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Thread: Am I being cynical ?
06/03/2015 16:59:21
Posted by John F on 05/03/2015 12:27:31:


Do you have any evidence that MP's get threatened if they don't adopt the party line? (Excluding UKIP, of course)

Try this,  

Reported many other places, such as Here,

You could watch this -

Edited By Codename-John on 06/03/2015 17:06:36

Thread: H.K. glass cloth
01/03/2015 16:20:08

There`s only one place you'll need for anything Fibre Glass related, I cant recommend them highly enough -

Bucks composites

Thread: Defence
22/02/2015 14:43:02

With the truth, backed up by provable facts, instead of lies, propaganda and Media hype ? yes

22/02/2015 13:10:51
Posted by Percy Verance on 22/02/2015 08:32:31:

I don't actually feel the issue lies with the vast majority of Russians. The real *problem* is with Putin and his cronies. Basically Putin feels he's big and strong enough to be a bully, and that no one will have the guts/backbone to take him on, or at least that's where his mind clearly is. It seems he has a short memory. A quick look at the history books ought to provide him with food for thought.

Ultimately, dictatorial regimes aim to rule and survive. Mr Putin must surely realise that even he cannot survive a nuclear attack, should the worst (god forbid) happen?

My old man (he died 30 years ago) often said the US should have ordered the Soviets back to Russia at the end of the war.... or else.

The real problem lies here and the other side of the Atlantic, the Problems in Ukraine are easily attributed to the US and EU backed coup, overthrowing a Democraticly elected Government.

You only have to look at the NATO expansion and incursions since 1991, US and UK military interventions, illegal wars of aggression and destabilisations of sovereign nations to see who really has imperial ideology, It aint Putin

21/02/2015 20:58:08
Posted by Stephen Tye 1 on 21/02/2015 17:13:55:

I don't believe the Typhoon can cut it against a Soviet Incursion, few in numbers... and not enough... I would like 2 squadrons of F-22's please.

Given that the Soviet Union ceased to exist in 1991, I quite seriously doubt any soviet incursions will happen

Thread: RadJet - Glues
19/02/2015 23:17:06

I Used Gorilla glue on mine, Had it over 3 years now. You have to be able to hold the two parts together very well or they try and separate while it bubbles up, you can then sand it back gently for a nice smooth join line. Its been very good though, i`ve ploughed it into the ground a few times and it holds up very well. you can hold it horizontal at one wing tip and wiggle it about with no flex

I wouldn't recommend the Deluxe foam 2 foam on the wings for it, the little tail pieces maybe, I used some on the tail feathers of a foam glider a while back, it doesn't seem to set properly and always stays a bit too flexible for things like joining wing sections together

Thread: Hobbyking Slick 360 3D 1300mm
18/02/2015 18:58:54

Just checked its a Hacker A30-14L, Link

ESC is a Hobbywing Pentium 60A Link

12 x 6 APC-E Prop

Gens Ace 3300 4s battery`s ( not 3600 after checking 

I haven`t got wattmeter tests anymore but ESC is barely warm after 8 mins of batting about

This is the same set up motor / prop wise but flown better than I can manage, I think he`s using a 45 A ESC


18/02/2015 18:28:28

I`ve got one, I reckon its my favourite model, small enough to throw in the car fully built up, but flies better than a couple of my bigger models. Went together very easily

Using Hitec HS-85MG Servo`s throughout with Long aluminium arms, Hacker Motor ( cant remember which off the top of my head ) on 4s 3600mAh and it balances perfectly with no extra weight

slick 1.jpg

slick 3.jpg

slick 2.jpg

Thread: Feeling like a mug...
12/02/2015 18:03:07
Posted by John F on 12/02/2015 15:07:08:

You are not entitled to a refund simply because you change your mind:


Nor are you entitled to a refund if you purchase a specially made item:


If you look at the heading in the first link, Returning goods bought in a shop. As the Item was not bought in person from a shop it is covered under the new consumer contracts regulations 2014 which states -

o Cancellation rights will continue to apply to off-premises and distance contracts only. The cancellation period will extend from the current 7 calendar days (for off-premises) and 7 working days (for distance sales) to 14 calendar days for both to give consumers more time to change their minds.

o Consumers should return items within 14 days of cancellation

o Online and other distance or off-premises traders will be able to withhold refunds until goods are returned (or evidence of return is provided) and they can reduce the amount of money refunded for goods returned which show evidence of use beyond the handling necessary to see whether the goods are as expected.

