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Thread: The weather
26/11/2012 22:13:51

Pretty wet here in sunny (not) hertfordshire! Strip is very moist. The grass got a bit long before the wet weather set in and we've not been able to cut it. So a soft strip with long grass. Works like an arrester wire on a carrier. Funny thing is my large Tiger Moth just takes it in its stride but I'm pretty sure my Wot 4 has ended every flight for the last month on its back!! I have some models I just won't attempt to fly when the strip is like this. Makes me want to get a helicopter!!!


Edited By Turbycat on 26/11/2012 22:14:36

Thread: Feels like autumn is approaching, what have you been flying?
15/11/2012 20:58:13

Loving these almost windless days at the moment. Managed a whole day yesterday and 3 hours this afternoon after the fog had gone! It's the first time since February I've been able to get my Tiger Moth out. I have absolutely loved flying it these past 2 days. It makes a nice change from my silly overpowered WOT4 and monster Taylorcraft.


Thread: Flying today?
11/11/2012 18:57:11

Had a lovely couple of hours this afternoon before work tonightlaugh. Only took my WOT 4 but wished I'd put my Tiger Moth in. It was perfect for that. Trouble is it takes a bit of rigging up.


Thread: Dennis Bryant Rollason Turbulent 63"
10/11/2012 20:18:15

Oh! Pics showing up for me. I linked it from photobucket didn't realise I had some pics of it in my album on the site. I'll edit the post and link it from there. It was lovely to fly. I had some great fun in it. Unfortunately cost got in the way of enjoying full size flying so i got rid of it.

Yeah I had one of the Ripmax ones. I didn't like it on electric so I converted it to glow. Seemed to fly much better. I'd like to build a 1/3rd scale version. Will have to have a look for a cnc pack and some plans.


10/11/2012 19:51:47

Looking forward to seeing you finish this. I have a soft spot for the Turbulent. Here's one I used to own

My Druine D31a Turbulent

Might be little bit bigger than yourswink.


edited to link pic to album.

Edited By Turbycat on 10/11/2012 20:19:45

Thread: New Poll - does winter affect your flying activities?
05/11/2012 21:06:58

No change for me in my flying habits. I'll always be out as long as it's not throwing it down or too windy. Our strip can get a bit soggy this time of year and access while over very good farm tracks can get a bit flooded in places. I tend to wear my gortex motorbike clothing when it gets too nippy.

Last winter. Think it was down to about -6c.


Thread: Happy Birthday to..... ME!!!!
25/10/2012 21:32:50

Happy 40th Birthday!! Think I got a hangover for minelaugh

Thread: Feels like autumn is approaching, what have you been flying?
21/10/2012 16:09:31


I'd keep hold of the 35mhz box. You might be able to use it as a buddy box at least.


21/10/2012 16:07:38

Had a little play myself Saturday afternoon. Took my Wot 4 for its petrol powered tests. Had a couple of flights under petrol power. Then as the winds were the lightest, i.e. nil, I've had at the strip all year I had a few flights with my Tiger Moth. After the first flight I just couldn't wait to refuel and get up again. I'd forgotten how much I love flying around a marginally, should I say scale, powered plane. I just loved the climbing slowly for height and then using the momentum of the plane to do some really graceful aeros on the way down. Shame I had to pack up and go to work!

Thread: Running a straight Glow Engine on petrol with (virtually) no mods
21/10/2012 14:31:17
I found the gain in rpm very unexpected. I think it warrants further investigation on the bench. I charged the lipo I used this morning and it was still registering as full!! This was after about 10mins flying. I think I'll play with this over the winter. I think I need to try to find out why it didn't like being thrown around. I really did just throw this test together so a better approach with a more suitable airframe and a well dialled in engine are called for. Looks like I'll be after a second hand 60 size engine for some testing.

Edited By Turbycat on 21/10/2012 14:33:43

20/10/2012 20:41:22

Well it went ok. The OS 61 was pulling about 10330 rpm on the 13x6 prop. I gave it a good chuck around. I then emptied as much of the remaining glow fuel out as possible. It was then fueled with the 2 stroke petrol mix. Start up was pretty easy but to get the revs out of it I had to turn the main needle in until it was only just 3/4 of a turn out. I was quite surprised by this. The top end was very steady and was giving me 10800 rpm. The idle needed the throttle to be open a bit more than with the glow but I didn't play around with the bottom end at all. I got a stable idle but forgot to measure it! It was slightly faster than the glow idle. i think with some proper bench testing it would be fairly easy to dial this engine in properly.

The Wot flew well and went like a scolded cat at full chat!! However, it did not like being thrown around. The running became quite erratic. Flying it smoothly was fine. I think it needs alot more investigation but I think it would probably best in something scale, like my tiger moth, vintage, or quite possibly a nice stable trainer.

