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Thread: Building Brian Taylors Cessna 120
15/11/2018 22:46:23

ive bookmarked this thread now and will be following along. i have the same kit perhaps this'll be the thing to spurn me on. looking forward to the build.

Thread: Deagostini Spitfire build and 'leccy conversion.
19/10/2018 23:25:07

Hey There David. Your spitfire is looking great. Neevr worry about over engineering. that 5mm ply is perfect for the firewall. If you are going electric then stand off spacers are easy enough to make up any difference when it comes to mounting the motor. also don't worry too much about weight up her at the front end of the model. It's a spitfire and it will require additional weight up front. best of luck and keep up the good work.

Thread: Ferocious Frankie- Brian Taylor P-51
28/07/2018 07:18:30

I had been wondering when you were going to get back at this. I like your ideas when building the retract jig looks to have worked out well and will be worth the time spent on it I'm sure. WHat brand retracts did you end up with? Keep them posts coming and just know... We'll be watching you.


Thread: finishing my BT 61.5 Corsair
06/04/2018 23:26:47
Here is a little better video of her. I hope you like it.
13/03/2018 22:36:00

I'd like to add an update and wish I had some photos and a video but unfortunately I don't. Further to what I've said before about Brian Taylor models being brilliant fliers and all that. I've had this one out and in the air I think more than ten times now. Obviously the more you fly a model the better you get to know it. I started out with a 3 blade 16 inch prop on my 460Kv motor and felt it was lacking in power. I then switched to a xoar 18x8 prop and there was much better power. I touched the tips upon landing and ruined that beautiful prop. It was a little too big. I've since switched to a 17x12E prop and that's the sweat spot! I've not got unlimited verticle but I'm able to do large loops and she has plenty of power and speed now. the speed is just right for this bird.

I lovingly call her Jessie after my grandmother. Anyhow. Today was perfect for flying calm breeze up and down the runway, sun was shining and I'd had the day off. the model will twist and turn if you want her to but I prefer to fly her steady and gracefully cut up the sky lazy eights, split S, rolls, loops and diving for the runway then peeling off and climbing out and make that approach again. Landings are real easy even in gusty weather too. My last landing had my heart racing. the wind picked up without warning and I had to fly her onto the runway but she took it and came home safely too.

One of the fellas from the club managed to get some in the air shots so once he gets those to me I'll post them.

Thread: New Graphene Lipo Battery ?
06/03/2018 14:51:22

Hey guys. I've soent too much money on lipos and mostly been let down. I've tried Turnigy, NAno tech rhino gens ace. From 2s through to 6s and most likely thousands of pounds. Most of those brands have let me down with dead cells or just not enough grunt or life. The Graphene 4s ans 6s 5000 mah 65c lipos are brilliant. Yes they cost more but I feel they are reasonably priced for peice of mind knowing they actually do the job you put in front of them.

All of my Nano techs died. Absolute crap.

The plain Turnigy are ok for prop driven models but lack the grunt an EDF needs

The Gens ace are great wee batteries but overly expensive now.

Thread: Best Plane You Have Owned
19/02/2018 07:10:36

I have built lots of models and crashed even more. Bought models and wrecked them. A new trany sorted the crashes so now after quite a few years I'd say it is my Peter Millar Oolladaly.

Fun easy build

Easy to setup at the field

nice and predictable yet aerobatic

Rugged as old boots.

Better than any ARF I've ever flown.

Thread: Ferocious Frankie- Brian Taylor P-51
12/02/2018 22:05:32

I've seen a couple of your models in your photos. Beautifully finished so I am book marking this build and will be following along. This isn't the same Brian Taylor mustang I built but I did attempt at a ferocious franky finish as well. I've built 2 Brian taylor models now and I'll say this, he takes a lot of the guess work out of it. Best of luck and keep us posted

Thread: finishing my BT 61.5 Corsair
04/02/2018 07:14:49

Hey thanks guys. Nev when you do build the Corsair you’ll just love the lines in the sky. It I st looks great in the sky. You’ve got the retracts just build the wing. Then just build the rest! Look at me, it only took over 5 years. Lol. Concord are you building the 61 inch mustang? If so you’ll really enjoy the build. Mines made from Depron and it flys awesome. Sure Brian designs awesome planes. Yes we fly at an old air field. It’s a bit heat up and has weed issues but wee call it home. Although it seems that always be cold and breezy down there. I’ll post another’s video soon. Better quality. Happy landings.

Edited By Shane Sunday on 04/02/2018 07:15:58

Thread: OS MAX40 fp Carbeurator
04/02/2018 07:01:32

Thanks for all your help guys. The people in this hobby are stellar. 7 years at it and still meeting gems.

03/02/2018 14:20:27

Hey guys. I could use some help. I've an old OS max 40 Fp. it needs a whole new carb assembly. Can anyone point me to a replacement. I've searched the web but I'm real new to I.C. I've spent quite a bit already and don really want to splash out for a new engine.

Thanks in advance guys.

Thread: finishing my BT 61.5 Corsair
03/02/2018 13:09:36
03/02/2018 13:06:55

Hey folks. SOrry I let this build thread go. I'm horrible at these but I thought I'd let you all know that She is almost done and has had her maiden flight and all.

I have to say it has been a real learning experience for me. Re tooling a model to accept retracts was hard along with all the minor deviations I made from the plan. This size is brilliant for me everything fits into the car and goes together so easy at the field. The take off was easy you just have to keep in mind that she requires right rudder to track straight and she climbs out nice and easy with a 16x8 3 blade prop. She's nice and smooth in the air and real easy to fly only requiring a bit of trim to flight straight and level. It's not overly fast though. Apparently she flies more scale speed than anything. I have since changed to an 18x8 2 blade prop and there is considerable more power and speed.

The first landing was slow and sweet even for a 9lb model with lipo.

All in all a great corsair and would deffinately suggest this model for anyone looking a 60 inch F4U Corsair kit. I could even help out with the files for my retract wing setup.




maiden flight

Thread: Is traditional building a disappearing art?
28/12/2017 23:13:01

There deffinately is some kind soul Peter. At the moment my favourite model to fly is your Ooladally. Ive had it for years now but but somehow im only this year really getting to know it. Also when we are building traditionally it gives us an excuse to buy tools. And who doesn't love tools?

27/12/2017 20:24:16

I love building traditionaly. It's the finishing I've a problem with. As a model build drags on I tend to lose steam. I want to build them all. Funny enough I've lots of models I've bought but the few I've built and completed are my favorite to fly.

Thread: finishing my BT 61.5 Corsair
10/12/2017 19:01:08

Well with a little bit of faffing and a couple other handy photos I've managed to make a start on the cockpit. It'll do for my needs




09/12/2017 13:57:22

Here's some of the pics I found online





09/12/2017 13:51:11

Hey Trevor. Sorry I've taken so long to get back. Each flag is W=14mm H=9.

I've been trying to work on the cockpit and a couple other things but life seems to get in the way. I've been under the weather and I thought I'd just be able to crack on but no energy. I've been searching the web for ideas though. I'd come across the topflite 1/7 vacformed kit but A: it's pretty dear and B: it looks nothing like the Corsair cockpit. I'm also thinking of building it from depron so nice and light. SUre we will see. Back to it soon

Thread: Hawker Hurricane by John Timmis
02/12/2017 22:02:34

Man thats looking sweet. Looking forward to the maiden flight

Thread: finishing my BT 61.5 Corsair
29/11/2017 20:41:16

N here’s the experiment contact glued in place


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