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Thread: Paypal - advice please
26/02/2012 20:05:53

My PP account draws off my credit card, my thinking being that if there were any funny business, hopefully the CC company would be on my side and be a usefull 'big gun ' on my side. However, in the 5 years + that I have been using ebay and PP I have not had any bother at all.

That said, you must be aware of any e-mails that puport to come from ebay / paypal, never click on any link in any e-mail. Always go to the relevant site through a known link where any genuine message will be repeated and waiting for you there.

I find PP cvonvenient as a buyer. I rarely sell anything so can't comment on fees etc.

stu k

Thread: Spitfire Beer
23/02/2012 15:38:23

There is a fine bitter sold around the North West called 'Lancaster Bomber' , served with pic of said aeroplane on the pint glass.

I still have the glass from my first pint, I went and asked the Landlord if I could buy it and he was so stunned that I had asked and not just nicked it like everyone else did, he gave it to me! Beer still tastes that bit better from that glass.

stu k

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Thread: DofE Build ideas
08/02/2012 09:37:52
Free flight is a possibility if money is really tight, they can be a bit fiddly.
Build something like a 'Popsie' , an easy build from a plan or there are kits available. Powered by a chepo lekky motor, or small glow/diesel. I take nothing away from Tony's suggestion but IMHO something of this size is a little bit more robust, both during the build and after.
If you can find a local club, I would go along and introduce yourself. It may be that there are those in the club that have some spare 35meg gear available for not much money.
If you go either free flight or r/c, do try to find someone local to you who is a modeller. Have a source of advice on hand will smooth out many of the difficulties that you will inevitably encounter if you go it entirely alone.
Congratulaions of being an Air Cadet and taking on the DoE award. You are making a great investment in your own future.
stu k
Thread: Tony Major DH Mosquito
04/02/2012 20:21:26
You would think that it would react badly. I was full of doubt when I tries it but it just worked fine, no sign of adverse reaction.
Suggest you try a test on summat that foesn't matter and see how you go.
stu k
04/02/2012 12:09:17
Humbrol with celly thinners shouldn't work...... but it does. and is fast drying.
Turps / white spirit, which is the right thinner is (IMHO) hopeless for spraying
stu k
Thread: Bar-Fly Build
26/01/2012 15:59:20
Agreed that on the face of it, the economics don't stack up, I used to believe that. Now I feel that many of the ARTFs out there are absolute dross, shiny finish but bottom line, unfit for purpose. I think that the 'one night stand' analogy is a good one, a good home build model will outlast several of their flimsy bretheren, despite what the glossy ads would have you believe.
stu k
Thread: Lancaster
26/01/2012 15:52:55
I have this plan. It is just waiting its turn to get to the top of the list. I look forward to hearing how you find it when you start sticking wood.
stu k
Thread: Bad experience with CRRC Pro 45cc
19/01/2012 15:43:09
The correct way to set up the Walbro type carb is to get the thing running at about 2000 rpm, which is only just up from a fast tick over. Adjust the slow running jet (which is always furthest away from the carb mouth) for best speed and then screw out one quarter turn.
Then open flat out and adjust the high speed jet for best speed, then open '10 to 15 minutes = quarter turn just less)
Check and repeat as necessary.
These instructions are lifted from a husquvarna chainsaw handbook and are contrary to many of the things that I have read about Walbro carbs in the past,To be honest I was very sceptical when I read them.
However, since adopting them, I have found them reliable and they have improved the running of my own engines.
If this doesn't afffect a cure, you know to look elsewhere. Ignition system seem to work or they don't so i would always look at the fuel supply first, and scrupulously clean the carb.
Hope you manage to get it sorted.
stu k

