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Thread: Bespoke water slide decals
12/12/2019 19:30:46

My experience has been that decal paper is good for small stuff and, as stated above, they will fall off unless sealed with some form of clear 'varnish'. If the model is much over 1/72nd scale, I think that you will struggle to replicate the Dragon using a decal.

However, if you draw out he basic shape on paper, cut out the silhouette and paint it all white. the detail is all black and can be done with Humbrol or even a felt tip marker. It will come a lot better than you might think.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
29/11/2019 22:39:17

Always had a soft spot for a Speedy Bee, it just floats my boat more than the usual fun fly. Yours look very nice indeed

Thread: Any clock experts here?
22/11/2019 09:20:18

I recently took apart and cleaned at longcase clock. My first try at such a job. It is back together and running well but I wouldn't recommend trying it - stressful! and it has a lot less parts that your movement.

It was suggested to me that a parrafin bath for the whole movement often works. Use a feather to clean all the bearing points. Don't apply any oil afterwards.

Might be worth looking for any local hobby clock enthusiasts. I found a very capable guy after I had done mine (too late) who has made several clock movements from scratch.

Compared to mine, your movement looks as clean as a whistle, there can't be a lot wrong with it. Apparently over oiling is a really bad thing to do as it spraying the whole thing with WD40!

It has to be worth putting right, its beautiful engineering in minature

Thread: CAA BMFA
09/11/2019 13:37:40

Well, it might go that way...…. or it might be that in 12 months time we still Register, probably don't bother fixing numbers to our models because they patently will never fly away out of control (vintage excepted)

Maybe the year after that someone will realise that there is no benefit to the register and it costs more to run it than it is worth and it will be quietly dropped.

The law and penalties for mis use will still be there and anyone who gets caught transgressing will get a good kicking but for the rest of us, no-one will give a toss and we will carry on much as we always have....


Thread: Veron Avro 504N
03/11/2019 19:54:59

Hi Jim,

That one looks outstanding my friend, Very nice.

Thread: Bluebird 2018
27/10/2019 12:13:07


For anyone who hasn't see how far they have got with BB

27/10/2019 12:06:48

The people doing the restoration and who ran Bluebird in Bute last year have done an amazing job, I seriously doubt that anyone could have done anything better and yet they have done the job on a shoestring and donations.

Sadly it has all taken a turn for the worse with a dispute over ownership between themselves and The Ruskin Museum in Coniston. They want it back and would like to wall it up inside their museum, never to be seen running again.

The Team say that if that happens it will deteriorate over time and it should spend 8 months a year in the museum and the rest with them where it can be run on the water and maintained in full running order and seen by people all over the country and beyond.

The museum were gifted the wreck.... which of course no longer exists but the Restoration Team went to great lengths to incorporate as much of the original into the restoration as possible. Bluebird as she is now is magnificent, probably in a better state than she has ever been at any time in history.

The other issue is that the Lake District National Park seem to take the view that, in the summer months at least, the Lake District is 'Full' and if Bluebird were to run in Coniston, it should only be mid week in winter in case it draws a big crowd. (I paraphrase slightly)

For the Resto Team, it must be gutting to have this world class attraction into which they have invested so much, owned in part by another body who have such limited ideas on the way forward.

I wish them every success. I am actually sorry that I paid money to visit the Ruskin before all this blew up. I'm afraid I don't harbour good wishes for them until they change their outlook.

Thread: Protecting a plan
22/10/2019 15:46:13


10metres x 800mm £4 but postage is £5. Probably best to try and do a deal with a local florist

Thread: Clubs as Operators?
22/10/2019 15:02:34

Agreed, too early to be deciding anything. Give it 6 months

Thread: Who wants to share a new Flair Baronette build?
14/10/2019 18:17:46

Model Fixings have a variety of odd thread Nylon (and Steel) fixings. I had a Sig Cub with weird strut fixings. They sorted it easily and much quicker than digging out the fixed nuts.

