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Thread: Brian Winch
27/08/2019 15:50:06

Brian was part of modelling life in Australia as long as I can remember and always gave a helping hand with any engine problem you could throw at him. Although I only fly electric these days his column was always a first read, I enjoyed learning more about engines and he was so generous with advice. I've decided to fire up one of my ancient diesels in memory of him. He will be sorely missed.

Thread: June 2015 issue feedback and some changes at RCM&E
03/06/2015 14:01:46


My first email re delivery problems was in April 2014. 68 emails to and fro, including to Graham and David and Adam Sherman, who manages Air Business to one of the execs at MyTime media and 20 to Kate Scott finally got results and I can tell you that Kate persisted with great patience and even sent duplicate copies posted on the same day by MyTime media via Royal Mail and Air Business to test the arrival time of each. No prize for guessing which arrived on time and which arrived some three weeks later.

So I really think they are trying hard to get it right, but it isn't simply as easy as sacking some errant person down the line. I'd say a contract was signed outsourcing the subscription department and they engaged Air Business Pty who aren't able, or don't want to fulfill delivery times for the contract price. MyTime media now find themselves with long time overseas subscribers who are fed up and some I know have attempted to cancel their subscriptions and they are in a bind with a probable long term contract. Not an easy situation for any company, but I'm sure they will achieve a result in the end and certainly Kate has solved the prolem for me.


02/06/2015 15:38:47


You've blown their secret. The overseas mailing has been handled by Air Business Ltd, for some time now. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Irish Postal Service and yes they do send the magazines to various destinations in bulk for mailing at local prices and the delivery dates are woeful. After many letters to Kate at subscriptions and the upper management at Air Services I managed to get my delivery time fairly close to when MyTime media did their own distribution via Royal Mail. So yes fill in the survey I think they are trying to resolve the problem. The real answer is don't hand your distribution services to the cheapest bidder


Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
18/03/2015 12:38:26

Totally brilliant! I thought the pilot did a great job on the landing. smile p


Thread: RCM&E 2014 Special
07/10/2014 19:07:30

Ken and Kiwikanfli, I still don't have my copy, nor my October issue. If other antipodean subscribers are having the same problems please take the time to write to the subscriptions department, I've done so, but don't seem to be getting any result.

Thread: Upgrading to digital access
16/09/2014 09:20:49


I received a long email from MyTime management, explaining their recent problems and an apology.

My orignal contract has been honoured and I have digital access until 2015 at my original renewal date.

I have now renewed with a combined print and digital subscription until 2017. However still having print delivery problems.


Thread: The thread for your subscriber questions and queries **please do not start a new thread**
16/09/2014 09:11:49

Nick, count yourself lucky my October issue hasn't arrived yet. Last month, after a lot of complaining, the magazine arrived at its usual time, but now the system's gone wrong again. I get other mags on subscription from the UK, no problems ever, they are always in my mailbox about three days after English subscribers get theirs.

I certainly think the editors should start letting the publishers no that they need to get their act together.


Thread: Upgrading to digital access
24/08/2014 02:09:04


My answer is three letters to subscriptions explaining that you simply want PC access, not smart phones, or tablets, or Ipads, etc. Finally in my case and after a week of waiting they got the message and I can now access the archive as I always did. Of course I'm still waiting to have my subscription date restored to where it was before this fiasco.

16/08/2014 03:21:25


I would appreciate if you would PM me when you have a response. My subscription was prepaid until October 2015 and like you I believed that I would continue to have digital access until the end of that contract. My access was also removed and when I phoned subscriptions from Australia and asked for the opportunity to cancel the subscription in view of the loss of access, I was refused and told that the only alternative was to shorten the subscription by three issues in order to pay for continued digital access. What's more, having acquiesced and allowed the woman I spoke to to make the change, on assurance that it would be effected immediately, I then had to wait for a week and after a letter to subscriptions, finally had access restored yesterday.

While my appreciation of RCM&E remains high, my opinion of the publishers, MyTime Media has zeroed. They are either as you suggest extremely naive, or money grabbing opportunists..

07/08/2014 15:03:38

Hmm! I also upgraded today by telephone. I wasn't allowed the opportunity to pay for the upgrade but had my renew date shortened by 3 issues, which is near enough the equivalent amount. I was told that the change had been made as we spoke and that I'd be able to access in a couple of hours. That was some three hours ago and after reading your post I tried and guess what, no luck.

I'll try again tomorrow. I do keep my old magazines for quite some time, so if you want to PM me with the issue and what pages you need, I'll photocopy and send to you.


Thread: The thread for your subscriber questions and queries **please do not start a new thread**
26/07/2014 04:27:17


I think we all love our RCM&E and when something goes awry, trust that it will be promptly fixed. It's only, when it drags on that we feel we can afford a grizzle. So now the powers that be are aware, something is happening and we are being looked after as usual, the sign of a magazine that really does listen to its readers.


25/07/2014 13:45:48

Hi David,

I think Air Business are suffering problems with their suppliers, full stop. My copy has still not arrived and like Nick I have finally had a response from Alexis in subscriptions, saying just the same as the reply to Nick.

