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Thread: Have a Rant
01/01/2015 17:38:49
Posted by avtur on 01/01/2015 10:16:09:

One has to accept that the ownership of weapons in the USA will never be effectively controlled, the population is vast and the number of weapons in circulation so numerous that effective control will never happen, I accept that.

My comment isn't based on this one incident, child related accidental deaths involving fire arms are a regular occurrence. Having lived in the USA I'm quite familiar with attitudes that persist there, my experience is that there are many people who oppose the right to bear arms but the the NRA are so powerful nothing will change, that's a shame when there are so many gun related deaths.

I appreciate that guns don't kill on their own, they have to fired by someone and that will always lay the blame with people rather than guns. In the instance quoted the mother was described as a responsible person, so how the does her own child manage to gain access to the fire arm and cause this tragic event. It's tragic enough that the mother died but this happened in a public place, the victim could have been anyone.

Edited By avtur on 01/01/2015 10:17:20

You can`t ban everything because some people have accidents.

Search some actual facts online instead of sensationalist headlines and you will see that even in the US, accidental Firearm deaths is a tiny proportion of the mortality rate, Heart Disease is by far the biggest killer over there, accidental deaths is a small percentage of the total. Firearms is a tiny percentage of the accidental total, with the majority Motor vehicle accidents, drowning, fire etc.

Sometimes you just have to accept Darwinism for the benefits it brings to society

Edited By Codename-John on 01/01/2015 17:39:40

31/12/2014 16:12:55
Posted by avtur on 31/12/2014 13:35:27:

Change of rant ... Americans who continue to fight for the right to bear arms and gun law so liberal that everyone is in danger.

Reported yesterday an incident where a 2 year old child (yes 2 years old!) was reaching into his mum's handbag and accidentally shot his mother with a hand gun concealed within the handbag, and this happened in a Walmart store.

The mother apparently had a permit to carry a concealed weapon; I find it impossible to understand what justification there can be for a young mother to be carrying a weapon (concealed or otherwise) in a supposedly civilised country.

Yet still they fight for the right to bear arms and this incident will be passed off as 'an accident', sure its an accident of the most tragic kind, it was also entirely preventable.


Why should everyone there who owns guns responsibly be punished for one woman who doesn't put the safety on hers when its in her handbag ?

It was entirely preventable by her taking responsibility for a deadly weapon in her bag to be kept safe

31/12/2014 12:53:01
Posted by Erfolg on 31/12/2014 09:47:40:

In my youth, the situation was that pay was very poor, during your intial training, requiring a lot of study, during this time my parents supported me. Then whereupon reaching 21 you faced another 5-10 years of climbing the salary scale. Then you faced the scramble up the corporate ladder. Paided employment has never been easy, although the past is often seen with a rosy glow.

Now you have to get yourself in massive debt to further your education, then end up working in McDonalds on a zero hours contract after you finish because there are no jobs available

29/12/2014 15:40:32

It sometimes takes a couple of business days for the petrol station, especially when you pay at the pump, to even process the payment, (like with a direct debit where the money actually leaves your account 3 days before it gets to the other account) so bearing in mind since Wednesday last week there were 2 bank holidays and a weekend, your payment probably still hasn`t been processed on Tesco`s end and presented to the Bank

Thread: Sourcing Teflon/PTFE tube for a canister joiner
28/12/2014 14:55:17

Demon Tweeks do Samco Silicone hose meant for motorsport turbo charger connections, you can select any ID and its supplied in 10CM lengths or any multiple of 10CM if you increase the Quantity, so for say a 30CM length put the quantity to 3 etc


Thread: Hobbyking Oncost
27/10/2014 23:50:16

For instance ive just bought some silicon hoses for my sons MX bike from the US on ebay

MSN Money puts the exchange rate at - 1.6113

Paypal rate was actually - 1.5640

They`re making an extra nearly 5 cents on every Dollar !

27/10/2014 23:34:46

It is a difference in exchange rate from HK and Paypal, HK prices are not live, they only update their rates a couple of times a year and as you know the Foreign exchange rate is constantly changing, Paypal always use a worse rate than the actual one as they then skim an extra profit off that too

You are not actually buying from a UK warehouse and UK Laws / Regulations etc do not apply, you are buying from a Chinese computer, the Warehouse is just a postal location in this country they happened to forward some stuff from China to, to make it quicker to send out to your address

Thread: mid wing fun fly?
27/10/2014 17:06:57


Fits the bill ?

Thread: dehumidifier
23/10/2014 16:57:43

I`ve got the older version of this - **LINK**

Its great for what I need, its quiet but powerful and comes with a variable humidistat so you set the RH you want it at and leave it do its own thing. If you don't connect it up to a permanent drain it fills the container about every 24 hours ( 10 L on mine I think ) so you know it does its job well.

