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Thread: West Wings Orion - unpowered.
01/10/2010 00:02:05
Thanks for the advice lads.
I've already decided to enlarge the rudder after reading Bob's build log last week.
(Excellent blog, by the way).
I've got two possibles, so will put up the photos tomorrow or Saturday (Friday evenings always being open to possible shennanigans at short notice!).
Know what you mean about the fuselage, Nog.
Photoes to follow, but will explain briefly (and stay with me on this, difficult to describe without piccies!).
I thought I'd done a good job, but looking down it, there is a very slight drift to one side.
I cant actually see it unless I look down a tilted length of the fuselage (in the same way you check if pool cues are straight), at which point it is (only) just obvious - even looking like this I only notice it due to my obsession with getting it right, nobody I've shown it to can see it 'by eye'.
Laying the fuselage on each side (bear in mind the front to mid section is parallel before tapering after the 5th former) the vertical clearance between the building board and tail tip has a difference of 4mm depending on which side is flat against the board.
(hope this isn't too confusing or long winded, by the way).
Is this sloppy building on my part, or have I relied too much on the parts being accurate?
Certainly the ply fuselage sides were very well machined and matched when I inspected them.
Will this make a massive impact considering the fuse is over 2 foot long, or can I mereley offset the tail and fin by a fraction so it trues these along the length of the fuselage?
Also, Bob, did you cover the wing as a full unit or do each panel seperately before joining them together?
How was it covering the wing tips? Will building up the wing tips with a sanded balsa block make things easier?

22/09/2010 19:55:36
The story so far - with some pictures!
 Work area - tidy(ish) for me. Could do with a bit more space, but what do you do with a small backroom?
Coffee obligatory, ashtray optional.
Wing panels completed -
Have read others' experiences of finding the wing edge a bit of a pain to cover - what do people think about filling the edge with a slice of block and sanding it to shape? Pros/cons?
Not building up full wings just yet - waiting for lens inplant from a cataract operation to settle down so cdepth/parallax vision not brilliant until get new specs in a few weeks - not messing this up!
Started to work on fuselage - 
Snakes in. Started to cover base (partially until servo mounts in place).
Have not decided if will be using the included plastic rods (no experience) or resorting to rigid wires (as per youth). Any experiences or thought re-this most welcome.
In the meantime I've adapted some small x-servo arms. Chopped off two of the arms and enlarged hole on one arm to take connections for the plastic rod (in next picture). Aint much space in there when the servos are mounted side my seide as I intend to.

These are the servos, arms (modified ?!), and the receiver. This is out of a Zebra kit, which I believe is by Hitec. Seemed like a good choice economically at the time as unsure what/where to spend money on as a priority. I remember servos and the rest of the electronics being trouser-frightening prices years ago, so instead settled for 'vanilla' until I learn more about the latest kit. Besides, as you all know, (and I have no doubt have occasionally fibbed  about to your partners ) it can quickly ramp up expense wise, and I don't want to buy stuff I don't (yet) need.
Any info and advice gratefully received, as always. Next update as and when!
(PS - anyone local to Ossett/Wakefield area that can give details of a club to mosey along to for a visit?).

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Thread: Build help - dihedral.
19/09/2010 21:42:43
Cheers for the link Tim - much appreciated. Some good advice for later on in the build as well.
Re-second link - apologies - will keep that for the build room when things go awry!
Thread: West Wings Orion - unpowered.
19/09/2010 21:23:42
Please forgive my duplicity in starting this blog when I'm new and have got part way through the build.
Thanks also to you all for a warm welcome on my first post.
Up to today have built the 3 wing sections and started on the fuselage.
After the time spent so far on this model as a labour of love after my return to the craft after a gap that takes me back to my skint teens, I have already gleaned a lot of positive advice from this forum - only became a member today but thanks for all the help I've taken anonymously so far!
Jigged up blocks to sort the wings as accurately as I can, as well as a small rigging of straight lined threads etc. all carefully measured - hope this doesn't sound like overkill to all you acomplished builders, but I cant help thinking of all the work I've put in so far, as well as the phrase 'no point spoiling the ship for a 'apperth of tar'.
Will post photos on Tuesday/Wednesday - hope keeping this blog helps me maintain some sanity and focus!
Up to now, I must say the build has been quite straightforward. The kit components are accurate and of good quality (I well remember one sided arguments with 1/16 balsa sheet that refused to remain  flat when it had cost me a weeks spend, as well as wire propellor props which were recalcritant in their ability to be bent into a needed shape but were more than happy to deform after a slightly less than perfect landing) , and  the instructions, whilst not unhelpful, are a tad spartan - I'm not sure this is a perfect example of a 'first build' model, but my experiences of the past (as well as having to do it all on a shoestring in my youth) have been immenseley helpful and it's nice to call upon skills long since archived.
If I were completely 'green' I think it would be a good choice to build as a project with a more experienced friend as an ally.
I'm not an expert, but I strongly feel that anyone contemplating a kit build for the first time needn't be put off.
I suppose the only advice I could helpfully give as regards all of this is-
get some decent equiptment - doesn't have to be expensive, All I've got is a rigid piece of plasterboard, a GOOD knife with a selection of blades, a metal rule, a metal set square and level, a sanding block( with different paper grades), pins, thread, and also a set of small files,screwdrivers and small clamps from a cheap shop. Total cost about £15 and other than the blades it won't wear out!
'take your time', and
'apply a bit of common sense'
- it seem's to have worked so far.

Thread: Hi!
19/09/2010 15:01:58
Hello all!
(Should have probably posted here before my advice request in 'beginners' thread.)
In appreciation of all the info I've garnered anonymously from this forum up to press, and in anticipation of contribuing my (limited) knowledge,
Regards to all!
Thread: Build help - dihedral.
19/09/2010 14:35:52
Greetings gentlemen,
First post from a guy who has taken up the hobby at 40yrs. Now have the funds which I never had as an avid teen building the old keelcrafts on minimal paper-round budget! (also have the freetime as well - don't ask!).
Currently building a West Wings Orion (unpowered). I'm not a complete newbie (memories of fingers stuck to rib struts, bent fuselages through rushing the job, and inhaling dope fumes as a pleasant side effect to applying too much to tissue and warping the wings as it dried etc! that wasn't just me, by the way, was it?!), but after spending a lot of time and effort building the wing panels as accurately and diligently as I can, I could do with some advice and tips on finishing the wing build.
Not surprisingly ( I must confess to a feeling of deja vous from my youth at this), and despite the best of efforts in the construction, the panels do not marry together as if by magic in the correct angles and proportion- 'if only' you all groan in unison!
I feel I've done a good job up to press, if I do say so myself, and would very much value some advice, tips etc on the best way to build up the finished panel accurately. I wondered about the usual - thread ties for alignment across the build board, jigging up some scaled angled rests, etc. - but will heed any additional thoughts you may have to avoid the (possibly inevitable at times!) frustrations, disappointment and generally turning the air blue in angst.
Also, I'm new to the likes of Solar Film (which I intend to use) and would like to know if it's better to cover each of the 3 panels now, or finish it off once the whole wing is built? (I have built some open frames and panels to practice on re-the film covering, but I'm still getting the hang of it and want to do the job right).
Thanks in advance.
 (will upload photo's if anyone is interested in the (ahem) progress).


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