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Thread: Cap1763
16/08/2019 08:17:58

I've recently had a letter about renewing my Driving Licence. The DLs with a photo last 10 years and the renewal costs £14

In terms of which is the more important to the social fabric of these Sceptred Isles, a Driving Licence or some form of consent to fly toy aeroplanes, I believe that the DL triumphs and yet the Government feels content to let it run for 10 years, I don't have to retake a meaningless test on the Highway Code or Traffic Law every year and, if I were over 70 years of age, they will renew at no charge for the rest of my life.

I'm not normally one for rebellion but I do think that I can recognise when I am having my leg lifted and the proposals in relation to Model Flyers do seem to resemble a large container containing equine faeces.

I can only hope that the lack of official information so late in the day does mean that someone in Whitehall is having a quiet word in the shell like cavity of a Minister or Civil Servant to think again.

Thread: Methanol versus Petrol?
09/08/2019 08:58:29

For me, the prime reason to go petrol is to stop the damage that glow fuel residue causes to the airframe and finish. It starts and stops there. Touch wood, my models die of old age now but if glow powered more damage is caused by the fuel than anything else. even with a good coat or two of Solarlac over a celly paint finish it still attacks the paint and will eventually find its way into the wood around the engine bay.

I always slightly over prop my engines and have fairly restrictive exhaust outlets - which does loose some power but so long as theres enough power left to adequately fly I leave it quiet rather than powerful.

Thread: Finding Models
01/08/2019 17:47:33

The Vifly 2 has a pretty piercing noise generator. I hold back from throwing it into the middle of a corn field as a practical range check but unless you fly next to a motorway or are completely stone deaf, I would say that its good for 50 yards.

Thread: Essential RC's videos
01/08/2019 17:43:47

The first landing flair would have been perfect had it not been 10 foot up in the air at the time. The wheels have mudguards over them and that's what comes off in the impact.

I have inherited a 120" version of this aircraft with 4 x 46's. It comes out a couple of times a year. It is the most space hungry shed hog imaginable. I wouldn't be that upset at it's demise but it flies well every time!

Thread: Finding Models
31/07/2019 08:10:55


The ViFly Finder V2 is a made for purpose model finder which is switchable from the TX and even has its own battery so that if the RX battery is disconnected it operates with it own battery. £10

Thread: Carbon Copy
30/07/2019 21:55:05

Hmmm! Just got my mobile phone bill and there is a £3.12 charge for a 5 minute call to an 08456 number, A bit of a hidden charge there by Carbon Copy which does them no credit. sad

Thread: Where to get Good RX switches from?
28/07/2019 14:05:04

I have a couple of the GT Power switches but haven't used them because, as I read it, if they were inadvertently set in the LIPO mode, then they will cut the power as the voltage falls, saving the battery and killing the model.

Murphy's Law is strong and sooner or later it will happen...…. or have I got that bit wrong?

Thread: Finding Models
27/07/2019 20:05:38

On a slightly connected topic, If anyone has the misfortune to 'land out' with an electric model in one of the many cornfields that abound at this time of year, may I suggest that giving up on it is absolutely not an option. Not for the Pilot, the Owner if different, or the host Club from which it came.

The thought of a Lipo being ingested by a Combine Harvester full of dry straw and dust does not bear thinking about. Any subsequent bill could run into several hundred thousand pounds. Modern Combines can come in at a quarter mill alone.

Thread: Carbon Copy
27/07/2019 19:56:40

Hi All,

I was recently in need of a 1/4 scale Piper J3 cowling and was surprised at how hard it was to find one.

I googled Carbon Copy and one of the responses was a thread on this forum where some prospective customers has encountered difficulties in contacting the firm and obtaining their goods.

It came up in conversation at the field and Carbon Copy was mentioned as a possible source. That person had recently bought something from them - no problem.

I rang them on Monday or Tuesday of this week and took delivery of a very nice quality cowl today. Very happy.

