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Thread: Pioneering modellers
29/10/2013 04:22:54

I guess that the Kite and Model Aeroplane Association must have been what we now know as the BFMA, or as a lot of us will remember the SMAE?

Thread: suitable model??
27/10/2013 01:04:25


There is a fellow New Zealander who flys a Nitro Planes ARF Long-EZ, powered by his homemade pulse jet. That could be the go.


He also flys a Tamecat trainer from World Models.

Seems like you have a pulse jet expert in NZ.



Thread: How long does it take to get to your flying site?
16/10/2013 13:00:43

Well the club is 30k away, drive time 30min, so i mostly fly from my own paddocks. That means mowing regularly of course. I have a windsock on the cow yards, but no tea making facilities. On the other hand when I forget something or, break a prop on one of those pesky tussocks, it's a wonderful excuse to drop back up to the house for refreshment. There's a slope used by kiters a couple of k's away, but I haven't done any model soaring for yonks, maybe I'll go try it sometime.


Thread: On this day, 15th October
16/10/2013 03:59:11

A belated happy birthday CScake

And thanks to you, I now know that the wonderful Merlin engine was run 5 years and 9 days before I was born.

Thread: Free stuff weekend
05/10/2013 02:24:57

Well the cap wouldn't bust the postage budget and I'd certainly wear it all the long hot flying summer.

Thread: Members Map
27/09/2013 14:01:10

Hi there Jessop, I guessed that. smiley Proud new addition to the EU, just couldn't resist a tease, especially as we have a largish Croat population in OZ.

26/09/2013 14:32:26

Sorry Josip, You haven't looked far enough East. There are members in Israel, Arab Emirates and if you pan right further and down a bit, you'll find us Ozzies and Kiwis miles further East.

We'll be opening our Chrissie presents earlier to.

Thread: What would you want on the short list if I was to run a poll to find our favourite all-time foamie?
26/09/2013 14:17:48

Definitely the Easy Star, Twin Star and the FunCub and I'd add the Dynam Tiggie. I've got two trad built Tiger Moths, but the Dynam foamie flies equally well and is so neasy to stack in the back of the Patrol and take anywhere without having to break it down.

Thread: RCM&E 2013 Autumn special
24/09/2013 07:53:23

Does any other Australian subscriber have their Autumn Special, print copy yet?

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
18/08/2013 02:38:58

Ah! Eric

Xmas cards are already appearing in Australia as well, but for us they bring the promise of the long hot summer ahead and lots and lots of excellent flying weather.

18/08/2013 02:35:26

Seem to remember sometime in the 1990's it was a mouse in every bite. Not being partial to rodents I've never touched one since.

Thread: Digital Issues Subscription
30/07/2013 02:02:09

Excerpt from David's August Newsletter received 29/7/2013, bold lettering inserted by me.

" Dear Paul,
This month's subscription gift comes in the form of a balsa stripper and tool set and we've just launched some exciting new subscriber packages some featuring downloadable digital editions.
With all good wishes,
David Ashby
Could someone from management please clarify what is being talked about here. Are the digital editions suddenly downloadable, or do they remain as ever, read only on-line?
28/07/2013 09:42:11


I don't think you've taken into account the new subscription forms and the very increased pricing. As an Australian subscriber I have an issue with the new scheme of things. I,ve subscribed for some years now and one thing that plagues RCM&E's print subscription is the fact that it often arrives down under much later than subscribers in the UK receive it and almost always well after it is available in the UK shops. People have complained about this from time to time, but the situation reappears.

Under the present subscription this hardly matters because we antipodeans can just log in and read on-line until our hard copy arrives, but now this is no more. Well not quite, we can pay an extra £9 above the print subscription and get what we have now. That doesn't seem fair to me. When I renew I'll be paying over 32% more than I payed last year for exactly the same service, a very steep increase in these straightened times.

Further to that, the adverts for the new subscriptions are downright misleading, in that they state you can download the digital magazine and we all know this to be untrue, it is read only. So what are we loyal print subscribers being slugged for? Do management have any justification, or are they just grabbing more money and hoping the subscribers stay regardless?

Thread: New site appearance
28/07/2013 02:48:54
Posted by Martin Phillips on 27/07/2013 14:28:27:

On my Android tablet, if I touch an area where the tablet cannot recognise which part I am touching, a small window enlarges that part of the page so I don't need baby sized fingers to operate it. smiley

Currently one of the many small advantages of Google's system, Martin and one of the reasons I like my Galaxy smart phone. However the screen on the phone is a just a bit too small to make reading RCM&E on it comfortable for a gent of my years. Maybe Apple's new system update in September will catch up.cheeky

27/07/2013 14:17:56

Well I've held my tongue and hoped it would improve, not the forums which seem to work much as before, but the overall web design is a mess. As a film director, I’d recommend Mytime media employs a decent graphic layout artist on the web site, so that it might just come somewhere near the quality of the excellent magazine it serves. I’ve simply given up trying to read the site on my iPad during a coffee break; I’d need a magnifying glass to find the login symbol, which is one of the last things to load and then the fingers of a baby to actually activate it. I know of course that I can gesture around and enlarge the page and then scroll to find the symbol again and then enlarge again to get my finger on it, but by that time I’m bored with the whole operation, close it off, change tables and go find a colleague to chat too. Reading is now reduced to time spent on the iMac at home. There are plenty of other annoyances with the site, others seem to be honing in on those, but please instead of fiddling in an effort to slowly sort things out, why not forget the tech boffins muddling, get in a decent web designer and simply start again. RCME deserves better.


Thread: Weekend Giveaway
01/03/2013 09:33:29

Count me in for a book please.

Thread: Are Aussies welcome?
26/02/2013 06:35:43

Well I'm 155ks S.E., as the model flies, on 50acres of rainforest and as we are at 100 to 400 metres, we don't get flooded. But last Friday night we were completely isolated by flood waters, fortunately with plenty of bottles of wine and a tinnie or two. Come Saturday midday it was gone, but still too wet for any flying. Did you make it to the Gratton Invitational and see Mr. Machinsky and his crazy jet glider? What a gas.

25/02/2013 10:06:59

Welcome Panther. Lots of interesting information and help to be gleaned from these forums.

I'm beginning to think I'm the only Oz member with a public profile so you can see I'm in Northern NSW, the others like to keep their details to themselves.

Thread: RCM&E March 2013 feedback
06/02/2013 23:24:25

You've got me jumping with anticipation. A bit late in Oz this time, but where is the digital copy for us to read while we are waiting?

Thread: Won't supply to Scotland - Kings Lynn for a start, but who else?
25/01/2013 05:25:01


BEB removes posts without stating why. Kings Lyn Models won't state their position publically. Stinks to high heaven and wild tigers wouldn't be enough to persuade me to deal with them. Just look for a decent supplier.


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