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Thread: BallyBomber
07/08/2017 09:03:22

I start to wonder if all is as it seems with this project. There is a terrible video, first posted some months ago where it sets off to taxi and allegedly takes off,- although nothing is seen in flight and since then, - nothing, no further video or proof of flight.

I would be very happy to be proved wrong on this but it seems odd that there has been no further flight video.

Thread: glo to gas
04/07/2017 11:12:37

Morris mini motors​

I haven't used or indeed seen one but I hear nice things.

Thread: Oleos needed
02/07/2017 23:00:27

Kingfisher Aviation are agents for Dave Brown retracts. He does large scale oleos too. They are good quality but not cheap.....not sure that such a thing exists There is a downloadable brochure on their site


Edited By stu knowles on 02/07/2017 23:00:49

Thread: Whatever Happened To....
27/06/2017 22:21:38

I also had a Trueline Custom Executive, which met it's fate very soon after a 'Roll inverted and half loop' manoeuvre - somewhat beyond my ability at the time. I also had a long and happy association with a Ripmax Dazzler 54

Thread: battery pack failures
24/06/2017 09:48:53

Likewise, a bad experience from 'instant' AA size RX packs. My Futaba battery checker which applies a load failed every one that I had, even fresh off charge. In the end I moved to 5 cell 'C' size and HK LiFE batteries for smaller models.

Thread: Open tx Horus
22/06/2017 11:13:07

Thanks Mate, I knew that it would be under my nose somewhere. I think that I have got most of that sorted now

21/06/2017 22:49:05

Well it has been a week or two but I have flown the Horus tonight and I'm very pleased.

As suggested by Chris and Andy, I spent a fair bit of time with the Companion software and the manuals, getting familiar with the terminology and building a template for a simple 5 channel model, inc triple rates, coupled aileron and rudder and throttle lock before doing anything with the TX itself. It's really a question of getting familiar with the terminology and very quickly the light dawns.

Open TX can be used very quickly to set up a basic model and then additional features are built of as familiarity grows. The Horus itself seems well put together and things fall readily to hand. I have fitted two aftermarket 'arms' which take the neckstrap away from the switch cover and free up the centre of the TX face.

I have got one thing that is eluding me at the moment, When I select a model, the attached pic displays on the screen but not the model name. Similarly, I would like to have the RX voltage from the D8 RX telemetry to appear on the main screen. I've had a roam around but not found the right bit as yet At the moment, the trims are displays and the pic which is attached to the model program but nothing else. Any suggestions?? You tube and Google seem silent on the subject.

17/06/2017 09:51:28

Thanks Andy,

16/06/2017 20:15:30

Hi All, Well I now have my new Horus running on OpenTX 2.2. I'll confess that my first attempt ended with the TX as dead as a dodo, I then had to leave it a week until I had a couple of hours clear of distractions and succeeded on the second attempt. I used written instructions from the FrSky site. After the failed attempt I looked at several youtube vids of the process bit in the end, went back to the original FrSky instructions and with a bit of a wing and a prayer, got it on board. I must say that it was a big relief when the screen lit up on switching on.

I am surprised that FrSky moved away from Open TX. It does seem to be widely accepted that OpenTX is a leading operating system and to be honest, if I have to learn a new system, I might as well learn OTX from day one - plus I need a system that will work with my existing D series receivers, so OTX is a no brainer really.

So, onward to OpenTX. Again, so far I haven't had a lot of time to get into how it works and first impressions leave one a bit in the dark. Just learning to move around the menus and finding out which button does what absorbs the first few hours.

I could do with some sort of 'flow chart' to give me a visual impression of how it works, but so far, I haven't found anything. Anyone out there with any suggestion about where to start??

I come from a Multiplex Royal Evo12 TX so I am familiar with the free assignability but first impressions of OTX are that it a step change up from what I am used to.

Thread: twin engine model thread
09/06/2017 20:29:51


​A Dave Boddington 'Expo 80' converted to a twin with 2 x OS25 FP (lovely motors, ultra reliable) With a wheeled u/c it flies beautifully and will happily fly on just the one engine. With the floats it's grossly underpowered and will barely climb but great fun non the less, coaxing it along.img_4435.jpg

Edited By stu knowles on 09/06/2017 20:30:33

Edited By stu knowles on 09/06/2017 20:30:51

Thread: Connie are you to much for me?
08/06/2017 20:51:04

First look back at this thread for quite a while, It's looking really good! Looking back to your post of 16/4, If t'were mine, I'd put gaffer tape over the hatches, cockpit and flap aperture and go test fly now. It means any mods necessary can be done before you do the finish and gives you a real boost in confidence to get it done and finished. Whatever you decide, some lovely building there, - congratulations,

stu k

Thread: Open tx Horus
06/06/2017 22:15:23

OK done all that so Companion is ready to go. Many thanks Chris, your support is much appreciated. I've just doodled through a 'test model setup'. It sort of starts well but not for long I see that there's a Taranis manual for OT/2.2 so I think time to start reading.

