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Thread: Seagull Pilatus PC9
16/08/2011 10:09:41
this is the funny and confusing part. My manual is infact the 60.63 version but inclueds the image for balancing from the 71 version.
15/08/2011 23:43:03
SEAGULL PILATUS PC9 ROULETTE (40-46). 60.6 inch wing span. Don't I know it, I don't want to get this wrong either. I've added 28g of lead to the front end and she balances just south of 9.5 cm.
oh and thanks for the quick response

Edited By Shane Sunday on 15/08/2011 23:43:40

15/08/2011 22:37:19
Well guys in the end I have made a top hatch just behind the fire wall and leading to just in front of the canopy. I bought 2 5s 5500mah lipo's and still she is tail heavy! sure I don't put both in at the same time. The recommended CoG is 8-9.5 cm from the leading edge at the fuse right? I've asked a friend of mine and he assures me this is the case although the manual, by the looks of it, is telling me that I measure 8-9.5 cm from the leading edge at the wing tip? this makes the CoG almost centred on the wing. So with the lipo in and weighing a fair bit at 620g it still looks as if she is going to need some lead up front.
When I built the hatch I marked out with tape where I wanted to cut, made sure she was straight then took my razor saw and gently started sawing. I then built 4 formers to keep the curved shape 2 for the front and 2 for the canopy side. I then made hinges for one side and magnet mounts for the other side. I wanted to have the mounts going lengthwise but then the lipo wouldn't fit. So it is a side opening hatch.
Thanks for the help again guys what would I do without this forum. Oh I know... Crash. heck lets face it I do that anyhow.
Thread: FS: Phoenix RC SIM, Boxed with lead, good condition
13/08/2011 10:08:43
I'll take it
send me your email

Edited By Shane Sunday on 13/08/2011 10:09:16

Thread: What do you do for a JOB... ???
13/08/2011 10:04:05
Tattoo artist. Self taught and all of my early works suck! Somehow though I remain a home town hero. After 5 years of it I went to school to become graphic designer, Tattooing to make my way through. Graduated and found the field to be full of ego's which I wanted no part of. So continued on with tattooing. Now 18 years on I own my own business graduated 2 apprentices and teaching 2 more. I want to stop working and enjoy tattooing again so once these two have learned I can spend more time out on the field.
Thanks to TV business has been good. No thanks to the banks and governments business has gotten tough.

Edited By Shane Sunday on 13/08/2011 10:04:42

Thread: Foam and tissue DONT mix...
11/08/2011 11:45:14
Tear that stuff off the wing, sand it smooth again and get yerself some POLY-C. Lay down the tissue and apply thin layers of Poly-C using a hair dryer in between coats to dry it. Jobs a good une. I've done it this way lots of times to great effect.
Thread: Finally got airbrush kit :)
11/08/2011 11:25:34
Hey Lee that paint looks fantastic for the first few goes at it. It looks to me like you put down about three layers of paint maybe more. This could build up and add weight right? If I might add a tip...
Depending on what paint you are using but, I would use Auto Air semi transparent black and lightly lay down where I want all of my darkest tones to be. Building up each pass until it's black and feather out where my medium tones are meeting my green and my white. Follow me? so far it's only shades of black. Once this is finished I would take Auto Air green Candy and cover the entire area maybe 2 passes is all. finally hitting my highlights with white or maybe not at all.
I'm not sure what airbrush you are using or which paint you are using as well what your mixture is  So I can't comment there. but it looks real good so far.

Would love to see more.

