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Thread: Mode 1 and 2 instruction within same club
18/09/2012 22:30:56

Hi Alan,

I didn't say " expect" to fly , I said "capable" of flying mode 1 or 2, sorry but I wasn't implying that this be a prequisite of being an examiner it was just a general assumption that somebody at that level of the hobby would be pretty experienced and have the skills to be able to fly either mode albeit with a smaller flight envelope or repatoire.

I don't know what the rules are but I'm guessing they have no responsibility to rescue a model during a test attempt and the test pilot would still have a senior member of the club on standby.



Thread: Feels like autumn is approaching, what have you been flying?
16/09/2012 23:56:54

Scale flying with a Pete Miller Turbulent

Giving my Multiplex Funcub a good thrashing

Some amuater 3D stuff with a Formula 3D Magic

Thread: Mode 1 and 2 instruction within same club
16/09/2012 23:50:15

Hanno Pretner flew Mode 1

Somebody at instructer or examiner level should be capable of flying either mode, especially as they would generally be flying a "trainer" type aircraft.

I'm genuinely not boasting but I can fly either mode 1 or mode 2.


Thread: A Peter Miller designs day perhaps?
16/09/2012 23:42:10

Hi All,

Great Idea, if our friends at RCME are looking could they please look into this one as I'm sure it could be a great day/weekend.

I know the schedule for shows is rather busy but an event celebrating such a prolific source of inspiration for this hobby and a nod to the art of building from plans would be fabulous.



Thread: BMFA Nationals 2012 - who's going?
30/08/2012 22:13:30

Not sure if my re-search engine is working as it should but I can't find any news about this years Nats....

No mention on the BMFA site but a nice page about 2013 from another sit, am I pressing the wrong buttons or was it cancelled?


Thread: DX8 Flight Modes Fixed Wing
21/07/2012 21:52:56

Hi All,

Can't figure it out from the TX menu or instruction manual how to use flight modes, I'm trying to set up a take off/land mode with fairly docile rates and then a stunf mode that puts full movement and mixed elevator to flap mix in all at the flick of one switch.

Any advice gratefully received.




Thread: Binding 3 Wire Switch
26/06/2012 13:17:36

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your input, I spoke to Spektrum and they say a JR 3 wire harness should work but I'm not convinced, I'll do a continuity check on mine tonight.

In anticipation of the switch solution not working I've adopted the following based on Franks method....

Insert an extension lead between the Telemetry unit and rx, this allows easy disconnection and access to the bind port, I then bind from the extension lead, reconnect the telemetry unit and rebind using the buttion on the telemetry unit. (for some odd reason the telemetry unit only binds on the second attempt)

GrahamC, I agree with you, the Spektrum instructions are scant to say the least. I can't find any reference whatsover to the fact any rx output can be used for power in. It also looks like the manual covers only the very basic functions.

Many Thanks


25/06/2012 21:21:52

Hi All,

I've searched on this thread but to no avail, any advice gratefully received.

Acording to the instructions with my DX8 I can bind via the charge lead on a 3 wire switch harness, I am using the supplied AR6210 rx.

The instructions say to plug the bind plug into the charge lead on the switch harness then follow the usual process, but doing this nothing happens at all.

Logic tells me the charge lead is isolated when the switch is turned on and therefore unable to send the bind signal to the rx.

Am I missing something or are the instructions wrong, I'm using a JR 3 wire which I'm told is the same as a Spektrum one in terms of connections and plugs.

Any thoughts gratefully received.



Thread: you started flying models because?
21/06/2012 18:55:25

Sorry if I've missed a post but I just remembered the famous TV programme that was a must see, for me, anyway...

The famous Bob Symes Shutczman, I know I've spelt his name incorrectly but I wish I could watch this wonderfull old series, his enthusiasm was fantastic and the range of hobbies covered was great.

Given in those days of 3 or 4 channel TV how could a programme be dedicated to such a minority audience whereas now with cable channels numbering hundreds do we not get a channel for such a financially strong audience. ( dozens of god slots, far too many slobz shopping channels and a dismal array of other trash)

Love to hear what you think......

20/06/2012 19:44:53

Started with my dad, we flew free flight, control line, sailing boats in the late 60's. He started R/C with a McGregor 1+1 and then he got me into R/C with generous Christmas and Birthday presents. All his models were built from plans or scratch built.

There were early Mardave cars and Horizon radio (yellow or red servos I think), I remember my first set of 4 channel radio (brown metal cased Futaba M series) I used to turn it on last thing at night and 1st thing in the morning and just watch in amazement as the servos copied my every move with the sticks. RC models went from a Skyleader Skymaster to the EMP gliders. I had a set of the famous Skyleader yellow TSX7 (I think)

My A level metalwork project was a Morley bell 47G which was machined from scratch apart from the perspex canopy.

I've touched just about every aspect from slope, thermal, helicopters, 3D. 1/8 circuit cars, 1/10 indoor electric cars and flew scale at Old Warden and peaked with a Hanno Pretner Curare with an OS 61 rear exhaust and Rom Air retracts.

