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Thread: Guillows Stuka
25/11/2011 14:38:10
How goes the build? I've had zero chance to get onto the corsair. I'm still thinkin of the electronics and the placement. Would realy like to see how your getting on. t least someone is building.....
Thread: SU-27UB, 1800mm, Tetris, Bukvorez
19/11/2011 16:59:54
This looks very interesting. I would be tempted to order a kit but for the fact that I can't figure out how and it looks like a lesson in patience. Honestly WOW! How long did it take to get to the end?
Thread: Guillows Stuka
19/11/2011 10:24:41
Hey I'm still very new at all of this so all the info I can get helps. It helps me decide what it is I can do to make my models better. The only experience I have with stick models was when I was 15 and built a mustang that was rubber powered. Lets put it this way... It was never able to fly. So when it comes to a philosophy I'm still building one.
What I am looking for is a model that I can throw out my back door and belly land on the grass on those calm as days. I haven't had any opportunity to build anything this past week or so. Maybe get back at it next week.

Edited By Shane Sunday on 19/11/2011 10:25:32

16/11/2011 11:32:40
Hahahaahahahaha. Well then I don't need to say anything. I'm sure you've more experience than me and therefore know why you're doing it. Will you sheet the top? I think I'm looking at the open top could be wrong. I've added wing tapes so I can iron on solarfilm. So I've added weight as well. If I weren't worried about weight I'd put micro servos in the wing. I am using bell cranks tho. What size battery you going to use? I'll post some more pix tomoro. Gonna redo the vert stab and cover the fuse.
Keep er lit!
Thread: FW-190 builders thread......
11/11/2011 09:53:33
This looks great Ruston. If I were covering using PolyC and wanted to keep the weight down I think I would use tissue as well. So seal Tissue and polyC. It wouldn't add much weight and almost no strength but It will be a better surface to paint onto.
Keep m coming.
Thread: Oh dear, winter's here, how much flying are you getting in?
09/11/2011 16:42:23
This past Sunday was just perfect. This was the first time I was to fly my Pilatus on an actual air field. Makes you feel good on the fourth flight ever with a model and you can land it better than some of the seasoned vets. Enough gloating though. Seagull PC-9 is such a dream and taking off and landing on an old WW2 air field is a dream.
Today the customary clouds are back and the sky is crying. Feel as if summer never happened.
Thread: Guillows Stuka
09/11/2011 10:14:42
I will be useing the Emax 2822 on a 2 cell lipo with a 10x6 prop. They say it will produce 18 ounces of thrust at 15 watts. So keep her light!!!!!! We shall see tho.
08/11/2011 22:33:36
and just a couple more

08/11/2011 22:18:20
I agree. With the both of you. On one hand I want the model strong. On the other I want it too be light enough to run off a 2 cell lipo. For this reason I have chosen to plank particular regions to strengthen as well as to adhere the solar film to. The 2 cell thing is why I have gone off glass cloth and resin. At the moment I am wrestling with the bell cranks. I've got the idea sorted. I have made a cranck from balsa and plastic card. The balsa is there to provide girth.
here are a couple of pics
I've lightened the tail feathers. That there is one handy tool for making holes of varying sizes.
Here we see number 1 rib duplicated to sandwich the servo
the ailerons were a bit fiddly
and the whole wing.

Thread: Blackhorse 63
04/11/2011 22:52:21
I've just added some pannel lines to the wing and some weathering as well. I've also decided to go with one servo for the elevator. I had considered many different ways of doing it but a friend who has been modeling for more years than I've been alive got me there in the end. This is what we've come up with.

the elevator.

Thread: Guillows Stuka
04/11/2011 22:03:16
Wow you are really getting on with this build! I'm still in the planking phaze of the build. Looking at this I might have to get my finger out. Can I ask what weight cloth you used? I have poly C Which I reckon is like your WVP but would consider laminating resin. Keep up the good work. I'm going to get mine now as the hose is finally quiet.
Thread: Blackhorse 63
30/10/2011 22:01:17
Hey guys. I've been puttering away on various repairs and builds as well as steeling what little time I could get out and fly between the rain. I have however done a little on the the ole jug.
Here I've added some detail to the nose art
There is still some work to go into it. I've also joined the wing, installed the servos and retracts. Here are a few shots of her on her feet.

I need to strip those stripes off the tail then add some paint, panel lines and markings. I've also ejected the lil guy from the drivers seat. He was far too happy and large. I had to carve away the wing dowel holes a little south so that I could get the wing to sit flush as well as take the belly pan. The belly pan itself needed sanded down on the rear 2 formers because the corners were digging into the wing. I'm trying to figure out the right scale size exhaust ports for this jug so I can build those from plastic card.
Until next time...
Thread: Seagull Pilatus PC9
30/10/2011 16:12:31
Well it is now october nearly November and I have been waiting for a day off along with good weather. Also a friend has wanted me to maiden it at his club but due to bad weather and days off this has not been possible. I have been waiting some time to fly thus bad boy. The weather today in Belfast has been nice, overcast and winds about 12-15 mph. So no more waiting I had to take her up. WOW! I thought I might need to use a different prop to get more power but my 13x4 works a treat. The battery is a 5s 5500 mah lipo and the AUW is 6lbs 5oz. I had a quick flight to see how she performed and only needed 3 clicks up trim to have her flying straight and level. I think I could trim a couple oz of lead off the front. First flight was 4 mins with a good landing second was 3.20 mins and a rough landing but I still had 36% of the battery left after both flights. I've so much to say but I think WOW sums it up.
Thanks for all the help guys.
Thread: Guillows Stuka
21/10/2011 10:21:44
Ah yes it is but as she comes together it becomes worth while.
Thread: Dear Santa I would like......
21/10/2011 10:18:39
Dear santa all I would like for christmass is the strength to carry on. Well that and some flat calm days so I can maiden the 3 new models I've gotten over the past few months. Hmmm could you throw in some addiction counseling as well?
Thread: Guillows Stuka
21/10/2011 09:46:23
Hey there Erfolg. What glue do you plan on using? I am using CA. I don't know if it will work overly well as it doesn't have much fill capacity but it sure has sped up the build time. I'm concidering hitting all the joints with aliphatic before I skin it. Careful with CA glue cuz it will bond your fingers in a second. Ask me how I know So if you go that route make sure to have some un bond handy. The structure seems strong enough tho. Also a handy tool when nipping those notches from the ribs, formers and stringers is a pair of modelers side cutters. You can see them in the photo I posted. It saves so much time.
Looking forward to seeing some build pics.
Thread: Final Vote for the Common Model Choice
20/10/2011 07:37:32
The Astro Hog
The Super 60
Thread: Guillows Stuka
17/10/2011 21:14:03
Have you started the Build yet? I have a 63" Jug in the process of getting radio gear. I have started to at balsa plates in all the required spaces for strength. Having looked at your build has helped thanks. I was thinking of using solar film for covering tho. Hmmmm haaa. I dunno. I will be keeping it in mind. At the moment I'm wondering what to secure a spruce square rod to so I can mount a motor to it. Also this will help in balancing the model. This is my thinking tho I could be wrong.
I'm playing with the idea of using bell cranks for the ailerons. I'll have to make them from thin ply. I've had absolutely no luck with snakes.
What are your thoughts guys?
17/10/2011 13:19:02
Here is how my Corsair looks so far.

16/10/2011 09:20:39
Wow that's cool man. Did you sheet the entire model with balsa then cover with paper? I've atempted to cover the vert stab with solar trim. It's not the greatest job as I don't have much experience so a bit wrinkly. Working on the wing as we speak. Photos some time today if the computer co operates.
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