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Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
06/01/2016 12:37:47

Very interesting Chris

It is surprisingly difficult to find decent pilot figures so I have been considering taking the same route as you. Unfortunately I don't have such good artistic friend so I have been watching the carving videos on Youtube. Can't wait to see your first cast!

Thread: Classic Ballerina
06/01/2016 11:03:44


If you look here you will see a picture posted by Percy Verence of a similar model, the Ruhig Tigre. This has a built up fuselage from the wing TE backwards. It is also common in the Flair models. Having built both, I think it's swings and roundabouts. Maybe one of the biggest plus points for built up is that it can be more satisfying to build? You could always do the sheeted method then make some cut outs but I doubt it's necessary.

Will be interesting to see what more informed people advise.

Watching the build with interest, keep up the good work!

Edited By Masher on 06/01/2016 11:04:41

Thread: We're Off!
06/01/2016 10:24:59

This post may be a bit weird but I'll post it anyway.

I am not taking part in the MB this year although I have done previously. I did my first build blog and got some good feedback. However, there were times when I thought "what's the point of bothering to post photo's etc... nobody is interested"

This year I am watching all the builds because I like the PM models and the Ballerina in particular. I am seeing the MB from a different perspective this year (I'm getting to the point soon!) - as a watcher it's quite difficult to provide comments all the time without them sounding repetitive so............

For all those people making the effort to chart their progress via a build blog, not just for the MB, please be assured that many people will be watching with admiration, envy and are thankful for the valuable tips, insights and humour you are providing. It really is appreciated even though you may not necessarily think so from comments. For me, seeing other people's building is one of the most interesting parts of the forum.

Hope this makes sense, thanks to all bloggers!

Thread: Andys 120% ballerina
06/01/2016 10:14:00

Coming along nicely Andy, I'm watching with interest.

Thread: Martyn's Ballerina @ 115%
06/01/2016 10:12:08

A very informative blog as always Martyn, watching closely for the tips.

Thread: Taranis X9E
31/12/2015 13:27:33

Thanks for that lighthearted but informative post John. I am a devoted "D" user and currently trying not to buy the 'E'. I have read the RCG threads (a feat in itself) and found that the only gripe seems to be the struts but these are now metal. Then there's the top display which apparently is invisible outside?

Are your struts plastic or are you saying the revised metal ones are still rubbish? I have less concerns about the tray set-up since I have learnt to fly fingers & thumbs.

Can you copy model set-up's from the D to the E or do you have to start from scratch?

I keep telling myself I don't need one, can't justify one, mustn't buy one etc etc........................ but there is a strong urge to get one PDQ!

Thread: FrSky Taranis - user chat
30/12/2015 18:23:40
Posted by Peter Christy on 30/12/2015 18:01:10:

Masher: If you watch the top heli fliers, most of them point the aerial down and away from them at about 45 degrees.



Yes Pete that's what I do - I edited my post and got it wrong! I have done a lot of work with RF systems and propagation and even as a professional I have to admit this RF is funny old stuff!

30/12/2015 17:34:02

That's also interesting Pete, good to see some actual measurements.

I watch/listen to the "RSSI" from the telemetry routinely and can't fly far away enough to get warnings. I am on the EU firmware and have a good number or Rx and model combinations now but all have been rock solid regarding RF control.

The only thing I have modified is my 'normal' Tx antenna position. I used to have it folded flat to one side across the top of the Tx but I realised that the way I stand/operate, at one end of the strip, the antenna was end-on and thus not ideal. I now fold the antenna at about 45deg facing towards me which is about optimum for me - this was confirmed by comparing RSSI in each case.

Edited By Masher on 30/12/2015 17:43:22

30/12/2015 17:24:37
Posted by MartynColes on 30/12/2015 16:56:59:

Yes UK from T9

The option is Standard or Standard and PCB. Not the other way around.

Very interesting - I had 2 off X8R's from T9 for Xmas - they have PCB type as have all the others I purchased in 2015. I'm surprised they would revert to simple wire type antenna without commenting as to why????

30/12/2015 16:36:20

Are you sourcing those in the UK Martyn? I thought all X8R's are being supplied with plug in PCB type antenna with option to buy standard antennae fro extra money, I may be wrong.

BTW, RCLife is best price at the moment by a couple of quid

Thread: Winters Here Who's Been Flying ?
29/12/2015 13:53:33

A lovely couple of hours with the WOT this morning sunny, windy and nobody else from the 60 strong club! Great conditions for practising landing and take off, not because of the 15mph wind but because of the sheep feet size holes all over the pitch - just the right size for wheels to get stuck in.

Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
29/12/2015 11:45:45
Posted by Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 29/12/2015 09:52:09:

I suspect that poor compression is most likely to be the problem. Alas as that is in fact an old 75 not an 80, I have no spares available

No jokes about poor after sales service then!

29/12/2015 09:32:17

Jon, my Laser's a bit gutless. Please can you help?

Picture here

Thread: Winters Here Who's Been Flying ?
28/12/2015 08:02:09

Sounds good, must be quite an adventure. Best wishes.

27/12/2015 16:38:43

Nice to see you posting again David, are you settled over there now?

27/12/2015 15:50:17

Nice day dow here in Herefordshire, if a little soggy! Had a great time flying my winter hacks, just a shame none of the other 59 club members took advantage of the mild weather.

Thread: More EU changes on the way that may affect FrSky users...
27/12/2015 14:18:24

Nothing to worry about jim, just use it. I'm afraid there is no such thing as future proof where radio equipment is concerned since we can't see in to the future and the associated rules made by regulatory bodies.

For now though, enjoy and find something else to worry about I think

Thread: Paul's Ballerina Build
24/12/2015 18:33:00

I'll give you a clue PV - the eye of.................

I'm about finished on the build, now on to the fitting out - I've had a reminder of the amount of work involved in a build from plan - great things these ARTF's!

24/12/2015 17:56:14

Oh no, he's started early - reach for yer tin hat

Thread: Taranis - Inactivity Alarm
24/12/2015 08:46:27

I suppose you could simply turn the volume down when on the Simulator? I have volume control programmed on to the LH knob so that I can "shut her up" if the anti-Taranis squad start moaning at the strip

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