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Thread: Which radio 2016
03/02/2016 16:01:49

+1 for Taranis yes

Thread: Warning to all trad builders
03/02/2016 15:22:06
Posted by Percy Verance on 03/02/2016 13:53:47:

Won't bother me too much. I can't stand ginger nuts..........

Are you allowed to say thatsurprise

Thread: Failsafe !!!
02/02/2016 12:16:37

The tree stepped out in front of the car? Well that's what the trees at our patch do.

Thread: Decision Time Part 1
02/02/2016 07:46:39

Thanks for asking the question PatMc, please let us know how you get on.

MattyB - presumably the front pages of that thread are the most up to date and relevant information available and there is no need to sift through the whole thread?


Thread: Finish for plastic cowlings
01/02/2016 15:55:14

I think that if it's for an electric model, you can use anything you like. If it's IC, I have yet to find anything that survives the test of time!

Thread: What sport model build?
31/01/2016 17:30:41
Posted by Phil 9 on 31/01/2016 16:57:22:
Posted by Masher on 31/01/2016 16:33:31:

I have built and flown the KillerWatt extensively - this one is effectively the same as the kit built model of a similar name. Plans are free, build is standard stuff, performance is perfect. Scaling up to the MegaWatt is something I plan to do but the KW flies perfectly on an OS 46!

Or how about a bigger Ballerina or a Ruhig Tigre - very similar to the Sportster

the Magawatt will be the more difficult build out of the three (but is still not complicated). the mega watt plan is a killer watt scaled up and the designer did not build one. So that needs to be taken into account when reading the plan. Also there is not a readily available canopy or cowl for the plan as there is for the other two. It is obviously based on an acro wot but the is not a 120 size acor wot (an extra wot might fly on a 120 but really needs something bigger)

Yes but the canopy is 'easy' nothing too difficult and suited to the pop bottle route. Having just done a built up cowl for my Ruhig Tigre, I will never worry about commercial cowls anymore.

You can obviously scale the Killer or Mega plan to exactly what you need for the power

31/01/2016 16:33:31

I have built and flown the KillerWatt extensively - this one is effectively the same as the kit built model of a similar name. Plans are free, build is standard stuff, performance is perfect. Scaling up to the MegaWatt is something I plan to do but the KW flies perfectly on an OS 46!

Or how about a bigger Ballerina or a Ruhig Tigre - very similar to the Sportster

Thread: Terry Wogan RIP
31/01/2016 13:15:55

I most remember him for the Janet and John stories. The best ones were when you were stuck or going slow in traffic to work with tears running down your face - then you looked around and most of the other drivers were doing the same (except those tuned to Radio 1!)

Edited By Masher on 31/01/2016 13:16:16

Thread: John's Ballerina Build
31/01/2016 13:13:38

Nice work John, gives great access to your tank and tubes devil

Thread: Navigation LED Lights with Beacon & Strobe Effect (Arduino)
30/01/2016 21:07:29

Yes good blog Alan, nice to see some electronics. Thanks for sharing

Thread: nexus plans
30/01/2016 16:03:34

Ahhh... hair - those were the days!

Looks like we need a thread of pics showing forumites in their 70's gear (other decades may also be considered!). Then we could ask - (a) do you still have the clothes and (b) do they fit?! (No and NO WAY in my case crying)

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
30/01/2016 15:46:38

BTW Percy, I've also ordered some shades like those you are wearing and, if I had some hair, I would be copying your hair do heart

30/01/2016 15:32:53

Thanks for the comments chaps.

The vinyl cutter is just like your paper printer Colin - just connect to the PC, design a sticker and "print".

A simple cutter moves around (just like the old pen plotters used to) and out pops a pre-cut vinyl sheet from which you "weed" your stickers - this gets rid of the bits you don't want.

After seeing posts on here, I looked at them (Cameo) on YouTube and decided the small one would suit me. This is about the same price as a normal printer, takes up little space, the vinyl material is cheap (as long as you don't use solartrim!!) and everything works as supplied. No word of a lie, I installed the supplied software package, connected the USB and cut my first name stickers within about half an hour.

The only snag is, you need to design your stickers - my artistic side is challenged hence my stickers are based on my name and age!

Get one - they are up their with other modelling tools like the Permagrit!


Oh yes PV, my colour scheme has been used before, like I said, (a) I'm artistically challenged and (b) I didn't get where I am today by not stealing other people's schemes!

Edited By Masher on 30/01/2016 15:42:17

Edited By Masher on 30/01/2016 15:43:11

30/01/2016 14:32:12

Inspired by Percy Verence's comments and help together with the blogs from Stevo and Jim Newbury, I had to build a Ruhig Tigre. This is from the original Colin Dickinson plan at 60" WS. Not flown yet because of the hideous winds and state of the strip.

This is a great model to build (and fly according to PV) but was the reason I couldn't take part in the mas build - I had already started the Tigre and you may see some similarities.


Saito 56 up front. Stickers are completely over the top due to the fact that I gave myself a vinyl cutter for Xmas - great machines!


side 1.jpg



Edited By Masher on 30/01/2016 14:33:42

Thread: nexus plans
30/01/2016 08:44:03

Did they really go flying dressed like that in the 70's? Wouldn't last long at our field.

Thread: Is there something in the water?
18/01/2016 18:47:36

Blimey, best give up!!!!!!!

18/01/2016 12:34:03

The answer is quite simple Ronaldo - take up another hobby to supplement aeromodelling (I can't even spell it)

In my case I have too many hobbies but my "second" is music which costs very little, can be satisfying and frustrating in equal amounts, and can be weather agnostic (assuming you don't play in a brass band doing carols in the rain!)

Can you not restart one of your other childhood pastimes?

Forgot to say, although it's a free country (yeah!), don't turn the telly on!!!!!!!! That really is wasting time IMHO


Edited By Masher on 18/01/2016 12:38:38

Thread: Tiger 72.
15/01/2016 09:04:24

The stringers are 3/16 on the standard size plan so 1/4 seems more appropriate for the enlarged.

Coming along nicely Jim, I'm just completing the standard size model and hoping to build the bigger one next. It would be interesting to put the Tigre and Ballerina side by side, lots of similarities.

Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
07/01/2016 09:55:20

Excellent first attempt though Chris. Can you say that the face is distorted to simulate those high G manouvers? (I never could smell manovers!!)

Thread: Classic Ballerina
06/01/2016 15:21:42
Posted by john stones 1 on 06/01/2016 14:55:52:

One option to consider is to mount rudder/elevator servos at the rear, that would help with the c.g,


Great lateral thinking there John! Always a few ways to skin the chat.

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