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Thread: Spitfire light
04/01/2019 13:11:14

Following with interest

Thread: A bit of nostalgia
03/01/2019 13:16:49

Nice..... and stood the test of time

Thread: Fairey Swordfish
01/01/2019 09:01:27

Hello Jim, Please check your personal messages. Regards SK

Thread: Gatwick drone incident
20/12/2018 16:24:31

All this doesn't ring true to me. Closing a major airport ALL DAY. I'm struggling to believe that a drone operator can avoid detection all through the daylight hours. I could believe it during darkness but when they are already on alert and something appears several times and is not traced back to source????

Methinks we are not being told the full story

Thread: G/daughter Xmas Pressy Buggy: Sub 50?
13/12/2018 18:52:35

Sincere thanks to all who have responded. Having looked at each, I have gone with the Ripmax Rock Racer suggested by John in the second post. Hopefully the Ripmax name still counts for something these days, It looks to be fully Propo with a steering wheel handset and the price is right.

John, Thank you for pointing it out, I hadn't seen it until you posted in this thread.

I have just tracked one down at CPC Farnells in Preston and yes I have first looked at all the models shops, hoping to push the trade their way but didn't find the Monster Truck version anywhere else. Thanks to all who responded, (saved my life!)

stu k

13/12/2018 14:55:18

Apologies for this being completely off topic for this forum but I can't think of a better place to ask so I'm going to throw it up here. My Granddaughter is just 6 years old and I want to get her a first R/C toy.

In view of her age I think that an rc car is the best bet, indoor/outdoors, a buggy with wheels that can be used on grass and most of all Proportional Steering and Speed Control. I've been looking a what toy shops I can find in York today and not liked the look of anything I've seen, mainly because of the naff, push button control units and cheap looking plastics.

Has anyone been on this path before me and found anything decent? Suggestions much appreciated.

Many thanks,

stu k

Thread: William Layton
05/12/2018 08:34:59

With all due respect to the OP, this form of scam has been around for so long, I find it surprising that people are even momentarily taken in by it

Thread: Advent Prize Draw 2018
02/12/2018 21:30:03


Thread: New field needed urgently!!!
01/12/2018 23:03:04

Land rents vary but I would say £80 to £150 per acre depending on the quality of the land. If you are looking to rent a field from a farmer you should be prepared to pay a commercial rate.

Thread: Club Website?
30/11/2018 22:11:57

A lot depends what you want from the site but for simple, easy and free, a Facebook Group page takes some beating.

Thread: English Electric Lightning
27/11/2018 13:10:28

I too flew the original pusher powered version, I flew and looked good but was too small and fast for me. I always thought that a 'Times Two' version from the same plan would be very nice

Thread: Out of trim
10/11/2018 22:45:15

It is a fantastic competition that deserves to be supported much more widely - within education at all levels and by modellers. If you ever get the chance to get involved, jump at it! I enjoyed every minute

10/11/2018 17:48:48

When the BMFA University Challenge event was held at Elvington, for a few years I was fortunate enough to be the STIG (stand in guy) pilot for a number of teams who turned up without a pilot. Most of the pilots, even the Team Pilots were presented with a variety of outlandish designed models, frequently very badly built and put together, structurally and aerodynamically unsound and of course for the most part...…. previously unflown.

In a Club environment the owner would be guided back to the car and advised to think again before any attempt was made to commit aviation but for these people it is fly now or their whole effort is wasted so everything gets its chance on the day. No test flights are allowed on the weekend of the event so the TX is handed over and the first flight is also the competition flight. Either max laps in the time, relaying tennis balls around the course or best of all, loaded up with up to 2kg of dead weight!

If you managed to get the thing in the air, the flight was completed with the sticks at all angles, There was no knowledgeable helper to put trims in for you. Frequently wings folded or moderately essential bits fell off or ceased to work but overall it was amazing to see just what could be persuaded to fly. By the time the second and third flights came around and having flown several other abominations in the meantime, you had forgotten the characteristics of that particular turkey so it was Groundhog Day yet again.

Win, loose or plummet it was a privilege to fly for these people and really 'character building ' for the pilot - and great fun.

My own test flights have never been a worry since smiley


Thread: Flair DR1 tail plane wood size
05/11/2018 16:41:40

If it's not too late, double up on the hinge spar especially the centre half of the length. The elevators can be prone to flutter but even with general handling and wear the hinge spar will fracture just outboard of the fus sides.

I would also incorporate a rigid brace on the underside and possibly a wire trace brace over the top

Thread: Engine advice
05/11/2018 16:35:04

My choice would be Zenoah 38/45/62

Thread: Today at Ashbourne
18/10/2018 21:57:21

I seem to think that its at Old Warden - I'm not aware that it flies though

Thread: Depth Perception.
27/09/2018 10:21:45

it probably differs person to person, but for me, when on final approach breaking the 'fixation' on the model by two or three glances at the intended touchdown point and then back to the model gives me a much better indication of the line of approach and the depth / distances involved.

rarely need to do this at my regular site but when guesting at an unfamiliar site it usually avoids embarrassment.

Thread: Seagull Funky Cub assemble.
08/09/2018 23:01:54

Hi John. Seagull Models have both a web site and facebook page. It might be worth posing a question there about the flap hinges??

Thread: Anyone remember Multiliffe Kits from the 70's
01/09/2018 13:37:16

In the interests of historical completeness, here, from the March 76 copy of our favourite mag is the Cutlass ad (and the infamous strap line)


Does no-one know who produced and sold these kits then?

31/08/2018 22:25:45

I have one of the Cutlass models in the garage loft, picked up for buttons at a club auction. It is complete and detailed, equipped with servo driven retracts. There is no indication that an engine has ever been installed. The finish has suffered somewhat with age but if time ever makes itself available, I have often thought that it would convert to lekky power nicely.

At the time it arrived I had no idea what the parentage was and much later stumbled across an old mag with an ad for the model complete with bikini clad adornment as described above. The mag is now stored with the model but neither have seen the light of day for several years. I wouldn't have recognised the Multilife name although I was modelling at the time. I doubt that many models escaped the 'factory' at the time.

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