Thread: BMFA 'B' Test Video Available
07/10/2019 18:58:19

and nothing happens

Thread: Morris gas conversion experience
06/09/2019 08:44:14


Thread: August Nationals 2019
26/08/2019 22:03:44

Yes that was the one, It flew so well (in a slightly weird way) I thought that it was so innovative.

26/08/2019 14:04:41

I had a great day on the Sunday at the Nationals, arrived at 9am and left at 8pm, The crowning glory for me is the Free Flight Scale event which starts at around 6pm, We know Free Flight Scale is always amazing but a DHC Chipmunk and Hawker Typhoon with no exaggerated dihedral? and a TSR2 which flew beautifully. Then over to the FF Jamboree, which is just a delight to witness. It was all good but the gossamer winged ornithopter and rubber powered helicopters were unbelievable!

I did think that the weight limit had detracted slightly from the variety of models being flown but non the less it is a joyous spectacle of aeromodelling.

To all who help to stage and make the event happen, Deep Respect and Thank You All. and to all who participate or just attend and watch, may you never grow old.

Thread: Essential RC's videos
25/08/2019 22:40:02

It was a pleasure to see this model being flown again after quite an absence from the shows. Its very impressive

Thread: Hands free mobile calls
22/08/2019 16:50:41

If the police catch you with a mobile phone in your hand, or see you looking down at one, it constitutes the same offence as if you were making a call.

Same offence? Not really, One is Driving while using a telecommunications device and one is driving while not in a position to have full control or even Drive without Due Care...….. Which would also apply if you were fiddling with a dedicated Sat Nav while Driving.

Thread: Flair Puppeteer wing fixings
20/08/2019 11:11:16

The Puppeteer is one of my all time favourite aeroplanes, Head and shoulders above all the other in the Scout Series. I had my last one for about 15 years and flew it from land water and snow with equal capability and enjoyment. Somewhere in the middle of all that time I bought a car that wouldn't take the Pup' ready assembled. The Pup didn't fly again until the car was changed for another which did take it in one piece.

The moral of the story is that the Pup is a lovely flyer but an absolute cow in standard form as it takes far too long to rig/unrig, which ruins the experience.

Any additional time spent making it a quick to rig model during the build will be rewarded many times over at the flying field...…. or buy a car that takes it in one piece.

Thread: Cap1763
16/08/2019 08:17:58

I've recently had a letter about renewing my Driving Licence. The DLs with a photo last 10 years and the renewal costs £14

In terms of which is the more important to the social fabric of these Sceptred Isles, a Driving Licence or some form of consent to fly toy aeroplanes, I believe that the DL triumphs and yet the Government feels content to let it run for 10 years, I don't have to retake a meaningless test on the Highway Code or Traffic Law every year and, if I were over 70 years of age, they will renew at no charge for the rest of my life.

I'm not normally one for rebellion but I do think that I can recognise when I am having my leg lifted and the proposals in relation to Model Flyers do seem to resemble a large container containing equine faeces.

I can only hope that the lack of official information so late in the day does mean that someone in Whitehall is having a quiet word in the shell like cavity of a Minister or Civil Servant to think again.

Thread: Methanol versus Petrol?
09/08/2019 08:58:29

For me, the prime reason to go petrol is to stop the damage that glow fuel residue causes to the airframe and finish. It starts and stops there. Touch wood, my models die of old age now but if glow powered more damage is caused by the fuel than anything else. even with a good coat or two of Solarlac over a celly paint finish it still attacks the paint and will eventually find its way into the wood around the engine bay.

I always slightly over prop my engines and have fairly restrictive exhaust outlets - which does loose some power but so long as theres enough power left to adequately fly I leave it quiet rather than powerful.

Thread: Finding Models
01/08/2019 17:47:33

The Vifly 2 has a pretty piercing noise generator. I hold back from throwing it into the middle of a corn field as a practical range check but unless you fly next to a motorway or are completely stone deaf, I would say that its good for 50 yards.

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