Edited By Shane Sunday on 11/08/2011 11:27:18

Thread: Counter rotating help please
01/08/2011 11:42:57
Aye the props need to be contra as the elevons themselves will not counter act the roll effect. I had a look at those ones there Richard thanks for the help. Seems they are getting very mixed reviews.
Still seaching.
01/08/2011 09:56:23
Hey guys. I am looking to use 2 2200kv motors as pushers on an up and coming project but the problem is that there a few if any counter rottaing props to be had on the market. Sure there are the slow fly options but they don't come in the sizes I was looking for. I was hopeing to swing 2 6x4 APC style props and was wondering if it was possible to just switch two of the wires to the ESC and then have one of the propellers facing the opposite direction?
Adversely if anyone has a link to a contra rotating prop of similar size that would be amazing. I've searched to no avail.
Thoughts and suggestions very welcome.
Thank you.
Thread: motor cutting out
25/07/2011 23:45:54
Oh I see you were offended by my internet speak think or text thing. Sorry bout that. All the kids are doing it.
Thanks for the help guys I'll see what I can do. Boy EDF is a different can of worms altogether. Batteries are 20-25c. I may cut a hole in the bottom to allow extra cooling as well. Thanks Richard. Diz your explanation sounds spot on though. I was able to get power back through throttling up and down. sounds like I need a higher C rating.
Thanks again guys
25/07/2011 21:31:42
This is the first I have heard of low voltage cut off. When I pulled the first batery out it had 44% left in it and the second had 68 left. Also air is flowing right over top of the ESC inside the model. I noticed that the power supply lead from the battery was against the receiver could this cause it to shut off? But then why would I have control over the surfaces?
I will look into the low voltage cut off thingy.
Thanks guys

25/07/2011 20:50:44
I was wondering if anyone has had their motor cut out when in flight? If so what did you do to fix it? What was the problem?
I have had a string of bad luck with models as of late. Today I took my A4 Skyhawk out for it's maiden flight. Wind conditions were favourable and it was nice and sunny warm too. I hand launched it and I only had a 3s 2300 lipo in. I had it balanced in the correct position acording to the instructions but still need a fair bit of down elevator for level flight. Once she did get to fliing straight and level she was a kitty cat, not too fast and not too slow but could still use some more power on the up wind journey. Anyhow about 2 1/2 mins into the flight the motor cuts out. I still have surface control and mange to get her down relatively safely. Busted fuse and aileron torn off. By the way never use the supplied glue, the whole thing seems to come apart. I'm useing epoxy to repair it. Anyhow I had some epoxy on hand and sorted it out there at the field. Took her back up and about a min and a half the same thing. This time the other side of the fuse cracked and tore the other aileron off. So I brought it home.
Anyone have anything like this happen?

Edited By Tim Mackey - Administrator on 25/07/2011 22:39:05

Thread: Seagull Pilatus PC9
20/07/2011 22:49:48
I am so glad I found this thread. Having read the review and much research otherwise before purchasing my PC-9 I felt confident this would be a sprightly follow on from my Jitterbug. I wanted a JUG but I need to be realistic about my abilities. I purchased the IC version and quickly converted it to leccy. I also took all the bits and bobs from the box and piled everything on the scale. She came in at 5lbs 7oz unassembled. I plan on powering it with a 5s 4600 mah lipo and motocalc says I'll get 7-8 min flight times useing a 11x7e prop on my Turnigy 4250/ 700.
Initially I wanted to use a 4 cell lipo as I have lots of 2cells kicking around but after bench testing the setup I got 18 amps and 404 watts. No where near enough to power this thing. So motocalc got that wrong. No worries. The 5cell 4300 mah lipo adds 620 grams to the equation but puts out 38amps and 665 watts continuous. Not too bad me thinks. Now I run into my problem about where to put my battery hatch and how to cut it? There aren't too many formers on top of the forward fuse and it's a bit tight anyhow. The bottom just before the fire wall looks appealing bit I'm unsure if I risk dumping my lipos mid flight. As well that motor is a big lump starting off heavier than the OS 40 FS I have kicking around in the shed collecting dust. Hell even with the dust it feels lighter. So now I plan on adding 620grams worth of power to the nose?????
Sorry this is so long but does anyone have any suggestions that could help me before I get into cutting wood please?
Thread: Spot the plane 3
19/07/2011 23:45:20
it's 52
Thread: Are you a twit?
17/07/2011 10:03:39
I Don't twit. But lots of people do. I mean people who are younger than myself mostly me being 38. I find it silly and a waste of time but... These sorts of things seem to be the way of the future. The younger people are communicating with one another, saying mostly the same things on all the other similar sites and the masses flock to it.
Like I said I don't do it but there are two people who work for me and seem to build new clientèle through it. It seems to be the way the world is going and in order to move with it we must adapt and pander to those up and coming modelers in order to continue growing ourselves.
My 2 cents.
Thread: Steve Shumate F-14 Tomcat
17/07/2011 09:47:18
Hey John
Thanks for that I'm real happy with the way it's coming along. The SU 37 is my next build once I'm finished my Depron 60" Mustang from BT plans. I would love to start it sooner but the mustang is calling.
What does the SU37 fly like?
If you are building with depron get yourself a good hot glue gun. Saves a lot of time in building and is very strong bond to the depron. As well when buying depron get yourself a couple sheets of the 2mm and 3mm as well as your 6 mm sheets. I dunno if you have a SLEC balsa stripper but it's extra handy when cutting stringers and just about anything that needs to be straight. An array of sand paper is a must and lots of sharp blades for those hobby knives. I've tried a hot wire cutter but always seem to get a jagged line when using it. Also I tend to glass cloth and PolyC the nose, wings and under carage of all my depron models. While it is plyable it can be brittle on hard landings or god forbid crashes and I find the glass cloth and PolyC add much need strength at a minimal weight gain.
I'd love to see a pic of your SU37.
16/07/2011 23:40:13
Hey there guys and girls I just thought I would share with you a Tomcat I've been working on for the past month designed by Steve Shumate. His designs are wonderful! He has put a lot of thought into every one of his model builds and offers straight forward and easy to understand instructions on how to build semi scale jets from DEPRON. My favourite building material. At the moment I am on the painting stage and detailing. I've flown the model a couple times and had a couple bad landings while working out the bugs but I thought I had better get some paint on there and take some photos before anything real bad happens.
It fly's beautifully with wings open but doesn't roll too well. With wings swept she rolls like a cork screw but send the CoG back a bit so additional mixing is needed for level flight but I only have 2 mixing channels and they are used for the elevons.
Anyhow I hope you like it.

