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Thread: Modelflying Crufts 2014
28/08/2014 22:44:16

My Hound, nearly 6 year old Staffy, called Saffy


Thread: Have a Rant
24/08/2014 19:00:51
Posted by Gurth Scriven 2 on 24/08/2014 17:48:00

I will now await criticism of my own grammar and spelling.

You didn't need to put a capital R in remedial


Thread: Brussels halts our vacuums
24/08/2014 15:51:00
Posted by John F on 24/08/2014 07:39:03:

The new data laws forces communication companies to store data but does not include the content of messages and phone calls - just when and who you called, texted and emailed. The government does not get this data though, it is the communications companies who store this metadata. Nothing is being listened to unless the security services get a warrant signed and even then only the data and communications being investigated is accessed, not everyone on a whim.

Have you actually read the Act in full then John or are you relying on what the politicians who created it in secret are telling you to believe ? Because a lot of people disagree with them including Lawyers, civil liberty groups, privacy campaigners etc,

And have you ever heard of GCHQ and NSA, do you know the reason Edward Snowden is now a refugee in Russia and a wanted man in America etc etc







23/08/2014 23:31:35
I find it quite ironic that you are all moaning about Brussels and europe running our lives and politicians lying over vacuum cleaners,
yet only a couple of weeks ago, when the political establishment overturned a ruling from the continent about our draconian mass data collection policy ( aka spying on the populations e-mail, texts,?phone calls then storing them for a year etc ) the collective view on this forum seemed to be that they were working to our own good, our trustworthy upstanding politicians only ever have our best interests at heart and want to keep us safe in our little beds at night.
You don't mind somebody listening to and reading all your private communication, but woe betide anybody making you use a little less powerfully Hoover !
Thread: Electricians
23/08/2014 16:13:48
Crimps are a permanent joint which can be buried etc,connector blocks are not permanent and have to be accessible.
Inside the switch box as long as it's deep enough you can use either, I just prefers crimps.
As for why not solder, time is money and using perfectly suitable crimps I could probably go in do the job and be back out by the time the soldering iron had warmed up
23/08/2014 13:11:04
Gonzo as part of part p if you are unhappy with any of the work you can take it up with building control, they will make their scheme provider give the installer the chance to put right their work or get someone else to put it right and charge the original Installer. You should have a certificate to say that work complies with building regulations, that should state the scheme provider and installer on
23/08/2014 10:04:30
Jamie the electrical regs bs7671 is not law, it is there for not "illegal" to do anything, you can however use it in court to prove you are not liable for any incident that may arise from an unsafe installation by showing you followed its guidance.
I'm a JIB approved electrician, 17th edition regs, was a registered part p competant installer while self employed and I now work for Plus Dane housing. As I said earlier Through crimps, done properly within the confines of the switch box are perfectly acceptable for extending cables and can be done easily by the op if he so wishes without needing to notify anybody. The new consumer unit the op wants however, is classed as a major job and has to be done by a registered competant installer and reported to the local building control
22/08/2014 22:27:22
Sorry Mike but what you said about alterations and additions is wrong, the whole installation doesn't need to be tested, for alterations a minor works certificate just covering the work done is sufficient, for additions to an existing consumer unit an installation certificate just covering the circuit added is fine.
As Martin says through crimps are fine for extending cables but if there are existing conduits from the switch to the ceiling space / loft sometimes you can tie New cables to the existing cables and use them to pull up the conduit, you may even be able to pull down a bit of slack to re-terminate the existing cable!

The new consumer unit is classed as a part p reportable job though so would need an installer registered with one of the schemes
Thread: RCM&E Subscription Rates in An Independent Scotland
13/08/2014 17:33:44
Posted by Eamonn Fahey on 13/08/2014 12:28:27:

Not only a higher price Colin but no free gift with overseas subscription. crying

Which sea do you have to go over to get to Scotland ? lol

Thread: another shed story
11/08/2014 16:46:56
Posted by chris Bond on 11/08/2014 13:23:56:

Hope I am not hi jacking this thread but has anyone put non mains lighting in their shed Not task lighting but just something to see by in the winter

I wondered whether lipo power would be an option.

12V Leisure battery would be better than lipo, you can get some little fluorescent strip lights from a Caravan or similar to hang up and it would last a lot longer too

Thread: rcg 26cc
10/08/2014 20:21:54

All info I can find on RCGF 26cc engines puts the fuel oil mix at 25:1 to 40:1 if its new and you`re running it at 50:1 is there a possibility you might have warped the head a bit or damaged the liner / ring while running it previously ? if its a tight new engine with not enough oil a lot of heat can build up very quickly, might be worth while taking the head off and checking it for level and the liner for scoring or similar

Thread: Hobby King Global Warehouse.
06/08/2014 22:52:21

Are you going to the right site Here ? how come my last Parcel from HK UK I could track all the way before it was delivered ?

5/8/2014 11:12 Shrewsbury Depot Delivered
5/8/2014 6:00 Shrewsbury Depot Loaded to vehicle for delivery
5/8/2014 4:39 Shrewsbury Depot Received at delivery depot
5/8/2014 1:55 National Hub Received and processed
4/8/2014 18:20 Ipswich Depot Forwarded for processing


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06/08/2014 21:36:01
Posted by GrahamWh on 06/08/2014 21:33:11:

Kev I think your next update on the tracking site will be "sent from MPC... to (some code for Heathrow)". That's where mine got to as of 1st July. I have been communicating with HK who are looking into it!.

(John, there seems to be a big price jump with APC props when you go from 13" to 14" - seems to nearly double!)

Did you try parcel force track and trace, when it gets to Britain they take over

Thread: Hanger 9 P47 Thunderbolt 60
06/08/2014 21:17:49
Posted by Rich2 on 06/08/2014 14:05:52:

All fixed now and four further flights on the retracts have been without issue, so I'm very pleased with them.


Its gotta be time to put the cowl on then, at least let her look nice on her outings rose

Thread: Rawle Aviation
06/08/2014 17:34:17

The police will just tell you its a civil matter, to sort it out yourself and wont do a thing

Thread: Hobby King Global Warehouse.
06/08/2014 17:27:02
Posted by Erfolg on 06/08/2014 16:18:26:

The APC style props from HK, are also very good in both performance and balance, I certainly would not dismiss them because they are much lower in price.

Pos Malaysia appear to be a troublesome carrier, they were also the company who took so long to deliver my lipos in two separate orders, separated by some time. Other small orders have arrived very quickly. Swiss Air used to be very good, I do wonder why move from such a good carrier to one that seems to use sailing ships and possibly camels.

Because the good ones wont ship LIPO`s

04/08/2014 20:42:51

Parcel force still track the item as it moves along, Ive got a parcel coming from HK UK and I can track it, at 18:20 its in Ipswich depot, forwarded for processing

04/08/2014 17:45:08

Have you tried parcel force tracking website, I`ve had it show up on there but not who ever did the first leg of the journey before now

Thread: HK UK postal charges
04/08/2014 17:43:02

Yep, I bought a car esc / motor and some clips yesterday, 24 hour post was something like 40p cheaper than 48 hour

03/08/2014 00:45:36

If you want to watch the Video with subtitles in English -

click where it says you tube in the bottom right corner to watch it on the actual you tube page,

then again in the bottom right corner, between the clock and sprocket, there is a rectangle with lines in, click it,

click "on",

then click the little down arrow where it says Spanish,

click translate,

find English

and Robert is your Mothers Brother

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