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Thread: Evolution Petrol Engines
04/02/2013 19:25:20

Not had much to do with the small Evolution. I have however been runing a 26cc Evolution for years. It has run perfectly for hours. Very rarely needed to fiddle with it at all once it was set up. I'll be keeping an eye on this as I might be wanting to replace some of my smaller glows with petrol.


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Thread: This got me thinking
04/02/2013 19:19:47

I love the Concorde. Saw it fly quite a few times at airshows when I was in the Air Cadets. I think we should now focus on future technology being developed by British companies. If we put as much money in to Skylon as we did in relative terms to Concorde we would have sud orbital airliners traveling around the globe in hours not days and probably ready in the next 15 years.


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Thread: Brrrrrr, winter's here, how much flying are you getting in?
03/02/2013 15:05:01

Feeling withdrawl sysmptomsfrown. Not been out for almost 3 weeks now! Might have to get another artf to assemble....


Thread: Choice of car .....
03/02/2013 00:49:55

I ended up with a 2010 Mondeo estate after getting rid of my ageing Trooper. I really miss the 4x4 sad. The Mondeo, though, has a huge boot. I can even get a couple of my smaller planes in without folding the seats down. It also suits our other main use of towing our folding camper about the country.


Thread: How much do you pack in your car
02/02/2013 20:21:26

If I'm out for the whole day I'll just really cram it in.

Tx and starting gear

Fuel (glow and Petrol)

Chair and windsock

85" Taylorcraft or my 79" Tiger Moth

Wot 4 (of course)

My little 42" Delta

Ryan STA

and my Mini Panic on the front seat.

Now I've got my 60" Pitts which has to stay in one piece I'll have to be a bit more selective or get more creative when packing cheeky


Thread: Model for Air Cadet "Gate Guard"
01/02/2013 22:39:18

@ Martin Sorry don't know much about the Comet outside the hotel. Always see it there so it must be quite tough. I know some of the RAF gate guardians were being replaced with full size fibreglass replicas a few years ago. Pretty sure that there used to be/ might still be a large replica of a comet inside the Hatfield Galleria shoppng centre. Think it might have been marked up as Grosvenor House. Not been in for a while!

I'd have thought a good fibreglass replica would withstand the weather as long as it was securely mounted. The thing you rally have to secure it against is the "little herberts!!"


Thread: Tonight at work......Black Horse Pitts
31/01/2013 20:37:00

"Hope your boss is not a forum member. smile p"

Sorry that made me laugh!! My boss is a very wealthy buisness man. He has his own flying museum in the States!! Not that he'll ever let the likes of me near them!!


Thread: The Biplane Thread
31/01/2013 14:39:53

Finished the build so here is my Black Horse models 60" Pitts Special

Pitts Special

Pitts Special

Pitts Special

Now to wait for the weather to improve and get it maidened!


Edited By Turbycat on 31/01/2013 14:41:14

Edited By Turbycat on 31/01/2013 14:42:40

Thread: Tonight at work......Black Horse Pitts
31/01/2013 14:35:00

I'm really glad it goes in in one piece yes. (Phew!!) I finished it this morning. I have the the c of g towards nose heavy as I don't want to be surprised on the maiden. The control throws are set as per the manual. Here are a few pics I took in the garden.

Pitts Special

Pitts Special

Looks good. One small thing is that the spats are already working loose. So these will be taken off for the maiden while I figure out how to mount them a bit better.


30/01/2013 21:09:22

Quick pic as of 4 am this morning. Glad it fitted in the back of my Mondeo as it really needs to stay in one piecesurprise

Blackhorse Pitts

Off to the LMS in the morning for 1 "Y" lead blush. Could have sworn I had a couple knocking about in the garage. Note to self "Get workshop organised!!"