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Thread: Too Much Torque ? 1/3 Scale Rotary Worries.
16/01/2012 19:20:39
My guess would be that first flights will take place well away from the public and that the brave people who are going to commit aviation with this engine will no doubt take it slow and work through any problems that arise.
I think that they deserve the support of us lesser mortals, you know, one day we all might benefit from their efforts to expand the envelope
Not knocking innovation......... well thats one term that you could use.. I could think of others.
Course, thats just my view
stu k
Thread: Flair Legonaire re-build
16/01/2012 19:12:45
I think that one of the few weak points of the Scout designs is that the centre sections are sheeted and very rigid, whereas the outer wings are open structures with quarter square spars. In a cartwheel, they all break the spars, usually adjacent to the centre section .
I have a Baronette which tipped onto the wingtip and did the spars in all three wings.
Might be worth thinking about quarter square spruce or extra sub spars to taper the stress out. - just a thought
stu k
Thread: Brian taylor C.A.P Mosquito
15/01/2012 12:59:12
Well I am prepared to be proved wrong but I have never heard BT name assosiated with this or any other CAP kit, (except to hear that one is vasty inferior to the other)
Peter Russell described CAP designs as 'Don't use one piece of wood if you can get away with seven' . This would be the most polite description of the Swordfish, although it did fly quite well after much modding and lightening of the tail.
I have no experience of the Mossy although the two that I have seen have not flown. These designs were first introduced in the early 70's (to my knowledge) - they may go further back than that.
I would seek as much advice as you can before going further than opening the box.
stu k
Thread: Delta wing I/C model
23/12/2011 20:01:56
Al, thanks forn the info on the web site. I've been on there and left a message, asking to put my name down for one out of the next batch. I'll post on here if I get a response.
stu k
Thread: Are these cheap airbrush compressors any good for what we do?
22/12/2011 16:57:58
I think that Andy has got it right.
Search for 'touch up gun' and look at the gravity fed types. These can be controlled down to near air brush fine-ness, good for weathering effects, but car easily spray paint the full model.
Compresser - mine is the 2hp version, quite small for storage, not too noisy, will run out of puff on larger jobs but no problem really. As VA suggests, they cam be put to many other uses too.
stu k
Thread: Delta wing I/C model
22/12/2011 16:51:23
Hello Alan,
Yes mate,I'd be pleased to get any info. I'm sure there was a comment about this model on one of the forums, but which, when and what was said, I've no idea, at that time, I didn't need a replacement.
I've had mine for 10 years on more, bought on a 'Model Shop Safari' to Blackburn models, (hanging up in the shop), and since then it has had three engines, each getting a bit bigger, and it became my fave, cold weather model, just lift out of the car, fuel, fling, fly, and off home again to thaw out. and Fast!!, up there with the best of them.
Really gutted when it went in.
so yes all info to track down another appreciated. I have googled but not found anything.
stu k
22/12/2011 09:54:50
Anyone have any knowledge of the 'THING'?? A one metre span delta type with simple box fus slung below trhe wing. I had a '25 powered version until recently when it became a victim of a dead battery. I'm told that someone, somewhere does occasional batches of kits??
Any leads would be much appreciated.
stu k

Edited By stu knowles on 22/12/2011 09:55:09

Thread: DB sport or Flair
17/12/2011 10:47:55
One of my oldest and most flown models is a Puppeteer, It must be 15 years old and it has flown a LOT! I have built and flown all of the Scout series and found the Pup the best by a mile, probably because its that little bit bigger. It has only one fault, If you can't get it into the car fully assembled, ( as with any Bipe), then choose something else, or modify during the build to make assemble as fast and simple as possible. Bolting up 8 strut fixings for example, is not something to be done with cold hand.
As for the DB offerings, I have no direct experience of their kits... but hope to change that before too long.
stu k
Thread: Club Bans 35 MHz
16/12/2011 20:34:50
. The club in question has a measured, recorded and 'comfirmed' interferance hotspot area that has been experiencing interferance of the 35mgz band over the last 2 years. This level of stray 35mhz transmssions has been increasing over the past 12 months and approx 5 models have all experience interferance or total loss of radio signal, resulting in loss of the model, in the same geographical area of the field.

If that is the case, I don't understand why the Club hasn't sought assistance to determine the cause of the interference to legal users of the frequency.??

stu k
12/12/2011 19:28:07
The club has a right to do whatever it want to do, subject to a majority decision, however, I see no justification for this whatsoever.
35 meg was always safe, its main weakness being operator error, the risk of someone switching on another TX on the same frequency.- a risk easily managed.
35 meg is now much safer - simply because there are far fewer users.
At shows there was always the risk of deliberate sabotage by some sicko, made much more likely with the advent of synth TX frequencies, however, most club fields are way out away from inhabited areas, risk from that source are microscopic.
I have a vested interest because I have decided that 35meg is fine, better than ever and there is no reason for me to make the change.
I hope that the decision is overturned.
stu k
Thread: Impressive air-to-air video Bae Hawk
31/10/2011 10:19:55
When the idea of FPV first came along, I thought that this sort of flying would be where it would go, formation flying, air to air vid etc, rather that the 'fly it miles away' type of flying which seem to cause all the controversy.
This is a great bit of film which demonstrates how it can be done.
stu k
Thread: Priory models Lancaster
20/10/2011 18:38:24
Nothing wrong with any of your ideas Glenn, , I thin k that you will be pleased with the final result.
Keep adding a few pics as you go along!
stu k
PS as an after though, I was never very happy with the shape of the front turret, it doesn't look right at all, you might want to consider a remake.  I made the front glass 'cowl' demountable. It is held in place with a strong elastic attached to the wing former. It makes a good hatch to load in the batteries

Edited By stu knowles on 20/10/2011 18:42:01

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