Thread: Having a really sad day!
11/10/2014 17:53:23

Man up, I`d be grateful for a week to myself never mind a year ! smile p lol

Thread: Tower Pro 9g servos
03/10/2014 20:59:22

Drill the holes out to suit what you want ?

Thread: Have You Tried To Renew Your Vehicle Tax Today?
03/10/2014 17:25:57


Posted by Bob Cotsford on 03/10/2014 11:32:27:

The easy answer in that situation - most insurance will cover you to drive a vehicle not belonging to you and not on hire, so you just agree with the seller that the point of sale is on completion of a successful test drive which is to your home. Up to that point the tax is still the responsibility of the seller and he is paid up for that month.

If you were the seller, would you lie to the DVLA etc for someone you may never have met before they turned up at your house to buy your car though ? what happens if they have an accident or get a ticket for something on the way home ? you have no way of checking their insurance and its still your responsibility until the change of owner, letting someone drive your car without insurance is an offence, and for tickets they could just turn around and say see, it says there on the V5 I didn't buy the car until after, the points / fine isn't mine


And you`re both still paying the tax for a full month when you wont be using the vehicle for part of it

Edited By Codename-John on 03/10/2014 17:27:18

02/10/2014 21:48:35
Posted by PatMc on 02/10/2014 21:02:52:

If you'd bought the car before Nov 1st you would have have had to arrange to insure the car before driving it. Now you will also have to arrange to tax it at the same time - no big deal AFAICS.

You can buy 1 day insurance if you just wanted to drive the car home, as I did with my last car, it had tax on but as I was selling my van at the time I bought the car, drove it home and then stored it off road until I sold my van and swapped the insurance around properly ( couldn't afford to insure 2 vehicles separately )

With the new system, you would have to tax it for at least a month just to drive it home if you needed too, and if you don't and are caught then you face having your car seized and crushed if you don't pay the extortionate fine / towing fee. There is no grace period, you are liable for taxing the vehicle from the day you transfer ownership, if you don't pay it or declare SORN, an automatic fine is issued, £80 I last heard

02/10/2014 07:41:11
Posted by avtur on 02/10/2014 05:50:08:

Detection will only occur "if" the vehicle is seen on the road during that untaxed period, likely to be one or two weeks. Apparently the DVLA only have a dozen enforcement vehicles themselves (for the UK) so the chances of being spotted by them are quite remote. The more likely detection will arise from ANPR equipped police vehicles, I'm not convinced that the police will see taking action on a vehicle which is out of date on road tax by a a few days as a high priority item.

Have you not noticed the extra little white Cameras being put up on routes in and out of towns, stuck to the side of lamp posts etc, I wonder what they might be for

01/10/2014 22:51:55
Posted by Andy48 on 01/10/2014 20:23:15:

Not a rip off at all.

You get a refund for full unused months when you sell it or scrap it or it gets written off.

Part of one month will be taxed twice, but apparently 60% of all car sales were sold without a valid tax disc.

the new system is the rip off, you are not able to pass on any remaining tax if you sell your car, you have to cancel the tax and the buyer has to tax it immediately, as you can only purchase or refund whole months, the WHOLE of one month will be taxed twice for the same vehicle

Thread: S-FHSS Compatible receivers
23/09/2014 23:44:19

Len if you click on the link in my original post ( where it says KLMS in red ) it says they are no longer available, the Delta 8 ones A.A. Barry mentions are HERE for £19 in UK

Or HERE it says £14.25 but give or take on the exchange rate, from Hong Kong

Thread: fuel proofers
22/09/2014 19:00:17

Klass Kote Epoxy clear is the Bees Knees, comes as a 2 part, gloss and you can get a flatting agent to make it as matt as you like, cured in 24 hours and is proof against everything model related including 100% Nitro methane rubbed on with a cloth and sitting on it for an hour !

Test Results

Thread: Fake or Genuine?
22/09/2014 17:36:44

If you look at their feedback, quite a few people seem to have bought one lately with no complaint

Thread: Greenacres 2015 Mass launch Radjet
20/09/2014 16:58:31

Just looking at the ramp, with it only being plastic trunking and being mostly free in the air wont it distort with the weight as it moves up, Trunking isn't very firm at the best of times, it bends and wobbles about easily, possibly resulting in a disasterous launch if one of the servo covers hangs up if it twists, might some sort of bracing at the top to keep each side parallel and some stiffening lengthwise be a better design ?

Thread: have you ever
19/09/2014 22:29:03

Aren`t wives supposed to make cakes ? what was she doing out of the kitchen to notice the paint tray anyway ?

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