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Thread: Windows 10 - Any Advice
02/01/2016 15:56:58
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 02/01/2016 15:39:54:

Biggest annoyance for me so far is losing Windows Live Mail following the misleading email from Microsoft which confusingly directed Win 10 users towards an update to allow Live Mail to continue working.

Once I'd installed the download, Live Mail stopped working and to date all efforts to restore it have failed....

The Win 10 Mail 'app' is just plain awful - you cannot migrate emails and contacts from Live Mail, so I've got my entire email history sitting somewhere currently inaccessible on the PCface 19


You can just log into your Microsoft account, from anywhere, to get your email - Link,

If you are using Microsoft products they automatically make an account for you now, for windows, xbox, phone etc and lumps everything together, Its easier for them to mine your data

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Thread: Any electricians on here.
09/12/2015 18:07:21

You can see clearly from the photo`s that the circuit labelled "cooker" is on the RCD side, and on the consumer unit label you can clearly see just above the "N" on CAUTION it says RCD Operating current 30 mA

From what I understand all you wanted to know ( before the "designers" and mathematicians came along ) is can you connect your new cooker to the existing cooker connection using 6mm cable, The answer is yes, Its RCD protected and fused at 32 A so 6mm will be fine

Cooker circuit diversity is calculated to - 10A of total load plus 30% of remainder. Add additional 5A if cooker point socket is fitted.

12900 / 240 = 53.75

10A + (30% of the remaining 43.75) 13.125 that gives around 23 A without socket or 28 A with

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Thread: gas oven disconnection
30/03/2015 12:54:59
That sounds like a bayonet fitting, push it upwards and twist anticlockwise about half a turn as you would a light bulb, it does auto shut off when you remove the pipe, refitting is simply reverse of removal, push up twist clockwise until it stops

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Thread: TV Licence
29/03/2015 23:25:18
Posted by Daithi O Buitigh on 29/03/2015 22:54:37:

John - if you really want to believe that the definition of a receiver isn't what OfCom says it is, then I do wish you all the best of luck explaining that the Act is wrong to the old gent sitting on the bench

Pat - it's even simpler - it's a loophole in the Wireless Telegraphy Act that only would apply to certain people who have a certain qualification. Beyond that I ain't saying

Its got nothing to do with the definition of receiver or Ofcom. We are talking about the TV Licence, which goes in part to fund the BBC

I will repeat myself, TV licensing (the people who take your money, send you the Licence, harass you if you don't have a licence) themselves state, you must have a TV licence TO WATCH OR RECORD LIVE BROADCASTED PROGRAMS on a television, computer, phone etc, not to own a television. As I posted above, directly copied and pasted from the TV License official website that anybody can go and have a look at, they even tell you that you DO NOT need a TV Licence to watch certain things and previously recorded things or play video games etc, to do things like that you need a TV. I have personal experience as I cancelled mine 18 months ago, I still have a Television, a 42 inch hanging on the wall in the living room easily viewed from a public footpath, but I do not watch or record live broadcast programs. I Had the letter from TV Licencing stating this was fine, that they wont contact me for 2 years and will then check if that is still the case


From what I can find on Ofcom Licensing, they are responsible for issuing licenses to the people who want to Broadcast programs, not to receive. They even state themselves on this page that

We are not responsible for regulating:

  • disputes between you and your telecoms provider;
  • premium-rate services, including mobile-phone text services and ringtones;
  • the content of television and radio adverts;
  • complaints about accuracy in BBC programmes;
  • the BBC TV licence fee;
  • post offices; or
  • newspapers and magazines.

The TV Licence we are discussing is nothing to do with them

Edited By Codename-John on 29/03/2015 23:43:24

29/03/2015 22:17:13
Posted by Percy Verance on 29/03/2015 21:54:56:

Ah right Pat.

I can't get Dave Pat, it's one of the channels I can't get up 'ere 'int hills. Has left me heartbroken it has.........

Edited By Percy Verance on 29/03/2015 22:00:51

You obviously have a computer as you`re on this site so you can watch any channel you like if you`re in the hills or top of Shetland - **LINK**

29/03/2015 22:00:26
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 29/03/2015 21:51:44:

I give up!

OK John this thread is not about your favourite conspiracy theories - move on.


erm I think you'll find you brought up the moon landings

29/03/2015 21:49:45
Posted by Daithi O Buitigh on 29/03/2015 21:37:32:

Sorry John but in this case you are wrong. The relevant legislation is in the Communications (Television Licensing) Regulations 2004 which states:

"Meaning of “television set”

11.—(1) In Part 1 of the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1967, “television set” means any apparatus which (either alone or in association with other apparatus) is capable of receiving (whether by means of wireless telegraphy or otherwise) any television programme service but is not computer apparatus."

