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Thread: Stephen Grigg Christmas Build !!!!!
03/01/2014 21:41:39

Hi Stephen,

I've had one of those Ryan's for a few years now. Very easy to fly. However, the rudder is not very effective and the model will nose over on almost every landing if you're flying off of grass. I've had to loose the u/c covers and bend the u/c wire far more forward. The wheel spats/legs will not last 5 minutes. It does look very nice in the air though. What engine have you got up front? I had an OS 61 2 stroke but it seemed a little underpowered. a 91 4 stroke would probably be better or even a 91 2 stroke.


Thread: Does your Club Mow its own grass or flying field
05/07/2013 09:19:40

Quite fortunate as the farmers son cuts it to earn his pocket money. Sometimes it gets a bit too long over the winter.


Thread: NGH Engines - any experience
29/06/2013 11:44:09

The NGH 35 I have is the dirtiest engine I have. I'm not very impressed with it. Can't seem to get it to develop peak rpm either. Very touchy on the high end needle. I wish I had saved my money to put towards an OS or Saito 4 stroke petrol. Looks like it's time to bite the bullet and ask the boss for an advance on my chrissy pressy wink


28/06/2013 22:03:37

I've got an NGH 35 and am pretty much fed up with the black rubbish that comes out of the exhaust and the way it shakes everything loose on the airframe. I went petrol to get away from this. My evolution GT 26 was much better. That had needle roller bearings and was an excellent motor, right up until I fuelled it up with a fresh batch that I hadn't mixed properly. Not enough oil so bang! I am going to get rid of my NGH and probably put an OS 4 stroke petrol in its place or the equvalent evolution 2 stroke. I'll not touch another NGH.


Thread: Futaba T7CP
28/06/2013 21:54:49

I stuck a sanyo eneloop in my T7 and that has lasted 3 years so far. It just gets the normal abuse and has been fine.


Thread: Summer-what summer....? How much flying are you getting in?
28/06/2013 21:52:09

My model yacht has been pretty good this year in the wind. I also find it doesn't affect my cars much either wink.

Seriously I find my Wot 4 comfortable to fly whatever mother nature decides to send our way.


Thread: Hurrah! Spring's finally here, how much flying are you getting in?
26/06/2013 19:53:41

Plenty of flying for me. Out yesterday to finish running in the OS 160 Fx I have in my pitts. That thing is now ballistic!! Smoke works well too! I had a little fly this morning too. very light wind so I took my Mini panic and the pitts of course. Spent some time buddying one of the students and giving him a bit of guidance. Got him flying pretty accurate circuits by the end of it. I've even had to order another 4 gallons of fuel!!


Thread: OS 25 fx on 9x6 in ripmax rapier ? good or bad
23/06/2013 03:00:53

Ha Halaugh. That's just mad yes. Gotta go build another delta now!!


22/06/2013 21:27:22

Should fly. I built a delta last year with a Thunder Tiger GP 25 on the front. That flew well but was no speed machine. It did have quite a thick section tho'. I upped the engine to a Jen 37 with a tuned pipe. Went some then!! Remember a delta will fly very slowly if required, as for landing, but be equally capable of using all the sky you have available and a few feet more!!


Edited By Turbycat on 22/06/2013 21:27:52

Thread: The Flick Roll - How do YOU do yours?
22/06/2013 21:23:42

I bang in some aileron too. Usually I find myself going too far!!. Just building up to putting one in at the top of a loop with my Pitts at the moment. Is that an avalanche?


Thread: Tiger Moth power plant.
21/06/2013 17:29:00

I've got the large perkins Tiger Moth. About 78" span. That flies very well on an ASP 91 fs. It will, in fact, loop from level flight with this power plant! I wouldn't have thought you'd need any more than a good 60 size four stroke at most.


Thread: Diesel Wot4 foam-e
20/06/2013 21:41:09

I wouldn't bother putting a diesel on a foamie. One good flick and the nose wil come off! Build or buy a secondhand vintage style airframe for it. I've only used diesels on control line but they were powerful little lumps!


