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Thread: Documentation for OpenTX 2.1
16/04/2016 18:15:37

Blimey that's a lot of work Martin, thanks very much for that!

Thread: Tiger 72.
16/04/2016 14:39:50

And me!

15/04/2016 17:36:42

Keenly watching to see it come together Jim. I'm also pleased you mentioned making plans and parts available since having now flown the original 60" model, I definitely want a bigger one too.

Keep up the good work!

Thread: BMFA Achievement Scheme News
12/04/2016 18:02:59
Posted by MattyB on 12/04/2016 14:46:32:
Posted by ChrisB on 12/04/2016 08:10:15:

As I see it, the aim of the questions is to enable the candidate to demonstrate to the examiner that they have an understanding of aeromodelling beyond that of the actual flying element.

The aim of the achievement scheme is to enable individuals to gain a certificate, at the moment, purely voluntarily and for fun.

Yep, I agree with both statements, but you have to wonder how many people are really going to volunteer for this particular brand of "fun" now - unless it's required by your club to fly solo I can't see many people doing it voluntarily.

I understand why the BMFA has done this and don't disagree with the level of knowledge being expected, but sometimes change results in unintended consequences. I suspect the number of certifications will actually go down as a result of these changes; rote learning the ANO numbers is not really many peoples idea of entertainment. Certainly I can think of one club nearby that did not require an A until very recently, but has now mandated it within a year of joining for all members. The reaction of some of their most experienced members (50+ years) to being required to answer these questions to retain their membership is unlikely to be favourable.

Edited By MattyB on 12/04/2016 14:49:01

I agree too. I don't see that this will change the number going for an 'A' too much, especially as some/many clubs mandate it. However, I see that this will cause a drop in the numbers going for a 'B', not because they can't revise some theory but because "why would I or why should I?" I had already started wandering why I am bothering to pursue my 'B', more obstacles only makes it less likely that I will bother!

says he who can't even get the text size right on this fantastic editor!


Edited By Masher on 12/04/2016 18:04:37

Thread: Aerodynamics & the "Dive Test"
11/04/2016 06:45:12


Edited By Masher on 11/04/2016 06:56:35

Thread: Advice re choosing a Spektrum receiver
07/04/2016 16:54:15

Hi Julian

It may be that you can find a spektrum set-up for that model to download. This is available with the Visionaire and as it comes all fitted out, everything is in the right sense. You can probably find a Youtube showing the AR6335 set-up. It's a bit like setting an ESC - needs concentration or you loose your place in the process. In this case, you watch flashing coloured led's rather than listen to beeps!

07/04/2016 15:46:45

Hi Julian

I'm sure you will get many views and opinions on this so I will state that the following points are just my opinions:

Yes the AR6335 has standard servo connectors and requires no adaptors. I have one in a Visionaire and it does ease flying in very windy conditions. However, programming the gains and directions is quite a faff and there is much room for user error.

I would not bother with AS3X myself and just go for a simple standard receiver. If you are considering the AR400, which is fine, I assume that this is not a particularly complex model so best keep it simple.

Thread: BMFA Achievement schemes
22/03/2016 20:51:36

Well you did ask John!


21/03/2016 17:31:17

I don't think you could fly the 'A' that slowly without multiple stalls? When I said 15 mins, that obviously allows time for the obligatory pre-flight safety checks.

21/03/2016 07:10:04

It seems a shame that you have got into this situation Airpaddler, there is a lot to be gained from being part of a club.

It's taken me a lifetime to realise that sometimes it is best to just back down and get on with life. So....... if it's a "good little club", why don't you just comply then enjoy being part of it? Anyone with the basic skills, and it sounds like you have those, can pass an 'A' test in about 15 minutes plus a night of reading the BMFA handbook - then fly whenever you want and enjoy the fun of being in the club.

What's to loose?

Thread: fitting hinges
19/03/2016 17:20:26


I think the trick is to apply a layer of vaseline to the hinge pin before inserting into the slot. This is a bit fiddly but can be done by using a cocktail stick or similar to apply the vaseline (or grease)


It's all about.................timing!

Edited By Masher on 19/03/2016 17:20:52

Thread: Ar 610 rx
11/03/2016 12:22:54


I think you'll find that the 610 doesn't have the option for preset failsafe. It is a bit of a minefield trying to find out the various options, and some of the data sheets don't reflect reality.

In fact, the Smartsafe and hold last position are the same on AR610, you can only control throttle channel and Smartsafe holds your last position on the other channels



Edited By Masher on 11/03/2016 12:28:02

Thread: Drones and the law - item on R4, 8th March 2016
10/03/2016 10:52:30

And I've complained to BBC R4 this morning about Melvyn Bragg! How can it be acceptable to be continually clearing your throat on air? As a working class git myself, it may simply be that I don't understand that intellectuals have such bad manners because they are so clever. Complete waste of an email but makes me feel better, so many potentially good programmes ruined by the 'celebrities'.

Thread: Droning on...So What's Your Answer ??
15/02/2016 08:18:29
Posted by Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 15/02/2016 00:49:14:

We have decided at our club that we will accept drone/multirotor flying on the condition that the are treated like other models. That is they get no special treatment and they follow the rules like everyone else. Each type of model is considered equal and the rules apply to everyone.

We felt this was the only way to keep things fair and was better than most of our other local clubs who have banned them outright.

Jon, I assume you have rules to prevent fixed wing and multirotor flying simultaneously from the same strip?

Thread: Just another Ballerina
12/02/2016 09:42:16

Excellent work Chris - learning lots here.

Peter: Pete's Pilots still very active, see here

Thread: Step craft CNC machine
10/02/2016 15:28:34

Thanks, I'll try it

10/02/2016 12:11:59
Posted by Airpaddler on 10/02/2016 06:41:20:

Simply download Fusion 360. For all your CAD, CAM and postprocessing requirements. Free and totally comprehensive. Includes Mach3 postprocessors. Many YTube tutorials. Does everything it says on the box and completely free to hobbyists.

Looks like £184 pa to me, is there a way around this?

Thread: Which radio 2016
03/02/2016 16:01:49

+1 for Taranis yes

Thread: Warning to all trad builders
03/02/2016 15:22:06
Posted by Percy Verance on 03/02/2016 13:53:47:

Won't bother me too much. I can't stand ginger nuts..........

Are you allowed to say thatsurprise

Thread: Failsafe !!!
02/02/2016 12:16:37

The tree stepped out in front of the car? Well that's what the trees at our patch do.

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