o Traders must refund within 14 days of cancellation of service contract or receipt of goods (or of evidence of the consumer returning them).

o Where the consumer cancels a contract, any ancillary contract (such as a warranty or credit agreement) is automatically cancelled

Thread: Six Nations
07/02/2015 12:51:39

I don`t think George North should have carried on in the second half, he was clearly worse for wear after taking a boot to the face at first and then a Hibbard to the face after, it was a valiant but misguided effort

06/02/2015 22:33:25

Gloat while you can, you don't get chance often

Thread: huskavana
04/02/2015 00:05:29

They've made motorcycles for many years too, been part of KTM for a while now, always good strong engines

Thread: self adhesive foil versus 2.4ghz reception ?
03/02/2015 16:32:45
Posted by Phil Green on 03/02/2015 09:52:55:
Posted by Codename-John on 02/02/2015 19:11:38:

Umm, don't know what happened there, but my post seems to have thrown a wobbler

John - copying the format as well as the content is a dead giveaway that you simply quoted Wiki !
The formatting can be removed by either pasting temporarily into notepad (which is a purely text app) then copying from there, or by using 'paste special', 'unformatted text' where an application supports it.


Edited By Phil Green on 03/02/2015 09:53:14

the 2 big paragraphs I copied and pasted, but the last I typed out but it turned the same, that's what I thought was strange

02/02/2015 23:37:00

Because electric always chooses the path of least resistance to a lower potential, An electrical faraday cage just has to be between you and the supply really, it will channel the voltage around the metal as its easier than travelling further through high resistant air and you, for RF it has to totally shield the signal to not let it through, think of it like a metal sieve, for normal electric it will hit a point closest to the supply then travel through the sieve as easily as it can to the other side, RF would do it to an extent but also leak through the holes

02/02/2015 19:11:38

Umm, don't know what happened there, but my post seems to have thrown a wobbler

02/02/2015 19:09:47

A conductive enclosure used to block electrostatic fields is also known as a Faraday cage. The amount of reduction depends very much upon the material used, its thickness, the size of the shielded volume and the frequency of the fields of interest and the size, shape and orientation of apertures in a shield to an incident electromagnetic field.

RF shielding enclosures filter a range of frequencies for specific conditions. Copper is used for radio frequency (RF) shielding because it absorbs radio and magnetic waves. Properly designed and constructed copper RF shielding enclosures satisfy most RF shielding needs, from computer and electrical switching rooms to hospital CAT-scan and MRI facilities

Seems Material matters more to RF shielding, thin Aluminium seems ok but don't try covering a model in copper

Edited By Codename-John on 02/02/2015 19:10:30

01/02/2015 20:35:20

Actually Flite-metal did some testing with their product, - © is .0018 inch thick self-adhesive aluminum for replicating a full size aircraft finish.

with different manufacturer sets and had no discernable change in reception whether

1- the aerials were placed fully inside a covered fuse,

2- the aerials outside of a covered fuse and

3- an RX on a wooden tray out in the open

Walk away comparisons were conducted to a distance of up to 800+ feet without "any" change in spread spectrum system performance. That is to say no change in system performance whether a system configuration was (1), (2), or (3) with the systems set to normal flight power mode

when you look at the calibre of some of the models using the stuff I doubt they would risk loosing one to radio failure caused by its covering- examples

I don't know about thicker ali duct tape type materials though

Edited By Codename-John on 01/02/2015 20:36:36

Thread: Have a Rant
01/02/2015 19:46:26
Posted by Peter Miller on 01/02/2015 19:37:01:

Now I suppose I will be told all the horrible side effects of that!!!!

Lol nah that's good, anything earlier than about 3 hours before you go to bed apparently, but we were designed for smaller but more meals throughout the day rather than the 3 square meal malarkey

01/02/2015 19:34:06

LOL, people shouldn't eat this late of an evening either so I thought it would be ok

Thread: Hobbyking postage
24/01/2015 16:30:55
Posted by John Privett on 24/01/2015 10:46:13:

It's done on the number of orders, not the value. My platinum status is from 10 orders ranging from about $15 to $60 each. I could have spent $n,000 in one transaction and still be a gold member... (I believe gold is the basic level?)

They need to check their Precious metals prices as well as their exchange rate more often too, as Gold is more Valuable than Platinum at the moment

Was the other guy actually logged in or just on the page as a guest ?

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