You can have a tv set without needing a tv licence, the licence is to watch or record programs as they`re being shown, not to own a tv

Look at the very website of TV Licencing which I linked to, where it says quite clearly

When don’t I need a TV Licence?

If you never watch or record live TV, you don’t need a TV Licence.

Without a licence you can only:

  • Watch on demand – including catch-up TV and on demand previews – through services like BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, Demand 5, BT Vision, Virgin Media, Sky Go, Now TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.
  • Watch on demand movies from providers like Sky, Virgin Media, BT Vision, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.
  • Watch recorded films and programmes either from a disc (e.g. DVD or Blu-ray) or downloaded from the internet.
  • Watch on demand internet video clips through services like YouTube.
  • Play video games.

Note, if you are a landlord and you install a TV to allow your tenants to receive live TV, that address needs to be covered by a TV Licence.

‘Live TV’ means any programme you watch or record at the same time as it’s being shown on TV or an online TV service.

If you only ever watch ‘on demand’ programmes, you don’t need a TV Licence. On demand includes catch-up TV, streaming or downloading programmes after they’ve been shown on live TV, or programmes available online before being shown on TV.


being the very people who want your money for the TV Licence why would they say that if it wasn't true ????

Edited By Codename-John on 29/03/2015 22:03:10

29/03/2015 21:46:29
Posted by john stones 1 on 29/03/2015 21:24:02:

Someone been on the Moon moon...I just can't keep up surprise


That's debateable too, as even NASA are now saying that to send someone through the Van Allen Radiation belts (something they apparently did in 1969 to get to the Moon) is a challenge they must solve before sending anyone through it

watch from 3 minutes in -

another interesting video is -
29/03/2015 21:31:36
Posted by Daithi O Buitigh on 29/03/2015 21:17:34:

OK - the regulations for a license stipulate that if the apparatus is capable of receiving a signal, then you need a license. That means that it doesn't matter if you have no aerial, co-ax or anything else it doesn't count as the requirement simply states 'capability' . That was changed after a case (which the defendant won) where they didn't have the aerial, downlead or anything else and just watched video tapes. It now stipulates that, if you have a VCR or anything else that is 'capable' and that is connected to a monitor (with no tuner) you STILL need a license. To avoid it you have to have off-air capability ONLY - no tuners, co-ax sockets or anything else on either the monitor or anything connected to it.

Regarding 'right of entry' - that comes under OfCom who DO have the right of entry under the legislation. .

BTW, if you are over 75, then the license is free. It's also free if any family member is registered blind. They used to get a whole fiver reduction until several years ago but still needed a TV license just to listen to the audio on a receiver (no screen - just basically a UHF radio). There is one other loophole but I'm not going to say what it is because OfCom haven't twigged it yet wink

Wrong, the exact legislation which you can view here says - Part 4 of the Communications Act 2003 makes it an offence to install or use a television receiver to watch or record any television programmes as they're being shown on television without a valid TV Licence

you only need the licence to watch or record programs as they are being shown, I know this for a fact as when I cancelled my licence, I even stated in the letter that I would not use my television to watch or record programs as they were being shown, to which I received a Letter back with my refund for the 6 months in advance they make you pay by DD saying ok, we`ll not contact you for 2 years regarding the matter, and then we`ll just send a reminder to check that is still the case

29/03/2015 21:23:07
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 29/03/2015 21:03:24:

The Daily Fail - the guy was found guilty - given a 6 months conditional discharge and ordered to pay costs. The BBC were not awarded any money because they wouldn't be in this case - they are not a beneficiary of the prosecution. Just another paranoid nutter in my opinion. - opps! sorry I meant charming English eccentric!

File along side the "grassy knoll" crew and the "the USA never landed on the moon" crowd.


So all his witnesses who attended, including Tony Farrell - ex intelligence officer for south Yorkshire police, Ray Savage - a former counter terrorism officer etc are all " Paranoid Nutter English eccentrics" too are they ?

29/03/2015 21:01:48
Posted by PatMc on 29/03/2015 20:55:38:

Where is this case recorded ?

Not on the BBC Obviously

29/03/2015 20:59:48
Posted by PatMc on 29/03/2015 20:46:00:

What's John been drinking/smoking/injecting ?teeth 2

Yorkshire tea, white, no sugar ?