Maybe it's time to find an alternative to Air Business.


22/07/2014 07:12:29

David Ashby, if you read this could you get someone to chase subscriptions please. As of today I still haven't received my August issue. That's 20 days after the UK subscribers got theirs. In Australia we pay quite a hefty postage premium for airmail delivery.

I've emailed them six days ago and apart from the automated reply acknowledging receipt, have had no response whatsoever. That's rather rude and an awfully poor customer relationship.


Thank you,


Edited By David Ashby - RCME on 22/07/2014 10:16:59

Thread: Farewell and thanks!
05/07/2014 15:10:21


Here in my country retreat on the other side of the pond, you're enthusiasm and ideas will be very much missed. Your posts were always read with interest and often spurred my partner and I to get on with a current model and most importantly get out in the paddock and fly.


Thread: How to view list of threads from a member?
13/05/2014 00:48:34

Wow! Pete B,

Friendliness here, you said and then got off your high horse to deliver a crate of sour grapes to a new member who gently outlined a very simple way to improve the usefulness of this forum.

So thank you Steve for outlining this feature and to Kate for making it work, I find it a very handy tool. And please Steve, don't depart to computer only forums as was suggested.


Thread: And I was just going for a swim
30/04/2014 15:38:16

This afternoon I went for a swim on Air Force Beach at Evans Head in Northern New South Wales, but arrived to find a Brumby High Wing 610 LSA, being dragged out of the surf by a group of fishermen. The pilot, an eighty one year old gentleman, had been quickly got out and was standing on the beach looking a bit shaken, but otherwise okay. He was very puzzled because the brand new Lycoming O_233 engine had packed up and he couldn't get it restarted, so as he was about 1 kilometer off the coast he turned inland in an attempt to make the old Memorial Airport, which is still open to small aircraft. Unfortunately he couldn't make it, but did get to the waters edge, but because it was full tide, there just wasn't sufficient exposed sand and a wave caught the plane and flipped it over. He said he was terrified that he was going to drown, as he was struggling to get his belt off with one foot caught under the control pedal, but a fisherman had rushed to help free him and he was out in less than a minute. I gave a hand to get the wings off so that it could be hitched up to one of the fishermen's truck and towed up through the Dunes, this is one of only a couple of our local beaches where access is allowed to 4 wheel drive vehicles, so as you can see from the pictures all ended well and later the plane was on the road to the airport for repairs.



The pilot said that after 60 years of flying he now thought it was time to give it up. I suggested that maybe he could take up RC models, but he laughed and said that his son was in to modelling and had tried teaching him, but he'd found the transition too hard.

Thread: Any views on this situation ?
18/04/2014 16:40:32

Fast Flyer,

Firstly I bred and showed cats, Cornish Rex, for twenty years both in the UK and later in Australia where I now live. I now breed dogs, Great Danes. I can imagine your friend's disappointment, but I also believe that for any responsible breeder the welfare of their animals is paramount. From your post it seems that the breeder has kept the dog in her care until it is eight weeks of age, the correct thing to do and at that date has decided, for whatever reason, that the dog is not suitable for your friend, or perhaps vice versa. Like Great Danes, Beagles are not your average pets, they are bred as hunting dogs and usually live in packs. If you have one at home, you will need to be there with him most of the time, they must have company. In fact it is often recommended that you have two, so as to be less demanding of your time. They are scent hounds, they dig, they jump fences, they bark a lot and do not live happily, restricted to a kennel, or indoors and should never be chained up. You really need a well-fenced yard and must be prepared to exercise them regularly and always walk them out on a lead. Once they are on a scent, then any thing else goes from their minds. Buying one is a huge responsibility; it certainly isn't like placing an order for an a.r.t.f. model with Hobby King and getting a refund when the back-order doesn't arrive.

I think the breeder has probably decided in the puppy's best interest and has made no delay in returning your friend's deposit. As for compensating your friend for petrol costs and I know that petrol is twice as expensive in the UK compared to Australia, but I think that part of it is your friend's decision when deciding to make the purchase of this rather special breed of dog. Sure it would be nice if the breeder offered to share that with him, but I wouldn't think she had any obligation to do so and from what you've written, she has acted fairly and responsibly as regards the dogs she breeds.


Thread: What's the main radio brand you fly?
17/04/2014 16:02:58

Used Multiplex until the advent of 2.4, bought a DX6i, then DX8, then DX18. I still have the 3 Spektrum TXs and have never had a problem, all 100% reliable. Sadly the much loved Multiplex 35 was stolen, but long after I stopped using it.

Thread: Members Map
28/03/2014 05:32:06


404 for me also trying to connect from Oz.


Thread: Multiplex FunCub
26/12/2013 06:35:06

We've two Fun Cubs in the family, both with Multiplex Power Sets, both bought 2010, both with aluminium motor mounts to solve initial vibration problems. They fly well in a stiff breeze, but not with the flaps down. With the right head wind you can get an almost stationary ground speed, which makes for fun landings. They really are most enjoyable models and definitely fun to fly.

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