still more to do and will replace that nose when I get a good few flights out of her.

Thread: Jitterbug builders thread
14/07/2011 23:11:37
Hey Alex I just wanted to say thank you for mentioning my Jitterbug build in your column this month. It took me a while to get around to reading it and I only stumbled across it when I finally got a break from being a dad. I was chuffed to bits to read it.
I'll have you know as well... When all my other models are giving me grief for what ever reasons the bug always makes me smile.
19/06/2011 20:48:28
hey there folks. Today is fathers days so happy fathers day to all you dads. It's the day we get thanks for thing like electricity, the roof, heat, cloths you know all the stuff our family' recon comes out of the ether. So obviously this gave me the go ahead to get out and fly. Match this with a fantastic evening with a calm breeze and I've a fantastic time ahead of me.
I just want to say here that for anyone on the fence about building this model DO IT! You will not be disappointed at all. This evening I did loop after loop hard turns rolls and stall turns I even got to try some knife edge for the first time. That takes a bit of practice. take off's are about 9 meters or so but the landings will take quite a bit more obviously. Sure mines made from depron and is 3lbs so I can't say too much about the balsa built bird. But if it handles at all like the airframe I'm flying, it'll be better than a bag of kittens.
And while in the report Alex said she didn't prop hang... I've almost got mine to do it, if only for 5 seconds. Need more throttle control me thinks. And practice.
If you do build it show us som pics.
Cheers and happy fathers day.


Thread: Alex' Jitterbug from depron.
02/06/2011 10:52:14
Hey guys thought you might want to see a little more interesting flight with the Jitterbug. I live in Belfast and being Canadian people love to chat to me aboot it. I dunno why eh? I must smell like maple syrup or sumthing. Anywho, I've had a couple people comment on the paint. Sure it was just wacked on there but it is very visible. Yesterday the winds were high early afternoon and I had a hard time landing plus a couple near incidents with the ground due to the wind. I have since learned what the air speeds are for landing this bad boy. I need to bring her in on a quarter throttle then flair out at the last min to get smooth landing. None of these are in the videos I've posted but as the day went on I did manage to get her down nice and smooth.
I've found that with depron anyhow she can float to just about 5 foot off the deck before any up elevator is need and then flair. Then she just rolls in. Because she is so light wind really effects her. Anything over 13 mph is going to be a hairy ride for a depron model even one this size.
I cannot recommend this model more. If you want a sports hack, something spirited, cheap n easy to build that looks good in flight then do yourself the favor and build this one. If weight is an issue then do like I did and build from depron. It only took me a couple weeks but could have easily taken a weekend of solid building. It was that easy. And honestly it's so much fun.
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