Also spent a few years with AMPS (Agnew Model Propulsion Systems) in Hertford helping manufacture of their famous props, hulls, scale outboard engines, 1/10 diffs for cars and the groundbreaking first 1/8 scale fully independent suspension circuit car the Rapier.

Spent the best part of 20 years doing nothing but slope soaring at Ivinghoe Beacon.

Currently falling in love with ic again and fly a Pete Miller Druine Turbulent with an OS 40 fs and am building a Precedent 1/3 scale version destined for a Gemini or Saito or ASP twin.

In between I build plastic kits (Winter only)

Can't imagine how my life would be without models and the challenges they bring...

Just wish I'd kept all my old radio and engine stuff. (I've started to put together a list of every model I've ever owned and flown)

My remaining challenge is to enter the scale nats in 2013....



Thread: Model Covering Bargain
11/06/2012 20:39:23

But then, this year,I got myself this

Formula 3D 60" (Magic) complete with......

RCV 91CD (taken out and checked in a test bed and runs a dream)

Full JR servo set (6 in tota)

JR PCM 9 channel RX and good condition flight pack

Alloy spinner. prop, carbon undercarriage, tank etc

Model needed some minor tidying but now looks great

All on our favourite auction site for £60.00 including £1.00 for HFH which I give on every purchase..

I estimated a total retail valueof about £490.00



11/06/2012 20:25:58

Hi All,

Last year I got the following,

Ripmax Trainer

Irvine 46

Full flight box, fuel, electric starter, tools power panel, 12v battery + charger. spare plug etc,

Futaba Skysport 6 35 mhz TX with full flight pack and NMH battery plus charger for....

All virtually brand new and not more than 2 or three flights

£70.00 I checked, charged and flew without spending a penny more.

Regards savedbytheground

Thread: The Zone at Yeovilton
29/05/2012 18:57:23

Hi, Sorry I forgot a helpfull link

Zone Village 2012 | Dunkan Bossion | Saturday Night Fly

29/05/2012 18:18:22

Hi All,

Just come back from seeing the Heli flying at the Fleet Air Arm Museum in the "Zone" competition.

In two words....... Absolutely Incredible.

I've never seen 3D flying like this before, I'm a general fixed wing scale, fun flyer and dabble with Helis but nothing more than circuits.

What these guys were doing with these machines took my breath away.

Look for the young frenchman DunKan Bossion doing a night flying demo on youtube.


Thread: Auto connect elevator linkage
25/04/2012 23:21:57


I'd not thought about the servo option, I tried a 148 for size and it fits neatly within the interior of the stabiliser but I worry about the weight and by keeping the linkage internal it might limit how I bolt it down as I would have to cut some of the seating area away, but I'm still thinking about as it has lots of positives like building in some redundancy by using a smaller servo on each half of the elevator. I'll keep my options open.

Many Thanks

I think the problem is with my PC as it won't let me paste into the box that pops up in the forum window.

23/04/2012 20:35:07


I'm building a 1/3 scale Precedent Turbulent and I plan to have a removeable tailplane for storage and transport purposes. The Tailplane will be bolted on but I want an internal elevator linkage without the need to manually connect it to the snake/pushrod.

I've sketched out a mechanism that will have a vertical bellcrank pivoted at the bottom with a slot at the top, this bellcrank is operated directly by the servo pushrod and is fixid in the fuz, extending down from the elevator is a two pronged link joined by a horizontal rod which engages at 90o in the bellcrank (the tailplane is held down with two wing bolts).

As the bellcrank moves in an arc the elevator link moves in an opposite arc, The connection is made and broken automatically when the tailplane is dropped into position.

I can't see any obvious flaws but then it's hard to be objective about your own ideas;

Any thoughts and feedback gratefully received or has anybody tried another method. I've sketched it out but can't embed or attach it to this post so any tips on that one would be appreciated.



Thread: Peter Miller Druine Turbulent, CG and Throws
17/03/2012 15:09:23


Sorry to go off the thread a little but I'm hoping somebody might be able to help.

I have also just aquired an orignal later Precedent Turbulent kit but I'm missing the instructions. I'd be happy to pay for P&P and buy a beer for anybody who could photocopy a set for me.

Many Thanks

Thread: My Druin Turbulent to put a smile on ya face
17/03/2012 15:08:21


Sorry to go off the thread a little but I'm hoping you might be able to help.

I have also just aquired an orignal later Precedent Turbulent kit but I'm missing the instructions. I'd be happy to pay for P&P and buy a beer for anybody who could photocopy a set for me.

Many Thanks


Thread: druine turbulent 1/3 precedent kit
17/03/2012 15:06:51


I have also just aquired an orignal later Precedent Turbulent kit but I'm missing the instructions. I'd be happy to pay for P&P and buy a beer for anybody who could photocopy a set for me.

Many Thanks


Thread: Peter Miller Druine Turbulent, CG and Throws
31/10/2011 18:39:52
Hi Peter
It wan't you that purchased that untouched Precedent Turbulent kit from Ebay by any chance was it.?
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