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Thread: Tonight at work......Black Horse Pitts
23/04/2013 19:41:18

You'll not believe this but I just got round maidening the Pitts yesterday!! Weather and my shift work ganging up against meangry.

Well a brief report: First of all the control throws and c of g were set as recommended in the instructions. I set 40% Expo on the elevator and ailerons just so it wasn't too twitchy on the first few flights. The model was given a good preflight inspection and the engine fine tuned a bit as it was idling a touch fast. I threw my WOT 4 around for a few flights. Sat down had a cup of coffee and decided to go for it.

After hearing some stories about Pitts being a bit lively I was prepared to go for height and then try the trimming. With the ST G2300 up front the take off run was quick, The model climbed rapidly so I fed in some down trim. I put in 2 clicks of left aileron trim and she was straight and level at 1/3 to 1/2 throttle. I actually found her quite easy to fly. She is fast when the throttle is chucked wide open and she'll climb out of sight. I flew some circuits and took her up high for some low speed handling checks. The stall gentle with a right wing drop. A this point the breeze picked up a bit and it started getting a bit bumpy but the Pitts handled it well. It is very solid in the air.

Landing time! I tried a few low approaches first getting used to the orientation of the model on approach. I then committed to a landing. The engine still didn't want to settle down to a slow idle so a go around was carried out. During this I was impressed with the slow speed handling. I set up a bit lower approach after lowering the throttle trim a bit. This time she came in as gentle as anything. Still a tad fast but ok.

I then think I breathed inwink! I gave a good once over then I had 3 more flights with her slowly exploring her handling and some gentle aeros. I'm definately pleased with this and it does appear to be a quality offering from Black Horse.


Edited By Turbycat on 23/04/2013 19:42:28

Thread: Brrrrrr, winter's here, how much flying are you getting in?
31/03/2013 00:10:18

I hope we get some flyable weather soon otherwise ebay will getting a very long list of stuff....

Just about had enough. The rubbish weather has just about knackered our patch. very soggy, grass is getting so long it has started to form tufts and the access road is almost 4x4 only.


Thread: Does your club allow you to fly alone?
21/03/2013 16:53:26

We can fly alone although lately there seem to be more people at the strip. I work shifts so find I have lots of free time when maybe other people don't. There is another strip I use occasionally but that is a strict no lone flying as it is council operated in a public park.


Thread: Blackburn B2 aerobatics
21/03/2013 07:12:57

Thats one reason why I can't get rid of my Tiger Moth. Graceful aerobatics like that look so good when you get it right. I think I get mine right about 1 flight in 10 but it feels good when you nail it!!


Thread: Brrrrrr, winter's here, how much flying are you getting in?
05/03/2013 21:00:22

Cracking day today. Down the strip at 10 this morningsmiley. Took my 1/4 scale Taylorcraft, silly delta and Wot 4. Mainly flew the Taylorcraft as I had to finish running in the NGH 35 in the front. Gradually getting it leaned out. I think when it's finally fully on song the damn thing will prop hang! I was having so much fun with my Delta I forgot about flying my Wot 4 (must be the first time that has ever happened!). So I got through 1/2 a gallon of petrol and about as much glow fuel.

The best thing was the 16 c temp, very light wind and 4 other members to share the day with.


Thread: OWCH!
04/03/2013 16:12:50

Sounds nasty! I'd never stand in front of any unrestrained armed electric model. Just like I wouldn't be in front of a running i/c engine for longer than was necessary to start it. Can't seem to understand how he got back in front of the model after he'd put the battery in and then it set off after him? Must be some sort of electronic malfunction?


Thread: Weekend Giveaway
01/03/2013 08:42:38

count me in pleasesmiley

Thread: What type of aircraft do you fly the most?
25/02/2013 23:43:24

I think my most widely flown plane was my Wot 4. I do like my 1/4 scale Taylorcraft. Just gone from a 26cc petrol to a 35. That should give it a bit more oomph!! It will depend on the weather or the amount of time I have as to which model/s I take. If it's a bit iffy or not much time it'll be the Wot 4 or my silly Delta. If I'm out for the day and the weather is nice then my scale stuff gets a good airing, especially my Tiger Moth. Love the scale aeros with this one.


