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Thread: Mantua Models Kosmo 3
09/03/2018 09:38:09

David, I will be very interested to see how you get on with this kit build. I reluctantly agreed to build one for a club mate and ended up getting very frustrated with it. I went through the hurdles of translation but didn't find that instructions helped much. Whilst I have built quite a few models from plans and kits, this one is 'interesting'. They seem to do things in peculiar ways. For instance the wing leading edge is made up of multiple strips of sheet - long winded process then having to plane/sand most of it away???

In the end I decided I could not waste any more time on the kit and returned the completed wings and part built fuselage back to the owner - something I felt bad about but the time I spent was out of proportion. I think the end result will be great - I assume you have seen the 2 online blogs? These are quite useful but only go to reinforce the amount of work required to complete.

Hope this doesn't put you off, I am quite happy to accept that my resistance was low on this project

Thread: Horus X10S
06/03/2018 18:38:43

No Andy48, the link is Horus X10/S How To but let's not worry about it

06/03/2018 16:29:40

Presumably you have looked at the 'How To' document on this page, which also now references the documentation mentioned by Andy48.

I used the How To doc written by Mike Dailey to convert to Open Tx and can confirm that it works. I initially had some issues but the devil is in the detail - you must follow the instructions to the letter.

Thread: setting up throttle cut on Taranis 9XD
25/02/2018 12:47:44



There are many ways to do this so hopefully you will get a few responses then choose the best.

I keep it simple and use the 2 position switch SF. If this 'UP' then the throttle is cut/disabled by setting the throttle servo/ESC to lowest value or 'OFF' value. If I switch SF 'DOWN' then the throttle is enabled and takes on the value at the stick. This is a simple line in Special Functions as shown below:

You have to ensure that value in 'parameters' below reflects OFF at your throttle/ESC - if the sense is reversed, you simply enter minus value

t cut.jpg

Edited By Masher on 25/02/2018 12:48:28

Thread: FrSky X10 - Taranis replacement?
25/02/2018 12:27:57

I have had an X10 for about 3 months - the early version at £312 from T9. My thoughts are:

  • Very pleased with it
  • I have the early 'brick' charger which, despite millions of moans on RCG, is fine
  • I went for X10 because I cannot see how the higher spec gimbals (only difference on X10S) will have any affect on my flying - any human being would be hard pushed to measure the higher resolution never mind feel it at the sticks
  • The FrSky operating system (FROS) is very good and they continue to improve it. I think this will be perfect for a lot of flyers who (a) don't want to go the Open Tx route (b) want an 'out of the box' ready to go system
  • I have gone the Open Tx route however because I have 3+ years on Taranis and prefer the 'openness' of it.
  • Flashing Open Tx from the supplied FROS (which is a simple to reverse operation) is fairly straightforward but there is room for error - you need to concentrate on the process as it is possible to 'brick' the radio - hard to do but possible as the internal FLASH is not protected. I managed so it can't be too difficult
  • I copied over 25 or so models from Taranis via Companion and whilst not all flown yet, the process seems very successful. You just need to check everything properly and check failsafe etc. I don't believe you can copy from Taranis if you use the FROS - it is a different approach completely
  • I have the Amber colour scheme which I like, I fly mode 2 pinch and the Tx fits me very well. When I tried the Horus X12 under beta test programme, I found this simply did not fit me
  • I particularly like the dual internal antennas (diversity) as I found the Taranis external antenna vulnerable (replaced 3 times). Also the display, yes I know you don't watch the display when flying, is extremely good - even in bright sun light

Hope this helps

Edited By Masher on 25/02/2018 12:34:56

Edited By Masher on 25/02/2018 12:37:06

Thread: What are the rules?
20/02/2018 07:32:09
Posted by Masher on 19/02/2018 14:11:14:

Can highly recommend this book from Peter Miller, available elsewhere too

I withdraw this dumb suggestion, the book will NOT provide advanced aerodynamic theory. However, it is a very understandable and enjoyable book for anyone wishing to design their own model - which is what I misunderstood the OP to be requesting

19/02/2018 14:11:14

Can highly recommend this book from Peter Miller, available elsewhere too



Edited By Masher on 19/02/2018 14:12:06

Thread: Spektrum DX6 Tx battery alarm
14/02/2018 10:01:17

Agreed Frank. The test was actually done to show performance in a high current drain model scenario - sparked off by the inexperience of a chap who lost 2 models in a short period. He was adamant that he had charged his batteries and checked (with a no-load battery checker) that all was good at 4.8V...................................... trouble is he was on a 5 cell pack! He may​ now understand that 4.8V is wrong even for a 4 cell battery when fully charged

