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Thread: Spektrum Receivers.
20/07/2016 13:57:02

Hi Johan

Sorry, I'm not Phil but can't help jumping in! No you can't just add another antenna to the Tx. It's not as simple as that - they have updated the RF board to ensure the diversity is correctly implemented. This usually involves RF switching circuitry and RF impedance matching has to be taken care of.


Thread: Which Battery.
22/06/2016 14:42:27

As part of the change to LiFe, I have started monitoring current consumption of a typical flight (out of interest more than anything)

For a 57" IC MX2 with 5 standard analogue servos, FrySky X8R Rx (which has telemetry so also Tx's) running off a 2s LiFe for 12 minutes consumes about 75mA for 'non-relaxed' aerobatic style flying.

I like to use 2100mA packs because I'm greedy so should be Ok for over 20 flights on one chargesmile p

22/06/2016 11:13:15

I have also started migrating to LiFe from NiMh and am very pleased with them. I have yet to find a disadvantage but the advantages are listed by Peter. I had a few issues with NiMh including the charger detecting false peaks and terminating - this isn't necessarily picked up by an on-board voltage monitor.

Only thing to watch is that your receiver and servos are happy working from 6.6volts which is the output from a 2s LiFe battery. (This is also true if using a 5 cell NiMh)

Thread: Signal Loss with Spektrum?
14/06/2016 10:42:51

I am not joining this discussion but KC, you cannot be allowed to get away with

"The point about failsafe is that these models crashed at full throttle while if the failsafe had been correctly set to low throttle ( as per BMFA & CAP658 rules) then in the event of signal loss the throttle would be at idle. It wasnt if they crashed at full throttle as reported. So it's not signal loss!"

I'm afraid nothing is as black & white as that! Failsafe is just one of our safety measures but don't be fooled into thinking it's perfect. It could, for example, be about...........wait for it.............timing! Do you know how Spektrum, in this case, implement their failsafe? Do you know how long it can be between updates worst case? My point is, there are many possibilities here and the real cause may never be known.

Thread: Slec apache super chipmunk
07/06/2016 09:39:38

I was interested in this kit when SLEC first had it on display at LM a few years ago. I don't know how much things have changed but when I asked them about it at the time, it was not a great story. The display model was part of the rights take over and they could tell me nothing about it at all. Maybe they have put some effort into understanding more about it by now? We all know SLEC is a good company and knows about wood & kits, but I would imagine there is one hell of a lot of background knowledge needed to reproduce it!

Edited By Masher on 07/06/2016 09:40:24

Thread: Is there a problem with the DX6
06/06/2016 18:16:14
Posted by PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 06/06/2016 17:33:37:

Me thinks best way forward is to see what Horizon say.

Not fair to assume the worse until I get the test report back.

Only think I am still miffed at is the massive difference in radiated RF between the Spectrum 2.4 unit that plugs in the back of my Futaba FF9. Why has it so much more output power!!!

See above for the test equipment used...

Can anyone explain... Regards Peter


As you are probably aware, it is very difficult to accurately measure these type of signals. I know nothing of your test kit but, for example, your FF9 module could be chucking out loads of spurious which are distorting the total power reading. Even using the best equipment requires great care and some knowledge of what the spectrum/spektrum is actually doing

Thread: Classic Aerobatic Model Photo Thread
01/06/2016 16:42:02

Very nice looking model!

Thread: Exhaust Pipe Length
01/06/2016 16:40:33

I guess it may just mean you will get no power advantage going from 40 to 53.

What I can be sure of is, it will cost an arm and a leg in flexible pipe or silicone tubing!

I suggest a baby wipe or two may be the best solution smiley

Thread: Lipo battery brand choice
01/06/2016 16:34:11

I hear many stories at the patch about how great brand x,y,z are and how bad brand a,b,c are but there is no evidence or measurements to back this up. Somebody buys a new battery and suddenly it's the best they ever had!

I have accumulated a fair amount of various brands and capacities and have yet to have any issues. I admit to continually abusing the batteries (I have been reported to the authorities but who cares) and they are fine. Some have let me down after being shortened following an arrival but fair cop.

I think that in general, considering the hostile environment and conditions they are operated in, LiPo's fair very well.

Thread: Glow motor demise
01/06/2016 16:26:00

Same here. 2 strokes have been taken over by 4 in my hangar, especially if they are Saito.