Thread: Brrrrrr, winter's here, how much flying are you getting in?
25/02/2013 23:29:55

The only flying I've done lately was 8 hours on a 757-200wink. Out to Fuerteventura and backlaugh. I've been so fed up with cold/ damp/ snow that a half term break with kids was required!! Was a little disappointed to have to drive back from Birmingham to London in the snow at 3am on Sunday morning. Now back on nights and wishing I was back in the Canaries with the sunny skies and 20+ temps. Hopefully I'll get down the field later this week.


15/02/2013 21:39:54

AAAArrrghhh!!! First nice day for ages down here in the sunny S.E. Unfortunately not able to fly as my youngest's school decided that this would be a nice day for teachers to have a skive. Sorry inset day, whatever one of those is! As I also had to get packed for holiday on Saturday even a quick hour was out of the question. Over a month now since I last flew. Got one waiting for a maiden and a new engine install waiting for a test flight. Looks like it'll be March at this ratesad.


Thread: Seagull Christen Eagle II
15/02/2013 21:32:35

Congrats on the maiden. Glad it all worked out in the end. Surprised you only got 6800 on a 14 x 6 and then 10400 on the 13 x 6. That is a huge leap in revs between those prop sizes. My 79" Tiger Moth has an ASP 91 FS in the front. That is running a 14 x 6 and although I've not measured it I'm pretty sure it's puling a lot more than 6800 rpm. It'll pull large loops from level very easily.


Thread: Hi all
14/02/2013 21:12:17

Hi Rich,

welcome to the forum.


Thread: Choice of car .....
14/02/2013 01:41:33

My 2010 Mondeo 2.0 Zetec Estate does really well on the mpg front. About 42 knocking around and well over 50 on a run. There is plenty of room inside for my models. I just got this 1/4 scale pitts and I often transport an 85' clipped wing Taylorcraft.

Blackhorse Pitts

I'm very impressed with the car. Tows our large trailer tent very well too!


Edited By Turbycat on 14/02/2013 01:43:13

Thread: Seagull Christen Eagle II
12/02/2013 20:43:04

Hope it all goes well for you. Just realised I said Hangar 9 Pitts I did mean Black Horse!! doh!!

I've still got to maiden that. Its been built for over 2 weeks and, what with the weather and work commitments, I've just not been able to get to the field. I don't think I'll be able to get it out before Saturday. Then I'll be in Fuerteventura for a week. Don't think it'll go in the hand luggage!!


11/02/2013 22:49:12

Well I've just put together the Hangar 9 Pitts, bit bigger than the Eagle. I've put a Super Tigre GT2300 in the front of that. So I would go for the 120 fs as a minimum. I'd probably consider a 120 2 stroke for a bit more punch. If it's a tad too much power you can always throttle back.


Thread: .61 engine in acrowot?
11/02/2013 07:45:45

I had a Merco 61 in my first Acrowot many years ago. I've now got an OS 61 fx in the front of my Wot 4 so I think it would be perfect in an Acrowotlaugh


Thread: Evolution Petrol Engines
04/02/2013 21:17:44

Think the cdi is a bit bigger that a standard servo. They are not very heavy tho'. You should be able to find somewhere to mount it and a 2 cell lipo, to power it, doesn't weigh much either.


Thread: This got me thinking
04/02/2013 21:14:55

The problem I have is how much the cost of Concorde was subsidised by the tax payer. As far as I can see BA never paid a fair price for the planes they got. They were always going to operate them at an advantage.

As far as the technology goes it was pretty much what was being developed at the time. Fly by wire was the new thing but not specifically developed for Concorde. Materials technology had been around for a while just waiting for someone to put it in a non military application. It was a great amalgamation of existing technologies. All in all it was a last hurrah of a failing european avaition industry. The plane itself, as beautiful as she was , was always destined for a closed market.


Thread: Evolution Petrol Engines
04/02/2013 20:47:12

Yeah but you're not going to operate it at 16,000+ rpm. You'd prop it down. Personally I'd be looking at a 12x7 or pos a 13x6 same as a good 60 2 stroke and hoping to get around 10 to 11k rpm.


Thread: This got me thinking
04/02/2013 20:43:42

CSB, I don't know much about the BA history with Concorde but didn't they basically get them free. All the development costs were written off at the tax payers expense weren't they? I suspect a blind dog could make a profit if given something like that free to operate. Wasn't that why Branson only wanted to pay a token £1 for them?


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