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Thread: Best ever purchase?
20/01/2013 19:13:54

A full set of Permagrit tools, getting on for well over 15 years old.....

Thread: Flying Goals for 2013
19/01/2013 10:04:55

1: Pass my A and B Certificate

2: Build my first Piper Cub

3: Fly more

4: Remember to put my wing bolts in my flight box.......


Thread: New vs. Old Heathrow maps
16/01/2013 22:17:28

Hi Robin,

What a great find, fascinating to see the old Heathrow and how it has evolved to today, It would be interesting to see the same with Croydon Airport as many of the original buildings still stand, I have fond memories of going down there to get my Skyleader radio gear serviced in the good old days......


Thread: Brrrrrr, winter's here, how much flying are you getting in?
15/01/2013 22:30:58

Pretty cold here in Devon with last Sunday being fine flying weather, a few outings with my trusty Formula 3D Magic were very enjoyable.

I'd love to have an external temperature sensor on my telemetry to see what it was like up there, the first flight was in 1 degrees at ground level.

Snow (or cold rain) forecast at the end of this week so we'll see what this weekend brings


Thread: Losing new people to this hobby
31/12/2012 00:24:08

Hi Colin,

It sounds like a great opportunity to get some local club visibility in this shop you talk about, to expose so many people to "flying toys" strikes me as a huge positve, if it ignites something in a fraction of it's customer base then surely it must be a good thing.

We have to accept that the entry points into this wonderful hobby have changed in the same way we have seen things change,( ARTF's, 2.4Ghz, telemetry, cheap small servos etc, etc) otherwise we become dinosaurs.

Those youngsters with the flair and interest will have had a great start, just different to some of ours.

Kind Regards


Thread: So What Did Santa Bring You?
27/12/2012 23:20:26

I got a..

VQ international 63" Fly Baby with an appropriate selection of servos, rx and flight pack plus a polo shirt, Halfords gift voucher, a nice bottle of Port....

Look forward to Spring

Thread: Kalt Omega Pro Grand Prix
27/12/2012 21:07:50

Hi Tim,

There would be huge interest if you got it in front of the right people, if I owned it I would keep it, not sure how much it would be worth but for the right market more than you would think, loads of interest in old original kits these days.


Thread: James May's Toy Stories: Flight Club
24/12/2012 23:27:58

I've seen it twice, my 10 year boy was desperate to watch the following morning. He enjoyed it alot.

You can't take a mass audience programme like this too seriously but if you look beyond James's "tounge in cheek" style there was a huge level of effort and acheivement.

To get so many people involved across the spektrum (college students, full size aviators and the BBC cheque book) was a fantastic acheivement.

I loved the launch system original design, and the teams enthusiasm to push on with the whole thing.

Great TV, highlight of the festive viewing, look forward to his next challenge in the world of RC.....



Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 25/12/2012 14:02:48

Thread: Fuel tank - when is it full?
22/12/2012 22:00:57

Thanks Frank,

That makes sense, I guess you'd only start possibly having fuel problems when hitting the 1/4 tank position with much more chance of pulling air through instead of fuel.

It's got me thinking though about maybe fitting some sort of small header tank that stays full as it's replenished from the main tank.

Kind Regards

22/12/2012 19:55:05


I'm also curious as to how, with a typical tank shown above, does the engine keep running when say in a vertical dive with half a tank of fuel.

With the model static but nose down vertically and half a tank full the clunk will be poking up into thin air.

Where does the fuel come from in this situation whilst in flight?


Thread: Real Stick Feedback System
22/12/2012 13:45:08

Hi All,

I was musing last night and wondered how long it will be before we have a stick feedback system.

I don't see why aerodynamic forces from an elevator for example can't be taken by measuring the workload of the servo (simple cuurent draw possibly) transmitted back to the Tx via telemetry and some sort of force feedback system driving the gimbals.

I can't see any obvious reason why this can't be a reality other than increased cost, maybe some of the big boys are working on it right now.