I have a box of assorted 2 strokes which I can't even give away in our club - most are now flying electric only.

A friend has acquired a number of old excellent condition small Cox's which I was looking to sell for him (proceeds to a good cause). In the end we didn't auction them off because the going rates seem less than the cost of postage.

Thread: esc - is it for the bin
01/06/2016 16:19:19

Whilst this may be a can of worms, I can't resist asking a few questions because it may save you wasting an ESC only to find it was something else.

You say "does not produce full power" - do you mean the combination of battery, ESC, motor and prop? And are you saying it is producing less power than it has been producing, or less power than you are expecting in a new or different set-up?

Like Martin says, in my experience they tend to work or not. They don't usually become less efficient.

The 'power' is often limited by the motor & prop combination assuming the battery is Ok.

So how have you checked it all? Have you put a power meter in the system and measured what you are getting? If the volts, amps (and hence power) are not what you expect, is the motor/prop combination right according to the motor specification?

This may sound like too many questions, but an electric power set-up is quite logical and straightforward to check if you know what you are expecting from the individual blocks.

I hope this helps rather than makes it worse!

Thread: Anyone builtthe Ruhig Tigre - large version
30/05/2016 19:50:32

And that pilot still looks as miserable as sin!devil

28/05/2016 18:20:27

No but I have built and flown the standard one. It is one of my favorites and has now had many enjoyable flights.


I want to go on and build a bigger one and am waiting for you to complete yours and/or Jim Newbury to finish his and share the plans and CNC kit.

Edited By Masher on 28/05/2016 18:21:19

Thread: A Gangster 52 for today ?
21/05/2016 19:15:04

Irvine 53 a perfect match PV!

gangster 1.jpg

Thread: Help requested to identify an old but well loved model.
19/05/2016 15:26:18

Hi Kevin

Yes built exactly to the plan and it's a Saito 56 which seems perfect for power and balance. Percy and others here are working on a larger version which I will also want to build. As mentioned in the very short Ruhig Tigre article, it was designed as a good looking trainer which is deliberately easy to build - this bore out in practice

19/05/2016 09:31:32


I can't help I'm afraid but was thinking how nice a model it was. Then you mentioned Ruhig Tigre with which I was thinking there are some similarities.

side 1.jpg

Having recently completed an RT build, I can thoroughly recommend one - they are great to fly and can be a docile trainer or high performer according to your mood and the conditions.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
17/05/2016 11:32:35

Thanks to BMFA classifieds, I now own and fly this Rapture 50. Designed and built by Steve Dunning a few years back, this model looks and flies great. YS 63 up front is somewhat more than adequate!

Very well built and covered model yet extremely light.

rapture field.jpg

Thread: Problem charging 6V 2300mAh NiMH receiver battery for the first time!
17/05/2016 11:12:15

I think all is well JB

Nominal voltage is 1.25V per cell and off load this will be higher so 7.17V is as expected at this stage.

For belt and braces checking of new packs (having had failures in the past) I fully charge them and then connect up an old car sidelight bulb which, in my case draws a couple of amps. I can visually check that (a) the pack can provide a decent current and (b) that it has about the right duration - depends on your bulb & battery combination but I also check with DVM too.

Finally, if all is well, don't forget to re-charge!

Thread: Taranis - setting up low voltage warnings
14/05/2016 20:21:20

That sounds good to me Geoff, 3.72 equates to 80% discharge which is a safe level

Thread: Estimate required
04/05/2016 12:22:11


Jon Harper will give you an answer soon I expect.

It's a difficult one! I bought a clutch of old Laser's like the one you describe a couple of years ago. At the time I thought I had a bargain at about £50 a throw. One of the 3 is fine but low power compared to a modern Saito, the other 2 have issues (bust valve springs and a piston ring which can be obtained off a chap on Ebay) Trouble is, Laser can no longer support these older engines so parts are not available. The main attraction is, IMO, mainly nostalgic and even Laser effectively say this by offering a discount on new engines if you send in your old one.

Only advice I can give is set your expectations at a modest level and maybe you will be happy with the result. I would go with an auction site and set a minimum value then hopefully you'll get a couple of interested parties bidding. I would guess at £40 start.

Edited By Masher on 04/05/2016 12:23:17

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