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Thread: DX6G3
17/06/2018 18:15:27
Posted by Robert Putley 1 on 17/06/2018 13:23:45:

Is it possible using a Spektrum DX9, also DX10t to, via a switch to have 10% up elevator for hand launching a model.

No problem

You can do it by using the flt mode and set it up there.

Or make a mix

aux 3 >elev

Then set the switch you want

And set the elevator as you want

And fly


17/06/2018 11:36:24

As I understand your question:

You want to give it a bit of down elevator when using the motor...

Just Go to mixes

Set it to

Motor>elevator and adjust it with removed prop

(Or a external rx battery instead of the esc, so the motor don't run  

Normally 1-2 mm down will do it..


Thread: Vario
14/06/2018 21:23:59

Just get a Lemon LM0052


And get a satellit for it


And then you are flying

They also have a LM0053U

It is without the Amp and battery pack plugs, a bit cheaper for gliders without motor..


I have 3 in some of my gliders and they are working great, much cheaper and have better telemetri range than Spektrum telemetri recivers



Thread: Telemetry - do you use it? What do you think of it?
13/06/2018 20:17:27
13/06/2018 15:46:05
Posted by phil alvirez on 13/06/2018 15:02:40:

Soren: thank you for your help.

about your instructions on vario/altitude: tried, and have some questions:

1-the lift report shows ft/s and not sec

2-same for sink. i think this is what you meant, right?

3-when checking the screen for altitude and the other for vario, both read 'altitude'

but i hear nothing about vario. i expected to hear tones.

4-about the switch for vario: 1 position is for... tones?

5-and the other for...(i would like to hear altitude)

thanks again for your help.


You can switch of the tones on vario but not the altitude announcement when first set.

And you must move the glider up to get the tone, Normally just wave it up and down should do it.

12/06/2018 21:05:43
Posted by phil alvirez on 12/06/2018 19:46:01:


about the video on the glider: is it by you? if so, could you please provide all the data on it?

same as at the other post: radio, receiver, esc, battery, motor,


Yes it's my glider

The glider is a:

Arthobby Silent 3,4 meter




DX9/ Ar8000+ TM1000 and vario gauge, Mega motor (can't remember the number) and folding prop, 40 amp esc, 1800 3 cell batt.









Edited By Speedster on 12/06/2018 21:08:14

12/06/2018 18:57:47
Posted by phil alvirez on 12/06/2018 17:25:29:

now, if that is you who is flying the plane, could you provide details on it? just to make sure: the radio is the DX6G3, right? and the receiver? motor? battery? esc? prop?


DX9/ Ar8000+ TM1000 and vario gauge, Arthobby Silent 3,4 m, ? Mega motor + folding prop, 40 amp esc, 1800 3 cell batt.


12/06/2018 15:49:34

I also have altitude report every 10 sec,

Same way as above

press 2 x altitude

Status report 10 sec


Edited By Speedster on 12/06/2018 15:52:54

12/06/2018 14:56:06
Posted by phil alvirez on 11/06/2018 20:34:56:

i think i have to be more specific. to start, i need yo learn how to get vario (tones) on lets say switch 3. if any1 has a video, great. if not, step by step can do.


Hi Phil

1 press scroll

2 press telemetri

3 auto config

4 press vario 2 times

My set up is:

display act

report delay 1/4 sec

lift report + 0,2 sec

sink report -5 .0 sec (in that way the you don't have the sink sound all the time)

switch ( you just move the one you want)

and make one of the 0 or 1 black


Good luck


11/06/2018 17:35:53
Posted by phil alvirez on 09/06/2018 11:40:20:

telemetry with voice-but no comprehensive manual

there is now voice with telemetry so you dont have to take your eyes away from the model.

i got a DX6G3 (horizon) that could be used with a lemon 0052 receiver with telemetry (yes, the brand is "lemon" so i can hear alarms of low volts at the battery model, and other data. (sounds great, isn't it?)

problem is, the manual does not explain exactly how to do this, and when contacting the threads that supposedly are to help, even the 'experts' from the company that nose in don't provide the exact details and talk you down for asking such basic questions. so it is that there are no instructions for the masses, just for experts.

the reason i came here is to see if there is someone that has this radio and perhaps can help me.

i understand that the radios on this series have the same program so anyone who owns a radio DXwhatever could be of help too.


Edited By phil alvirez on 09/06/2018 11:41:27

Just try the different screens and play


Thread: Lidl XL glider conversions - Having fun with a 7.99 Lidl Glider converted to Radio Control
10/06/2018 20:18:59
Flying my Lidl XL glider plane with 50 mm DRMadthrust EDF,
30 Amp Esc, 1300 mha 4 cell battery.
Pretty fast for this glider, but it handle it with ease
485 gram AUW and CG at 50mm.
08/06/2018 18:28:19
Evil Lidl, Maiden and how I made it.
3x HD 65 servos, 30 Amp esc, 40 mm edf, 1050 mha 3 cell 40 c, it need a good battery with c rating around 50
CG on 60 mm
I have now changed the 40 mm EDF to a 50 mm 12 blade DRmadthrust, and 4 cell 1300 65 c battery, and this is a really great set up, at 485 gram AUW

Thread: reflex and camber
04/06/2018 16:13:37

Hi mike

Be sure it is set up as a glider

And then you set in in flt mode, Camber preset.

Or take a look here:

Good luck
Thread: Gliding video thread
04/06/2018 09:17:55
Posted by trebor on 03/06/2018 10:38:26:

Good video for a novice like me, I'll have to watch your control setup video again as I've forgot what the thermal mode is blush Should I be be able to do this with HK P2000 or is it heavier than your Arthobby ?


A P2000 is not the best thermal glider, but on a good day it will thermal.

The thermal record for the P2000 in my club is 35 min. 40 sec. so give it a go

Just keep the speed down to just over the stall speed,

Good luck


03/06/2018 08:11:22
How to find the thermals
Showing my thermal flying technique.
Flying my Arthobby Silent 3,4m in low and weak but flyable thermals on a calm summer day, late in the afternoon.
Boring to watch, but pretty challenging to keep the glider in the air.
I use Spektrum DX9, Ar8000 rx and Tm1000 telemetri + vario gauge on this glider..... or you can just use the Lemon LM0052 U as the Rx together with Spektrum G2 transmitters

Edited By Speedster on 03/06/2018 08:15:51

Thread: Set up
01/06/2018 13:55:07

Like this

Flying with this set up:
Good luck
Thread: Lidl XL Glider
31/05/2018 18:12:45

More Lidl

Thread: Gliding video thread
26/05/2018 14:19:13

Flying my 6 meter DG800s RC glider at Sæby Modelflying club
Camera: IPhone se, Garmin Virb elite, Gopro hero.

Thread: Horton BV38, Raiders of the lost ark.
20/05/2018 17:39:09

Horten BV38 kit

The German plane in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I had the pleasure to maiden the Horten BV38 for a club member
Just a few click on the trim and so easy to fly and land


Thread: C130 Hercules
20/05/2018 17:32:16

On mission

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