It was a bona fide court case you are welcome to look it up if you so wish -



29/03/2015 20:50:37

Section 15 of the 2000 terrorism act says -

(1)A person commits an offence if he—

(a)invites another to provide money or other property, and


(b)intends that it should be used, or has reasonable cause to suspect that it may be used, for the purposes of terrorism.


(2)A person commits an offence if he—


(a)receives money or other property, and


(b)intends that it should be used, or has reasonable cause to suspect that it may be used, for the purposes of terrorism.


(3)A person commits an offence if he—


(a)provides money or other property, and


(b)knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that it will or may be used for the purposes of terrorism.


(4)In this section a reference to the provision of money or other property is a reference to its being given, lent or otherwise made available, whether or not for consideration.

He based his case that by reporting the collapse 20 minutes before it actually happened ( you can look it up, the building is over the reporters left shoulder as she says it has collapsed ), the BBC must have had prior knowledge of the supposed "terrorist attack" and by pro actively covering up facts that contradict the official theory ( by making programs trying to ridicule any other cause ) since the event, they were aiding and abetting whomever actually carried it out. By him then giving the BBC money he would have committed an offence under section 15 above. Also if the judge made him compensate the BBC in any way, then he would himself be committing an offence under section 15.

As I said, the bloke had to pay court costs but the Judge did not award the BBC a penny or make the bloke get a licence.

Edited By Codename-John on 29/03/2015 20:52:50

29/03/2015 19:58:10

You don't have to let the "inspectors" in if they call round anyway they have no more powers of entry than you or I calling at someone`s house, you can send Capita (A private company the BBC employ to collect their revenues and do their dirty work) a letter removing their implied rights of access to your property. Then if they do even come onto your garden you can treat them as a trespasser and remove them if you so wish

The only way they could catch you was if they are able to stand on public land and see in through your window to watch you watching TV, then they would have to prove you were watching a live broadcasted program. The detection vans they pretend to have are a myth.

There has Just been a court case where a man refused to pay his Licence but admitted to watching live broadcasts, who used anti terrorism legislation to fight his case, saying that where on 9/11 the BBC reported the collapse of World Trade Centre 7 building, (the one that wasn't hit by any aeroplane, the only concrete and steel skyscraper to ever collapse due to just fire, that fell at freefall speed like in a controlled demolition, where the owner Larry Silverstein (who, every day had breakfast at the window to the world restaurant on top of the WTC but on 9/11 just happened to go somewhere else, and who`s 2 kids worked in the WTC buildings but just happened not to show up for work that day) said to the fire brigade take your men out we`ll "pull it" ) 20 minutes before it actually collapsed. He had to pay court costs and was given a 6 month conditional discharge, but the Judge didn't make him get a Licence or pay any money to the BBC


Edited By Codename-John on 29/03/2015 20:10:05

Thread: Clarkson dropped
26/03/2015 17:10:41

If Clarkson would have abused a Minor instead of an Adult, he`d be fine, the BBC would have covered it all up !

Thread: Pete Lowe, RCM&E columnist
23/03/2015 19:04:48

RIP Pete, always enjoyed your articles, condolences to your Family

Thread: Aluminium engine mounts
22/03/2015 15:40:41

Try Here

Thread: Six Nations
21/03/2015 14:27:14
Posted by Dave Hopkin on 21/03/2015 13:50:05:

Getting worried in Twickers right now.......

Enjoying watching the rampant dragons run riot........ cheeky

It may be our turn for a bit of Gloating later ey Boyo laugh

COME ON FRANCE devil sad rose thumbs up

Thread: Hobbyking have a sense of humour
12/03/2015 22:21:03
Posted by Daithi O Buitigh on 12/03/2015 21:34:06:
Posted by Codename-John on 12/03/2015 20:28:45:
Posted by Engine Doctor on 12/03/2015 17:16:50:

And they have priced it just in the value that our friends at customs look at ! By the time postage is added you will probably get a bill from C&E for vat and a handling charge from royal mail totaling £11 plus !

Or you could mark it down to a cheaper value on checkout and not get charged anything extra, If HSBC can get away with Tax "Avoidance" why shouldn`t we.

You used to be able to do that but not any longer

Really ? I haven't ordered anything from there for a while, when did it stop

12/03/2015 20:28:45
Posted by Engine Doctor on 12/03/2015 17:16:50:

And they have priced it just in the value that our friends at customs look at ! By the time postage is added you will probably get a bill from C&E for vat and a handling charge from royal mail totaling £11 plus !

Or you could mark it down to a cheaper value on checkout and not get charged anything extra, If HSBC can get away with Tax "Avoidance" why shouldn`t we.

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