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Thread: Seagull Yak 54 91 deluxe with Zenoah 20?
02/09/2012 15:30:15

Just had a look at the engine dimensions I have fitted, Super Tigre 2300, and I think the cowl is about 186/8mm in diameter. I will check later as well.


02/09/2012 15:25:21

I'll have a measure of mine for you when I finish work and get home tonight.


Thread: Becoming a qualified commercial pilot.
02/09/2012 08:23:43

Thanks Alan. Think I'll give SLEC a ring tomorrow. Need a winter project. Shame I'm in the South east other wise a referb project would be an idea. I Was up in the Lake District for my hols 2 weeks ago! Might have look at Belair kits too. I think Precedent used to do a kit, sure I've seen these come up occasionally.


02/09/2012 08:01:45

Sadly not mine any more sad. She was a beautiful plane to fly. Must have had a few hundred hours on her and Auster J1's.

My Druine D31a Turbulent

Druine D31a Turbulent

Think I'll have to build a scale model now. Anyone got some 1/3rd scale plans?


Thread: Hitec Aurora 9
02/09/2012 07:53:27

Think I'll stick with my Futaba. I'm going to need a few more channels soon so I guess I'll have to save up over winter.


Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
02/09/2012 07:33:53

Congratulations on getting it sorted. I hope you get to enjoy a good looking model now. Looking forward to the video.


Thread: Becoming a qualified commercial pilot.
02/09/2012 07:08:28

I tried this years ago. I'd got my PPL through the RAF flying scholarship scheme back in the 80's. After trying, and failing, to become a fast jet jockey I kept my ppl current and started to build hours in a Druine Turbulent. I approached various airlines at the time but wasn't even considered as I didn't have a degree and I'd already started flying on my own. A small air charter/flying school operation offered me a chance train for my CPL and become an instructor for them for an agreed term. Unfortunately the operation went in to recievership and was eventually wound up. I'd spent the better part of 2 years working for them (unpaid) and had nothing at the end of but some extra ratings for my PPL. Decided that as I didn't have access to major funds to knock it on the head. I spent a few more years happily flying my Turbulent around but lack of funds saw me putting it in storage and giving up flying about 15 years ago. I sold it a couple of years ago and bought a folding camper!! I haven't missed flying at all and much prefere to get a model out and chuck that around the sky.

Like the others say you'll need a lot of money, a gut full of determination, and a lot of money.


Thread: Hitec Aurora 9
01/09/2012 08:54:18

I was in my LMS the other day and he was saying that he was struggling to sell Futaba and Spektrum but the Hitec Aurora was flying out the door. He was showing one to customer as I went in. This has got to be the first negative thing I've heard about it too. One guy has one at our club, everybody else including me is futaba, and it looks a nice piece of kit. I'm thinking of one for my next transmitter before I get too committed to FASST recievers.


Thread: What's your favourite?
01/09/2012 07:22:10

Got to be the Mew Gull for the civvy side. Always liked it and used to live next door but one to Alex Henshaw when I was a kid. For my military side it has to be the Lightning closely followed by the Spitfire (later bubble canopy marks).

Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
31/08/2012 11:56:52

Hi Peter,

I agree with you on keeping the weight as low down as possible. I'm not familiar with the H9 Camel but I did put the nose ballast in my Nieuport 26cc petrol) as low down on the firewall as I could get it. I too have a large(ish) Tiger Moth and love flying that. Never causes me a problem.


31/08/2012 08:31:19

I have a large Nieuport 28, very similar layout to the Camel and never had a problem. The wheels were independent from each other and our field looks a bit smoother than yours. I did tend to bring it in quite slowly and try to get it in a 3 point attitude to stop it bouncing and as soon as it was on the deck I would keep plenty of up elevator in to keep the tail planted. I would also try to keep the power on a bit during the landing run to keep some airflow over the rudder and elevator. The rudder does need a quite a bit of work during the landing phase. However, it never seemed to veer around like your Camel. I suspect my Nieuport isn't quite as floaty as the Camel.


Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
31/08/2012 08:22:56

Where we ended up this year I'd have needed a float plane / flying boat. No, I didn't go on the Norfolk Broads I was camping in what could loosely be descibed as a swamp!

Summer pah!!! Fingers crossed for Monday (day off work and kids are with Gran!!)