Thread: Huge B25 Mitchell
30/01/2013 19:26:05

Great looking model. Almost as big as my full size Turbulent! Definately looked underpowered to me. I would guess at it needing a good 50% increase in power, maybe even more. I also wonder what wing section was used and would a higher lift section have helped. If you have lots of power you use the throttle to keep it more scale like. Nothing looks/sounds less scale than a beautiful airframe flying by being maxed out on the throttle just keep in the air.

Still I wouldn't mind having a go with something that big. Must write letter to Chairman of our club " Please sir can we have a runway extension!!"


Thread: Tonight at work......Black Horse Pitts
30/01/2013 19:08:41

I will do David. I'm expecting performance to pretty sprightly with the ST2300 up front. I have few bits to finish off. Decals need applying, final fit of exhaust, control throws need setting and c of g needs checking. I was pretty pleased with the quality of the kit. The fit and alignment was pretty much spot on apart from a little fettling of the tail fin piece. There's a couple of things I don't like. Firstly the undercarriage and mounting. Seems like an after thought. Definately budget compared to the rest of the kit. Secondly the aileron control rods had pre bent Z bends in them. So of course 2 out of 4 didn't fit. I made new ones up easily enough.

Now I've got to wait for some nice weather to give it a go. Not had much flying at all lately. due to snow and now galeforce 100 winds wink


30/01/2013 04:00:29

Packed everything away in the car now. Airframe built, radio and engine installed. All I've got to do is put in another "y" lead for the port ailerons and trim and fit the cowl, spinner and prop. About another hours worth of work. Can't put any pics up as my phone won't connect the internet at work.

The build itself was a pretty straight forward artf assembly job. The only niggly bits were the cabane struts and the undercarriage. The fittings were the usual artf fare. Not top end but usable. I've fitted Alturn 750 MG servos all round. Don't think it needs servos this strong but I'm pretty happy with these servos having chucked them about in my Yak 54. For power we have a Super Tigre G2300 up front turning a 18x 8 graupner G sonic prop. I think this is going to go like a bullet!!

I do love my Job. Having plenty of free time on the night shifts makes up for the odd day when I'm busy wink


Edited By Turbycat on 30/01/2013 04:01:23

29/01/2013 18:42:34

I shall mainly be assembling....

Blackhorse Pitts

Blackhorse Pitts

Got to have something to keep me awakewink


Thread: New OS 40cc Four Stroke Engine
26/01/2013 21:38:11

Like the look of that. Saito have some large petrol 4 strokes too. But look I was looking at the NGH 38 4s on the Jen site as well. If the smaller petrol engines "take off" they will be very popular but you have to figure the extra weight of the ignition module and battery in to the build.


Thread: How do you react when you break a model?
23/01/2013 16:50:04

It all depends what model it is. I tend to be braver (more foolhardywink) with my older hack type stuff. Just get another up asap. If it's one I've spent time building I get a bit annoyed at myself but not for long.


Thread: Flying Goals for 2013
20/01/2013 20:20:46

I'm going to try and keep the number of take offs and landings the same! Nothing more nothing less. What happens inbetween is a complete mystery to me anywaywink


Thread: Whats your favourite part of our superb hobby?
19/01/2013 21:28:14

I like the flying! However I did thoroughly enjoy designing and building my little delta. All the more pleasing is that it flies brilliantly too!


Edited By Turbycat on 19/01/2013 21:28:36

Thread: Seagull Yak 54 (91 Deluxe Series)
18/01/2013 16:43:14

I was really impressed with mine after I got it set up right. I was doing really well with it until it dead sticked on me at an awkward moment!

I was using the Alturn servos and they seem to work very well in this model. I'm currently thinking about getting another Yak. At that price it would be hard to say no!


Thread: Who's Brave Enough??
17/01/2013 21:11:17

Had a little dable myself this morning. It was only -3 at the field this morning. Had a couple of goes wirh the WOT 4 and then a few more flights with my Delta. The new Jen 37 is feeling better each time I fly it and is running nicely on its tuned pipe. Didn't take any pics but I had clear blue skies, no wind and a nice frosty grass surface to fly from.

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