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Thread: Nitro or Electric
17/02/2011 20:56:23
Hi Baza,
To be honest I don't think it makes a great deal of difference these days. With a well set up electric power system you will find that power output and flying charateristics are pretty much the same on both. If the plane is second hand then is it already configured to use a glo motor? if so it may be easiest to just pop another one in.
Thread: Melody
13/02/2011 11:03:05
So, After giving my Harmony plan to my father I was kind of excited to see the Melody plan in the magazine. Now I am not a very experienced builder and I don't have loads of time, so this may take a while. But I thought by posting progress on here I may actually find the impetus to keep going and actually finish a model!
So, here goes. My Melody build blog!
And to prove I have started here is a photo of my workbench as I am tracing off the shapes from the plan ready to transfer to the wood.

So should only be a few more months now

Thread: Home truths from abroad
12/02/2011 16:43:06
I don't understand, it won't make a hole in the baseball field, it will be fine! It goes 100 miles per hour you know
Thread: Celebrity flyers
09/02/2011 14:50:29
Vernon Kay, he was talking about it on his radio show sometime last year!
Thread: i have a developing problem
02/02/2011 15:26:29
You are doing better than me. I have plans - loads of plans! and some balsa, but only 2 planes and only one of those flies... and that was built by parkzone!
I seem to be great at starting projects, but then another comes along and it is always more exciting!
Thread: A380 or walk?
01/02/2011 10:48:59
I would not worry too much, the A380 has managed to survive an engine exploding without doing anyone any harm. No aircraft that is used as much as airliners are will be completely withoput accidents, according to Wikipedia "The 747 has been involved in 124 accidents or incidents,[183] including 49 hull-loss accidents,[184] resulting in 2,852 fatalities." But would you get on one of those?
Of course, I may have just put you off flying altogether!
Thread: Wind & Aircraft
18/01/2011 13:07:39
Noooooooooooooooooooo... not this again! I have decided that planes fly by magic anyway (works for carpets so why not planes!). The windier it is the more magic you need!
Thread: it all whent wrong today
09/01/2011 20:28:45
Hi David,
I have an ERC mustang, also very small and light on a single cell lipo, and with ANY  wind it tries to flip over backwards...if you are ready for it then you can catch it with down elevator, but you need to be quick or it will reach vertical, the flying surfaces stall and the wind just takes it whereever it wants. 
Of course once a model goes over your head the it is difficult to keep the correct orientation and it is easy to loose control!
Hope you can get it fixed and flying again!
Thread: Who's got Flying Weather?
09/01/2011 09:52:49
Freezing cold, but bright and not too breezy this morning here in Reading. Got a couple of flights in with the spitfire, but called it a day due to cold fingers and people selfishly wanting to play football just because the loacal park is also the home of the local football club!!!
Still great fun and an excellent start to a Sunday.

Thread: The Biplane Thread
08/01/2011 09:01:13
I am pretty sure that the Hooligan is not a biplane...
Thread: Learning to fly alone
06/01/2011 17:40:01
Thanks BEB, that makes sense.
I have not done my A Cert or anything yet. Perhaps I shall think about joining a club and having a go at it sometime!
Thread: Old engines...
06/01/2011 15:00:44
Fantastic, thanks for the advice all, I will give it a go at the weekend.
Thread: Learning to fly alone
06/01/2011 14:58:34
Just a question, when I was a member of a club a while ago we did not have "Instructors" as such. There were a number of people who would be happy to take your plane up and give you a hand with the controls if you were new. Often these people would be more than happy to hand over their phone numbers so you could give one of them a ring before heading off to the field, that way you were fairly sure of getting some flying in.
Now I have not been a member of a club for over 20 years, so do they now have appointed instructors?
Thread: What was your first flight of 2011?
03/01/2011 10:01:09
I took the PZ Spitfire out this morning for the first flight of 2011. It was very cold, but still great fun!

Thread: Old engines...
03/01/2011 09:46:16
Hi All,
I have just ben given an old OS .15 engine that was lying in someones shed for years. It turns over and seems to have plenty of compression, however it is covered in dried old oil and fuel.
What is the best thing to use to get it clean? Is there anything that should be avoided?
Thread: Myron is in hospital
24/12/2010 21:03:58
Hi Myron,
I know we have only swapped a few messages but get well soon, look forward to getting you back on the forums,
Thread: My First 3d Model
16/12/2010 19:26:01
Thanks Andy.
I will make sure I keep it light, I think it should be fun!
Ken: What are you saying??? I've seen the videos, doesn't look that hard... what can possibly go wrong?
16/12/2010 13:42:02
just ordered my first 3d aerobatic model, a Precision Aerobatics Electric Shock... Now I just need to find out how you do those funky moves that I see in the videos!
Thread: Listen for the sound of exploding Timbo's
16/12/2010 12:31:24
Looks like they are having fun, better ban them!
In fact never mind banning them, better just shoot them
Thread: Hands up Leightweights :-)
09/12/2010 10:31:19
I quite like it when it is cold, there are less dog walkers etc at the local park and I often have it all to myself!
I thought about joining the local club, but there really are so many rules these days. Our local club has the 'No Flying Alone" rule and that does put me off joining it. This hobby is meant to be fun, and if I have an afternoon off work then I want to be able to go flying, even if everyone else is stuck in the office!

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