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Thread: Beginner have a mare!
04/05/2013 23:25:32

I'll try a link to our web site **LINK** It says no vacancies at the moment but the best thing is to contact Richard. His details are on the contact page. I could get you in a few times as guest. I work shifts so get down to the field quite bit during the week not so much at the weekends. Personally I would be looking at getting a far more substantial trainer. We do have a club trainer, apparently, not sure who's got it at the moment though!

If you fancy a look at the field let me know.


Thread: Slipstream sbach 30cc
04/05/2013 01:51:29

Not got one yet but working on it! I do have a couple of petrol powered planes. I hear that they fly very well. Should have plenty of power with the jc 28. Similar to (if not the same as) the goldwing one and one marketed by YT. Have you flown anything similar?


Thread: Beginner have a mare!
04/05/2013 01:36:59

Hi David,

I'm in Welwyn Garden City and fly with the Hatfield Model Aero Club. A few guys from Hertford come over to our site to fly. There is a club that flys from the Meads in Hertford. I think they have a facebook page. Your welcome to come over to our patch and have a look at what goes on.


Thread: Thanks YT
01/05/2013 20:23:00

Hi all,

Just wanted to say thanks to YT International for processing my order so quickly. I ordered 2 planes from them on Monday afternoon and they both arrived at lunchtime today. Very well packaged.


Thread: Help needed getting a header pipe to a cannister exhaust
30/04/2013 23:11:21

It doesn't look like it has far too go to line up. Personally I would heat the final bend, insert a rod down the end of the header tube and gradually tease it in to alignment. Join the header and can with the heat resistant silicone joining tube. I use the stuff from Just Engines to join my headers and tuned pipes. I've not known it to burn through.


Thread: Hello from another forum newbie
30/04/2013 22:55:08

Welcome to the forum Phantom 622. I'm normally the one asking silly questions!! Must say I'm a 5 Squadron Lightnings fan myself. Have got a soft spot for 29 Sqn. Had a very good night in RAF Conningsby's officers mess with some of those guys!!!


Thread: Hurrah! Spring's finally here, how much flying are you getting in?
30/04/2013 22:49:57

Had a good day today. Went out this morning and flew from 10 through to 2pm. Took my Pitts, Wot 4 and Ryan STA. Only down point was stuffing the wot in. It was my own fault. Trying to prop hand too low on a gusty day! Mind you I use that to fling aound all silly like. It's already glued and clamped up. First prang with it in 3 years. The Pitts flew well I'm gradually getting the hang of it. Had a good couple of flights with the Ryan. This is gradualy getting more and more oily and fuel residue soaked. Might have to retire it soonfrown.

I then took the Pitts out for an evening fly. I thought the wind had dropped a bit. it hadn't but at least the gusts had lessened. Had 4 more flights with that and then came home to have a warming single malt!!

or two!!!


Thread: NGH 38cc Petrol Four Stroke - now at JE
27/04/2013 23:10:11

I've got the NGH 35 cc. Runs very well and was very easy to set up. Comes with an extra piston so you can turn thr head round and make it rear exhaust. It also has the option of the usual beam mounts or a radial mount that bolts on the back. Seems very well made and revs quite freely.


Thread: Hurrah! Spring's finally here, how much flying are you getting in?
25/04/2013 16:50:47

I just got sunburnt today!


25/04/2013 15:53:39

Well 3 days flying this week!! Would have been 4 but I had to work tuesday!! Can't believe how much better I feel about it now. 2 weeks ago I was on the verge of putting everything on ebay!!

Now I'm thinking what aircraft to get next!!


Thread: Tonight at work......Black Horse Pitts
25/04/2013 15:51:01

Yup quick check is 5.6 kg. It is quite weighty but it flys beautifully. For a Pitts it seems very stable. It has plenty of authority in the air and was not tossed around by the gusty conditions we had today.


25/04/2013 15:40:29

I think a 180 4 stroke should be ok Steve. I only put the ST G2300 in cos I had one! Funnily enough that was in a Seagull Yak last year. Until I knocked the undercarriage out which basically ripped the bottom of the fuselage out. The Yak flew really well but I prefer this Pitts. I fly it most of the time on 1/3 to 1/2 throttle and it'll still do big loops from level flight. When you open the taps it certainly moves and uses up a lot of sky. I'm gradually exploring the handling. Had a few more flights this morning before the breeze got too gusty!

I'll check the weight. That was on the bathroom scales so may not be too accurate. I'll check it with kitchen ones!!! The engine and muffler come in at just over a kilo ,I think, and I did put a large sub c battery pack in it too! That weight is ready to go. Probably had 1/2 tank of fuel left in it too.


Thread: Weston uk
24/04/2013 23:59:46

I've been using Weston for about 3 years now. I've used a variety of their fuels over this time. I now use the Liquid Gold 12.5% nitro mix from them and all my engines love it. It seems to just run nicely in anything, big 2 strokes and small 4 strokes.


Thread: Which circuit direction do you fly the most?
24/04/2013 22:27:26

I'll quite happilly fly either. I do have a preference for left hand circuits, which is, I think, a left over from my full size gliding and PPL days. We get to fly both at our strip depending on wind direction.


Thread: Tonight at work......Black Horse Pitts
24/04/2013 22:22:30

Hi Danny, I totally agree with you on this one, Black Horse do seem to have got this one very right! I know it's "only an ARTF" but for some reason I'm bit silly proud of this one.


24/04/2013 22:02:44

Well I just did a quick check with the bathroom scales and it is about 5.6kg with an empty tank. It handles surprisingly well especially at low speed. I do tend to keep the speed up with this and keep my attention on it as I'm pretty sure it would bite if you let it.

I was out again today flying it. I does beautiful large aeros. Big loops, high stall turns and a very nice inverted flat spin. The rolls are going to take me some practice to get anywhere near axial. Inverted flight was ok. The increase in downthrust should reduce the need for down elevator to maintain level flight. Knife edge required a slight down elevator pressure to track straight. I'm pretty sure this will knife edge loop with a bit more rudder authority. All in all a very nice plane to fly.

As with all aerobatic aircraft it will require a good amount of fine tuning to get the best out of it, but as a general day to day aerobat to rip up the strip with I think it's great!


24/04/2013 21:43:10

I'll have to check the weight again as I didn't write it down! The model pretty much balanced in the given range with the ST. It's not that heavy an engine either. I didn't add any tail weight. I think the thrust line was a bit out and have increased the down thrust which should eliminate my very slight down elevator trim input required for level flight. I think if you go for the recommended 120 FS you're going to need some lead up front. I'd rather put a heavier more powerful engine up front throttle back and enjoy the extra power during aeros. No point carrying dead weight if you don't need to.


24/04/2013 07:39:22

I like the BCM muffler on this. It isn't too noisey and gives a nice deep sound. The model is overpowered with the Super Tigre but I'd rather have the power in reserve. It will come in very handy when I get the hang of prop hanging. It will be able to pull out vertically if needed.


Edited By Turbycat on 24/04/2013 07:39:53

Thread: Hurrah! Spring's finally here, how much flying are you getting in?
23/04/2013 22:28:25

Finally maidened my Black Horse Pitts yesterday. Only built it in January!!

Flew really well. Bit of down trim as I hadn't quite got the elevators adjusted right and 2 clicks of left aileron.


Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 23/04/2013 22:40:41

Thread: Tonight at work......Black Horse Pitts
23/04/2013 19:55:47

A few pics at the field.

A very pretty plane!


Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 23/04/2013 20:46:15

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