Thanks again, I'll no doubt be back tomorrow

Stu K

06/06/2017 21:40:18

"and then make sure in OpenTx settings that OpenTx knows where they are "

I've been following your advice and, so far , so good, until I get to this bit, just where in the settings menu?? Sorry if I'm missing something obvious.


Stu k

05/06/2017 22:16:23

stThanks for the response Chris, very helpful. I have put mine on charge and ordered a couple of memory cards and then it will be time to sit down and work through the process. first to get the Open TX 2.2 installed and then on to finding out how it all works. TBH getting the operating system on board worries me more than getting my head around the system when its in there.

Maybe we could make this the Open TX / Horus thread for the benefit of all those in the same boat.

I'll keep you updated and invite anyone else with the Horus to throw in their penn'orth here.

stu k

05/06/2017 20:17:36

Did you succeed in changing to Open TX Robert?? I'm just about to do the same

Thread: Stuka Siren
19/05/2017 22:40:42

Would this work?

Thread: twin engine model thread
08/05/2017 06:21:13

from the Chris Golds plan. 4 x OS25fp Foam and brown paper995952_224946757655836_204940254_n.jpg

07/05/2017 22:13:18

2x26cc zenoahs.About to start it's third season of flying110ba.jpg

Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
30/04/2017 13:36:25

The big issue that I have with glow is the exhaust residue which soaks into the wood and attacks the paint on scale finishes, the cleanliness of the move to petrol was a revelation which saw me migrate to a largely petrol powered fleet, but that is just a personal choice. I haven't misunderstood your posts, I regularly drop by this thread and I have a huge respect for Laser engines

"Diaphragm carbs are a pain in the backside, end of story." My experience has been the absolute opposite. Diaphram carbs are fit and forget. If the fuel tank is somewhere in the model, a Walbro will find it and draw fuel. If I forget to take the bung out of the vent pipe, a diaphragm carb will collapse a substantial tank. I don't fly noisy engines and I don't fly unreliable engines.

There would have been a time when a Laser powered fleet of models would have been the ultimate ambition but even though my two stroke petrol engines may be crude compared to your own products, at the moment, there's no way that I would swop them out. Most of the small stuff has been replaced by lekky and all the big engines are petrol.

OS and Laser are (IMHO) the pre eminent brands of glow motors, it just feels like a rapidly diminishing market. I'm not having a chip at you or your products, its just that in your post at the top of this page you have laboured the faff and additional aggravation of fitting petrol engine / tank / fuel pipe and it that that I don't get. I would say minimal extra build time and significant gains to be had.

As has rightly been pointed out, at the end of the day these are personal choices, but as also been pointed out by several contributors along this thread, lots of people think that petrol power has more going for it than glow fuel and they are waiting for Laser to offer them that choice. All the more galling as OS, Saito and even aftermarket suppliers seem to finding the way that you say can't be done.

I was admiring the beautiful engineering of a 300V a while back. I don't want to fly one but I'd have it in a glass case on the mantelpiece.


stu k

30/04/2017 10:38:48

John, you have fairly strong views on petrol powered models, diaphragm carbs etc, which you perfectly entitled to hold. You have repeated them many times within this thread, however, I think that it needs to be stated that your views are not shared by everyone and that many people would say that in the subject of petrol powered models, you are misinformed.

A trip to any event run by the LMA, in fact scanning any large gathering of modellers will reinforce how poplar petrol power has become in recent years and will also show that there are many people who have successfully addressed all of the issues that you have raised. Personally, I find petrol power clean and ultra reliable. I have engines that don't get touched from one year to the next, No issues with diaphragm carbs and effective silencing is all manageable.

As you are a person involved in the production of some of the best glow motors in the world I recognise that you must have considerable expertise is many aspects of model motor operations but you do see to have a mind set against petrol power (which is your absolute right) but as my Blacksmith and Wheelwright friend was only saying the other day, 'I'm not worried, these rubber tyre things will never catch on - people will always need horses and carts'

Sure that you're not King Canute with the tide coming in?


Stu k

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