok, The problem was when using the ele', top of a loop and the tail would blow out badly, lowered the rates on ele and tried again, will do a large loop if you use little ele' but tight loops are a no-no. came into land and the thing just fell out of the sky, thought it was me but further reading suggests not. Few minor repairs and re-set C/G and off again, fell out of sky again and destroyed itself, turns out this thing will only fly fast which makes landing a bit of a problem.....One to miss IMO....G

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Thread: suggestions for park 250 motor
26/06/2012 23:24:19

Hi guys, I have the above motor, a park 250 motor, it's sat here begging me to fit it into something so I'm looking for ideas .......self build, Depron 6mm, aelorons and sporty. some ideas of prop size etc, I also have a few 850mah x 3cell that i'd like to utilise............Anybody point me to a plan worth a look at TIA....G

Thread: Grinning!
26/06/2012 20:12:34

Sounds like you had a result there Martin, keep it up & enjoy y'self.......G

Thread: Good Evening, Big I need some advice!
25/06/2012 13:56:05

Hi Stuart, good luck with the maiden, I was going to suggest the P51 Mustang, it's a pussycat in the air, like you I came from helis and my first plank was a high wing trainer, home made depron, this got me off the ground and taught me how to fly planes but I knew I needed aelorons so that it wasn't too dissimilar from flying the helis, my next plane was a PZ mustang and what a treat to fly, it also looks cool in the air. I recently aquired a Spitfire and consequently did lots of reading up before attempting ROG, well it's true what I read, they aren't the easiest to get off and even harder to land so suggest having a google before attempting to maiden spitty........G

Thread: you started flying models because?
19/06/2012 13:27:56

Started building the Airfix kits and got addicted to the gluesurprise, I'd build anything for my 'fix' until I discovered tissue and dope, Mmmmmm dope......... After the family and carreer decided to give helis a try, now them things can break your heart, forever fixing and checking and parting with readies so now decided to go pack to planes and building and having a great time passing on some help to prospective pilots, also a far more relaxed experience whilst in the air. Been building in depron but have a couple of traditional builds due to start but get my 'fix' ATM with a couple of Parkzone, Mustang and Spit but looking forward to flying my own built balsa thingys

Thread: Sticking Depron?
19/06/2012 13:10:45

Gorilla glue, it's a bit like the expanding foam that builders use so you have to use it sparingly otherwise it forces your joint apart, holds within about one hour and once stuck forget it cos' you won't part it. Larger Tescos and Homebase keep it in stock but do a google for your nearest stockist, oh and BTW it's the brown variety, never tried the white so dunno' bout that one.......Glyn

Thread: Good Start Plane - But Also For Intermediate
26/05/2012 16:35:23

Started as a heli flier and moved over to planks and TBH glad I did, helis can break your heart as well as your bank balance, every crash in a heli means a total rebuild and check over and set-up and because of the inherant design of the things, will do an awful lot of damage in a crash, something you will do often whilst learning to fly. Planes are far more relaxing and forgiving and IMO the best place to start. Still have a good fleet of helis of the 450 size but since buying a Parkzone P51 Mustang they have been gathering dust. A workmate recently asked me for help to get flying and I pointed him to the Blu-Baby, a depron, home made, high wing trainer. Gave him the loan of my redundant Dx6i and off he went and built the plane from downloaded plans.Told him not to bother with U/carriage and fly in meadows where there is plenty of long grass. Cost of building the plane.....about £25+Lipo's @£7 each. I am guessing that he will be competent to fly the p51 in another month (two months total) Another thing that helped me in the air was to forget the ROG and started off with a suicide plane.....No wheels.....Still have to learn ROG but after learning to fly feel pretty confident about doing it. Hope there is some useful info for you here........Glyn

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