Thread: Vulcan 60th Anniversary
30/08/2012 19:53:16

I was fortunate to spend a week at RAF Waddington during the early 80's on an Air Cadet camp. Watching the Vulcans fly every day was brilliant. Would love an rc version but don't think my building skills are up to up.


Thread: Seagull Yak 54 (91 Deluxe Series)
27/08/2012 12:30:11

After a good 2 week break I'm ready to get flying again. I have repaired the Yak and it looks ok. I am going to reduce the down thrust slightly as I still needed some up trim to keep it level with the balance point on the wing tube. I think I've got that bit right.

Now to wait on the weather, some spare time and funds for glow fuelsad

Thread: Sussex Models
27/08/2012 07:21:53

Used Sussex Models for quite a few online transactions. I've always had a good service, even when I had to send something back. Not used them as a walk in shop as I'm too far away!!\

Thread: Be honest, how good are you (at flying)?
27/08/2012 07:14:21

Well according to the list I've put myself as good. However I think I would call myself competant. I usually go home with the models in the same state as they arrived. I guess it depends on what I'm trying to do. I can fly cicuits well, perform basic and some intermediate aeros. I maiden all my own planes and have maidened a few others for club members (nothing fancy just basic trainers or low wing jobs). However, it's when I'm trying to do something different or lower that things tend to go pear shaped!! This month has been trying to say the least. I think it's becaused I've been rushed to get some flying in and not concentrating properly on what I'm doing.

Andy (back from holiday and having a rest at work)

Thread: That's the modelling budget sorted, then.
12/08/2012 19:05:46

I remember spending plenty of time gapping points on Minis. Loved my Minis. Had a right collection at one point, saloon, clubman, van and a wreck or 2 for spares! My unexpected expenses lately have been £350 for new fridge/freezer and 2 tyres for my Mondeo. Both punctured sidewalls!!

Better fly carefully this end of the year. Can just about afford some new props but bang goes my idea of a first warbird!


Thread: Seagull Yak 54 (91 Deluxe Series)
11/08/2012 22:07:56

Just about got mine sorted today, I put a sub c 6 volt pack in the rear of the plane and this balanced the plane out. Was flying a lot better but needed the thrust line sorting out. Too much down thrust. It was flying ok until it caught a down draft on the approach. Ripped the under carriage out and as it came off it punched the wheel spats through both wings. Looking at the u/c mounting plate it was lacking in glue. However, it did come down with a thump. Just one of those things I guess. Looks repairable but not sure if I can be bothered with it. Off on holiday for 2 weeks now, so I guess that will stop me putting my boot through it for now!

10/08/2012 22:29:43

Lee, no disrespect taken I've only followed the advice I've had in this thread.

I've put the Alturn MG 750's in the back for the elevators and one for the rudder(the ones you recommended). Now I've got a 6 volt sub c pack half way down the fuselage towards the tail and it just about balances on the wing tube. Your very welcome to have a look at the plane if you want or I can put some pics on here if you want. The set up I have is a Super tigre G2300 up front, tank in specified place. I have a standard futaba on throttle, alturn 750 mg's on the elevators and rudder and a couple of decent plastic gear futabas on the ailerons (soon to be replaced with more alturns). I have an irvine ali backplate spinner and a zinger 18 x 6 wooden prop. The engine is mounted so that the face of the prop driver is 140mm from the bulkhead (the distance specified in the instructions). So maybe I've got a funny kit? Seem to have got it balanced better tonight. I hope the engine is going to give me a bit more as it runs in a bit better. I'll check the thrust lines but the balance was out so I'm pretty sure I got the these right.

I'll be giving it another go in the morning so I'll run through a list of possibles if it is still flying funny! It flew fine with the OS 90 fx I had in in so I think it really is just a balance issue with airframe.


10/08/2012 16:21:12

I haven't made any measurements yet I'm at worksad, but, a quick check last night is placing the c of g in front of the wing tube. It was just rear of the wing tube with the OS 91 fx. I've got a heavier battery pack I can try and I have the Alturn MG750 servos in the back. I think I'll have to get the c of g back by at least an inch maybe a bit more. I've had to use a few clicks of up elevator just to maintain level flight. So this affects the inverted too! It was fine on the OS 91 so a bit more tweaking with weight should sort it outsmile

Thinking about it I've increased engine weight from 688g to 1077g so something was bound to change!!

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