14/02/2018 08:10:40

Here is a plot I took of a 4 cell, 2AHr NiMH Eneloop battery under load of about 1A (deliberately heavy to stress the cells). This is just a typical​ plot, they will vary between manufacturers, age etc etc. Note the 'Voltage no load' values which show how useless battery checkers are if the battery is not under load

batt discharge.jpg


Edited By Masher on 14/02/2018 08:12:05

Thread: Horus TX battery
04/11/2017 11:14:13

I am not a Horus owner but took part in the beta testing. As part of that I set up a 'heavy load' test using sound files at high volume, telemetry readouts, full brightness display & full Tx power etc - anything I could think of to load the battery up. I got bored after about 6 hours as the battery was holding up very well.

If you are getting low batt warnings after less than an hour use, either the battery is not being properly charged or there is a fault in the battery/charging circuitry I would suggest

Thread: Anet A8
14/08/2017 15:10:36

Hi Tony - we met at a Greenacres do, I'm the one in the Moggy van.

I'll be at the Marcle show and the Nats if that helps anybodysmiley

14/08/2017 11:11:29

If anyone is about to buy one of these, mine is going up for sale.

Nothing wrong with it (just bought it for a play), very low use, reel of black PLA included. All built & tested. Pick up only from Hereford, £100 no offers

Thread: Radio decisions, stick with 35mhz or go to 2.4Ghz??
31/07/2017 12:09:10

I would suggest that you bite the bullet and go for 2.4GHz. However, in the meantime you could watch this **LINK**

Thread: Please Help! Motor and ESC set up for Sebart Sukhoi 30e
31/07/2017 10:37:49

Hi Michael

This range is suitable: **LINK**

I think you would struggle to measure the difference between these and Hacker, they are probably made in the same factory. There are different kV options so either choose closest match to Hacker or choose a different set up. Probably depends on the battery you want to use and how you fly.

In my 30E Katana, I have the above motor, 13x8E APC prop, ANO 60A ESC and fly on 4s LiPo. This set up produces 600W at 42A at WOT (wide open throttle) - which is more than enough but not insane


Edited By Masher on 31/07/2017 10:54:42

Thread: Tiger 72.
11/06/2017 09:34:14

Seems like you will understand then Piers why my kit is still on the shelf untouched! Other projects have been started and some have even been finished but the Tigre has to wait for that moment!

I have just been looking at what to do next in the workshop since the weather is so bad but the Tigre will take a while and take up quite a bit of space so has to wait. I've just reached the bad stage of building a WR Spitfire the stage where 90% has been completed but you know there is still 90% to go - a dose of enthusiasm very much needed from somewhere.

Meanwhile, my 60" Tigre continues to be flown and is still a favourite. So much so she needs a bit of attention as glow fuel has got under the covering. The 60" is just right on a Saito 56 but only just so I will judge what size to put in the 72" when it is near completion - a 90 ASP may be Ok but for Saito it's 82 or 100.................. or a 125

Thread: What a Joke!!
03/06/2017 16:03:41

Totally agree Chris, very weak show. Like my other club mates, my wad remained firmly in my wallet. They even had the cheek to take a mid-session break where they could have had some 'ordinary' club flyers up. The pylon racers were a joke and the Concorde was on a groundhog day. Luckily the weather was good

Thread: Mick Reeves Gangster 63 Lite
25/04/2017 11:34:48

For the balsa cowl option I would build it on to the fuse once completed. Look at any/most of Peter Miller's models to get a good guide as to how it's done. It is also possible, if a little tricky, to cover the balsa cowl with heatshrink film which, IMO, is more successful than trying to find glow proof paint!

24/04/2017 21:38:23

Unfortunately it looks as though they are still supplying the same old rubbish cowl - best consider building one up in situ from balsa

24/04/2017 17:16:19

Hi Jon

I have one of these and it flies very well. I am using standard Futaba servos and the 'classic' Irvine 53 2 stroke. This combination feels perfect - certainly not over-powered. So.............the 35AX may be a bit small?

I am not a speed freak!

Thread: Spektrum module for Taranis
16/04/2017 17:28:16

Hi Danny

I definitely have a board and, maybe, some bits. You can have them if you pm me your address

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