Aftermarket accessories are hard to find in the shrinking model trade so I pleased to confirm that CC are still in business and producing decent products.

I have no connection to the firm in any way.

Thread: Differential thrust mix.
26/07/2019 13:57:43

Ignore me, Clearly I have no idea what I'm talking about

25/07/2019 22:20:47

I have a Me110 which has a habit of veering left on the take off run, which can be held on rudder (on a good day)

I have mixed the throttles channels into the rudder so that application of full rudder backs off one engine by 15% and advances the other by the same amount. (partial rudder pro rata) It has most effect at mid throttle settings so if it starts to wander off applying rudder and just backing off on the power momentarily works well.

It has been very useful and has cured wayward take off antics. I normally switch it out after take off but I have tried it while flying and it has not caused any drama.

I also have a twin on floats which has no water rudders. Very Handy.

I also use curves to match the rpm at idle, mid point and full power but that is gilding the lily. I have several mutli engine models without that facility. So long as both are running - who cares!

Edited By stu knowles on 25/07/2019 22:21:43

Thread: S8R stabilisation problemsanyone
11/07/2019 22:37:03

The S8 will often do weird things, almost all are cured by correctly performing the calibration procedure.

Thread: Skyleader Clubman Super 35Mhz TX battery wiring
29/06/2019 08:46:40

There is a movement to use older TXs for vintage RC and classic aerobatics bit usually only after they have been converted to 2.4 using the FRSky hack module.

Personally I wouldn't contemplate using it as is or even consider spending money on it. I had a Skyleader set back in the mid 70's. it wasn't that good!

Google will be your friend regarding the conversion. I still have my Futaba M set in the cupboard which is waiting for conversion.... after a I build the Pete Russell Striker that I have lusted after for the last 50 years.

Thread: 1/4 scale Piper Cub cowl wanted
27/06/2019 07:58:57

Hi Piers,

The large holes needed to let the cylinders out rather rule out a wrapped ply cowl. Making one from balsa wouldn't be hard but Glass is the better solution. I have made cowls from a blue foam plug but I thought that a Cub cowl might be an easy find off the shelf..... that seems to be no longer the case.

Thanks for the suggestions.

stu k

26/06/2019 20:49:25

I'll try ringing Mike Smart but the J3 cowl is shown out of stock on his web site and I had a feeling that he was running the business down now.

There was a thread on this forum some time ago about Carbon Copy being unresponsive but I'll have to look back and see what the outcome was.

Thanks for the suggestions. Anyone got one in their shed? any condition


stu k

26/06/2019 15:43:34

Hi All,

I know that this is a long shot but does anyone have a 1/4 scale fibreglass Piper Cub cowl going spare??

I have come by an airframe from a modeller who now flies in higher skies but it came without cowl and struts. The engine is an ASP 160 flat twin which rather rules out a wrapped plywood cowl.

I've had a good look on the t'internet but can't find anything and no-one seems to be making aftermarket glass parts in the way that there used to be. A used cowl that has been cut is no problem as I can repair and make up existing holes before fitting it to this engine.

Decent price and postage covered

regards to all

stu k

Thread: Seagull 80" DH Chipmunk
21/06/2019 08:07:36

These are good as landing lights and only need the wires extending. The set even includes an RX controlled switch!


Thread: Prostate Cancer
18/06/2019 20:45:22

On the other hand.... I just had a local anaesthetic and thought it a pretty painless process. In and out within the hour. No discomfort. Job done. You'll know better after the first sample is taken.

Thread: Model Finders
13/06/2019 08:03:59

This just plugs into a spare RX pin, and is even self powered so will still work if the RX battery becomes disconnected. Bargain at a tenner.

Vifly Finder V2 Lost Model Buzzer Alarm

Thread: Now that Solartex has gone...
04/06/2019 13:10:49

Thanks Alan, In time I shall migrate over to 2K completely. I have only just picked up that 2K is fuel proof. Up to now I've shied away from it for health reasons but I generally spray out in the open and then whip it inside to dry I think that I may well have a change.

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