I found that I could switch the glow off at 3/4 to full throttle but below that the running started to falter. I had a couple of flights with it and then spent the rest of the afternoon flying my Tiger Moth as there was barely any wind. smiley

All in all an interesting exercise. I think it definately warrants further study. I will be interested in seeing how much petrol you can add to a straight fuel mix and still get the motor to run without additional glow power. Oh, final thing I just need to see how much battery power has been used form the lipo but that will have to wait until tomorrow morning when I get home from work.


19/10/2012 20:58:09

Well, when I got up this afternoon I found one of the glow igniters I had ordered on the doormat so I've done the OS61FX install in my Wot 4. I fitted a 1200mah 2 cell lipo for power and wired in the glow driver through a relay cut out switch. It all works well in the shed. Hopefully I'll get time to try it out tomorrow afternoon on petrol. If not I'll be out on Sunday, weather permitting.

I'll try the plane on glow fuel first and record prop rpm. I've put a 13 x 6 prop on the front, think it's a Master S2 scimitar series. I'll then try it on a 2 stroke mix with at least 12% oil in it. I don't want to go too low on the oil percentage to start with. I know my Evolution petrol engines run on far less oil than that but I want to play it safe as I don't want to ruin the OS61.

I'll post my findings on here when I get done.


17/10/2012 21:22:09

Hi Si,

Thanks for the info. I've actually ordered a couple of those glow drivers this afternoon. I've also fitted the OS 61 to the Wot laugh. Now I've got to find a spare petrol bung for the tank and some tubing.As soon as the drivers arrive I'll be able to try things out. I've got a spare opto switch in my box of petrol bits and a couple of small 1200mah and 1800mah 2 cell lipos knocking around that will do to power the system. I'd be really interested to see if it will work with my 4 strokes too.

I'm on nights for the next few days so will have time to get the Wot ready for the installation of all the gear. If this works well it will be nice to have the capability to run a common fuel across all my aircraft and the ability to run the engines, as usual, on glow fuel if needed. If the power delivered by petrol is slightly less than that given by glow it should be countered for by the larger engine. Not sure if I'll be able to give a scientific report on the power difference but I should certainly be able to see a difference in performance of the aircraft.

Fingers crossed it all doesn't go up in a puff of smoke,


17/10/2012 13:28:11

Well I had to give this a go! I have a knackered jen 57 sat in a box with virtually no compression and won't idle at all. I was quite surprised. I mixed up some standard unleaded petrol with semi synthetic 2 stroke oil to about 12% oil content. I set it up on the test stand with a 11x7 prop and got almost 9800 rpm at full chat. The pick up sounded crisper and better than it did when on 10% glow. I was putting about 1 amp across the plug and it ran as sweet as anything. It would run, just, with the glow off but would not be throttleable. The needle was set about 1 turn out and didn't seem to be any more difficult to set than when using glow fuel. As I said this engine won't idle so i couldn't set the bottom end to see if could get a reliable idle but I don't see why you shouldn't if using a better engine.

I'm tempted to try this with an OS 61 Fx I have knocking around. I know it is a good engine. Now I need some help in how to set up an inflight supply for the plug and I'll give it a go on my Wot 4.


Thread: Seagull Yak 54 (91 Deluxe Series)
14/10/2012 22:52:00

Must be the month for it! Just done mine in. Had a dead stick on a downwind pass about 6ft up! Had to put it in the stubble field next to the strip. Unfortunately hit the only deep rut in the field!!! Cartwheeled and took the nose offsad. I'd really started getting on well with it too. Found the clunk folded over when I retrieved the model but this could have happened in the prang. Not sure what caused the dead stick as the St2300 has been running like clockwork.

Now on to another model. Might try a Sbach nextlaugh

Thread: Red tails on ch 5 now!!
11/10/2012 20:35:32

Got it recording as the telly is being monopolised for Waterloo road!!

Thread: Feels like autumn is approaching, what have you been flying?
09/10/2012 19:06:17

Fingers crossed for tomorrow for me!! Sat and Sun were brilliant too. It looked like I'd taken a squadron of planes to the field. Poor car was rammed full even the front passenger seat!!


Thread: Tank Size for Evolution 26GT
09/10/2012 18:43:55

I've got a GT26 on the front of my Taylorcraft. I use a 500cc tank (approx 19oz, I think) and would get about 25 mins out of it at mixed throttle flying. I generally fly it for about 15 mins max but it's nice to know I have plenty in reserve!


Thread: Free stuff on Friday
05/10/2012 16:26:24

Oh just seen this!! Count me in please!!

Thread: Newbie! saying hi
05/10/2012 16:23:56

Welcome to the forum. Definately an ex biker now mainly because I transformed this

into this

Not a straight panel left on the bike. I was left with a partially severed right arm, broken left arm, fractured skull and a broken neck. All because some twonk decided he wanted to be on my side of the road around a blind corner! Thanks mate!!

So now I spend my time flying all sorts of models from my Wot 4 to my 1/4 scale stuff. Struggle a bit with my right arm after a while but love flying the models.


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