Thread: Just Engines JEN range
19/06/2013 22:37:34

doh!! double post


Edited By Turbycat on 19/06/2013 22:38:29

19/06/2013 22:37:24

I've had a Jen 57 it was ok. Never throttled as well as an OS but it was reliable and is currently sat on my shelf waiting for another WOT 4. I also have a Jen 37 with a tuned pipe set up. This was on the front of my delta until the fuel tank split and rotted the foam core. That is a lovely engine and goes like stink!! I guess if you want OS quality and ease of use buy an OS! If you want to get airborne on a cheap engine get the Jen or pos the ASP. Got some ASP 4 strokes and they are nice!


Thread: How many build projects (ARTF and trad') do you have running?
18/06/2013 22:55:00

I actually have none at the moment! I have just aquired a 1/4 scale Fournier RF4 off a club mate who was considering cutting it up!! It is a Mick Reeves one and has some beautiful scale features. The retracts are being a pain and might neeed replacing with a less worn set! I flew it for the first time today and it went very well. I think this will become a full refurb job so I guess my count will be going up to 1 in the near future!!


Thread: Are you a flyer or a builder?
13/06/2013 22:02:22

Strictly a flyer. I've attempted to build 3 planes over the years. Only my lastest Delta project got off the ground and the wings for that were cut and laminated by somebody else so I only had cut control surfaces, rudder and fin. Not even I could cock that up. The only problem with the delta was when I found the fuel tank had split and the foam gave up!! Strictly an artf assembler. I'll fly any chance I get which is good as I only live about 3 miles from my site and have access to another only a few more minutes away.


Thread: Fitting Wooden Props On A Petrol Engine
29/05/2013 21:12:52

Think you'll be fine with the 3 bolts. My 35cc petrol has the nut on the end of the crank. Never had a problem. My full size Druine Turbulent only had 6 bolts on a 1700cc converted vw motor spinning a54" (I think) prop.


Thread: Hurrah! Spring's finally here, how much flying are you getting in?
19/05/2013 22:18:41

Had couple of good days this weekend. No-one else at the field yesterday. Not the greatest day but perfectly flyable. Had some with my Pitts and maidened a scale Motor Falke. That didn't go too well. That was a complete handful to fly. I think the c of g is way out. Cosidering I bought it to relax with it was certainly doing the oposite!!! I've changed the control throws and mixed rudder in to the daileron, so hopefully it will turn. I've reduced the elevator throws as it was over sensitive in pitch and add some lead to the nose to move the c of g forward.

I was hoping to get it up this afternoon but it was a bit breezy. So I just threw my Pitts and wot 4 around for a couple of hours. At least I had some company today. I hope there are a couple of nice days at the end of this week. I've got a 1/4 scale Pawnee to maiden. Really should have taken it today but I can't take anything large when I have the Pitts in the car as that is in one piece.


Edited By Turbycat on 19/05/2013 22:22:37

Thread: Flying with others
11/05/2013 08:39:34

Hi CS, I tend to do more of my flying alone than with other people. Mainly because of the shift pattern i work. I tend to be off a lot during the week. So if it's a nice day I drop my youngest at school and then head off to the field about 5 mins away.

I do belong to a club but our field is so under-used it's unbelievable. We can fly from sunrise to sunset 7 days a week. The only restriction is Saturday mornings during the shooting season. There are different groups of people who turn up on differing days! You have a couple who fly Tuesdays, the Wednesday crowd, the Thursday clan and the Weekend boys! I tend to be there on any day off I get.

I like flying alone and with others. I find I fly more when on my own and can get through more fuel that I expect. When with a group I fly a lot less and chat a lot more.


Thread: In your experience what's the most common cause of a crash?
09/05/2013 22:34:21

Well I put pilot error but I'm pretty sure the gound has a vendetta against my modelswink!! I had one go in due to an elevator servo failure and crash landed a few due to engine failure, glow plugs mainly! I've only seen a couple of incidents I could put down to radio issues leading to loss of control, I'm not talking about flat batteries, but an interferance issue of some kind.


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