It wouldn't surprise me that some clever bod has done this on a model aircraft already.

After sales peak during the 2.4ghz revolution the manufacturers will need a new "sales angle" to stimulate the market.

Am I being realistic or is there some fundamental problem with this concept.

Kind Regards

Thread: TX Battery Charging
29/11/2012 22:36:27

Hi Pete B, Alan and all other who have contributed to this post, thanks for your feedback and apologies if I've missed any replies....

Looks like the LiPo soloution solves everything but I have contacted the good people at HH Harlow to see what their thoughts and recommendations are.

Kind Regards


Thread: Feature Request please
20/11/2012 20:55:26

How about,

If I want your opinion I'll give it to you.....

Thread: Precedent Turbulent Build
17/11/2012 17:11:20

Here's my Precedent Turbulent build with Frise Ailerons, two peice wing and removable Stabilisor. I'll post some Fuz pictures and assembly photos next time.

I aquired it with the cowl and fuselage built but the wing ,tail feathers and everything else untouched

Kind Regards




















Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 01/04/2013 15:30:15

Thread: TX Battery Charging
16/11/2012 22:50:52

Hi All,

Hopefully this is my last entry pending an enquiry to Horizon Hobbies but I've just found this text which Spektrum USA use to describe theTX LIPO upgrade for DX7/DX8. Quite interesting to say the least.


The 4000 2SLiPo offers not only double the flight time as the stock DX8 Battery but also advanced safety and features. It also includes a built in safety current that shuts the battery off, to avoid overcharging and damaging the battery and radio. Plus a built in balancing system to make sure you get the longest life and power from your pack.


Thread: Which Charger
16/11/2012 21:01:06

I've used a Fusion Elysium Pro LX60B charger for over 3 years, it's never let me down.

Thread: TX Battery Charging
16/11/2012 20:38:22

Hi Steve,

Apologies for that, I didn't realise it would cause a problem, I was just trying to show how different companies approach issues, but you're right it was possibly just confusing the issue.


16/11/2012 18:46:43

Hi Alan,

You're right, updates will always occur and should be welcomed I also think Spektrums approach to recalls and updates is refreshing and commendable and I've always been impressed by their aftersales service during previous dealings.

My issue currently is determining whether the NiMh charging process is inherently likely to cause damage under certain circumstances.



16/11/2012 15:29:29

Hi All,

Many thanks for all your inputs, I must say first that I'm very happy with my DX8 in all other aspects, after progressing from a DX6i that has given trouble free use for the last 2 or 3 years I just feel Spektrum have made an error in creating a radio with no form of designed in protection from overcharging.

With their expertise in electronics I can't understand why such a hit and miss solution was allowed.

Relying on external factors to stop the charge process when there is a clear and present danger from overcharging just seems to put Spektrum in a very exposed position.

All too often I think we aeromodellers/flyers/drivers etc have have fallen back on our own ingenuity and problem solving skills to put right faults and foibles in a number of products we buy for our hobby. How many times have we had to correct errors in kits or plans or other stuff, we do because we can and generally were pretty reasonable people. There are times however that I think we should be more demanding and only accept the best.

I can't imagine many of us buying a new car or TV and then having to upgrade it or mod it to make it work.

If the DX8 were a car I'm pretty sure that such a design failure (IMHO) would result in either a recall or Technical Bulletin for workshop action regardless of the age. Look at this recall from Skoda, my point is thousands of contented drivers probally a small number of failures but Skoda still felt it was right to resolve the problem

Sorry if this sounds a bit of a rant but I feel strongly about this.

Kind Regard




Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 16/11/2012 20:29:53

16/11/2012 00:00:37

Just looked at the HH Website, both the DX10, DX18 and DX18Q come with the LIPO as standard,.

I'll bet my bottom dollar you will not be able to buy the DX8 with the current battery(NiMh) and charger configuration for much longer.

I feel a well written letter to HH coming on...

Many thanks

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