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Thread: Is traditional building a disappearing art?
14/04/2017 22:06:51

Funny how time has been mentioned so many times here. Time is one of those things that is fleeting and so hard to grab onto or get back. While building does require time and an ARTF model requires only a little I think it comes down to time. Building from a wood pack and a plan does take more time and effort which many of us today have little of but still wish to own and fly fantastic models. I love building and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to fly a model I built from sticks or sheets of foam. I've built and crashed some wonderful ARFS but felt more grief for the time spent scratch builds I've lost. I don't think trad building is finished but I do believe we need to pass the torch to the younger generation. And to finish my thought on time... if you do one thing every day no matter how small, eventually the model will get done.

Thread: Babybolt RCM&E Feb 2017 free plan
26/01/2017 22:12:05

Anyone other than myself plan on building this? Sure I've so many other things on the go but a little model like this really fits the bill. It's a warbird, it's a reasonably quick build and looks as though it could be flown anywhere. Tack ontop of that that I've supplys and batteries for 3 of these lil guys.

Thread: Lavochkin La7 - Warbird Replicas Kit
25/01/2017 08:36:14

Good morning Pete. That Lav looks like a pretty big box. Whats the details for this kit? Have fun and ill be watching from timevto time.

Thread: finishing my BT 61.5 Corsair
24/01/2017 21:25:49

here is the helium filled EDF model. Not a very good shot as it was high up and shot from my phone.


and here is the wee Mustang I've been working on and flying when the weather gives me a chance.


sorry the shot is tiny. My phone uploads picks whichever way it likes and in order to show this one I had to flip it.

More soon.

24/01/2017 14:14:55

Hey Nev, G-Jimg. I've only just discovered micro balloons and WOW that stuff really works when mixed with epoxy. I've extended the tail section by adding some balsa then filled in with micro balloons and sanded to shape. I've no photos at the moment to show for it and I know I've not updated recently but we've been building a coffee shop here and this takes all my spare time. Funny enough I've managed to utilize much of my model building experiences.

On a model flying note. I've managed to fly my little mustang I've been building. We don't normally get good weather for flying this time of year but we had a cracker sunday just pass. A fellow and I at the field decided to mix it up and it was IC against veggie power. My little mustang is way more nimble than his high wing sportster with a 52 engine. Although he had tones more power I could out turn him. Also Another fellow at our club has a cold war prototype bomber in EDF. This model is so bloody light and he's been fly durration on a 4 cell 3000mah 25c lipo. around 40 inch wing span and he made it to 23 mins!!!!!!!!

more build pics and updates in a couple weeks

11/01/2017 22:03:50

Thanks Nev. I keep looking at the tail of a small model im using as reference and the blend I'm working on looks completely different from what I see on the model. Also I think I need to extend the prutrusion that holds a nav light. Mine looks a little too short. Nothing worth showing off tonight. I spent 20mins in the shed shaping/ losing weight and I'm just not happy yet. Much work on your chippy? What is the strengthening band Danny is speaking of? Does the model require it or was is something to keep the full size from splitting in two?

Thread: Chips with everything
11/01/2017 07:36:26

This is brilliant work Nev. I may try brown paper on my Corsair. Personally I'm with Danny on this one... I think one big rivet on either side should be enough. Then you can start on something with a bent wing.

Thread: finishing my BT 61.5 Corsair
10/01/2017 22:11:36

I've been hacking away at blue foam in an attempt to resculpt the tail end. The use of a hot knife a couple sanding blocks and the edge of mywork bench. Sure ill let the pics tell the story.






Time to shape



Always more to do. Sand and shape sand and shape. Using the edge of the balsa fuse and a 6x6 spruce stick with sand paper on an end helped to feather the shape. Little by little.

09/01/2017 21:36:40

Sorry fellas I had said I was going to post some photos of work being done. TBH it's best done on my computer as my tablet is horrible at it.

Bellow you can see what I've done with my tail wheel. It's still got some work but it's getting there.


here is how the tail feathers are coming along. I've mounted them and noticed that onw side of the vertical stab is a little portly so work must continue to make it look right and save weight.



oh it's starting to look like something alright. I'm also shaving and reshaping the horizontal stab as well. I started this build so long ago I guess I thought I was goin to fly a block of lead.


this area needs finished off as well I may tear that structure apart and stick a bit of blue foam and shape it. I could build upon what's there but is it worth adding too much weight in the rear? I think the foam will be lighter.

Also I managed to get my hands on some micro balloons. This should fill the space between the wing and the fuse rightly. Little by little.

Thread: Hawker Hurricane by John Timmis
08/01/2017 09:46:15

Beautifully built John. it was a pleasure reading through this thread. I may never get around to building one but I do love the look of a Huricane.

Thread: finishing my BT 61.5 Corsair
07/01/2017 23:47:53

I've enjoyed building from this plan. Most people say his 82 inch model is far better and more worth while building. I'm just hoping my changes work and allow my wing to not only be strong but my retracts to be sturdy and reliable.ive spent the last couple days getting the tail end sorted. I dont think I've ever meazured something so many times. So im hopeing everything is square but those tail feathers are now glued in place. While that is setting up I've turned my attention and thoughtsnto the front of the model. This is roughly a 1/8 scale model and the R2800 radial is 52.8 inches in diameter. So me calculations are thusly, im not great at maths but... 52.8 × 0.125 = 6.6. So I will need to find a head on photo of the engine and shrink it to 6.6 inches then redraw the cylinders to scale in illustrator so I can get a start on making something that looks like a powerful R2800 and not a piece of plastic. To be honest I'm feeling confident because I think I got the maths right.

I'll post some photos of the tail tomorrow. now to hunt an image.

06/01/2017 22:17:18

You're in for it now nev. You'll be hooked in and clinging to forums for as much info as you can find. Its life threatening. Hahaha. Which plan are you going to go from? This one needed lots of reworking to fit retracts.

05/01/2017 14:51:19

thanks for looking in guys. Nev you should deffinately build one. I'f I can help I will. It's not the eaiest build in the world.

Onetener, I think the gap is a bit more than talc would be able to fill. I'll try and see first.

here are a couple pics of the tail wheel and rudder setup. I've switched form the clumsy bent wire idea I had years ago and opted for a pull pull system. I'm betting it works. Now I'm no Danny Fenton or John R so my work is stand back scale.






01/01/2017 22:13:32

I hope everyone has had a safe and happy new year. 2016 has an awful lot to answer for and lets hope 2017 is much better.

ive started reworking the tail wheel. The last one was flimsy and chunky with a horrible application for controlling both the tail and rudder. My new idea will hopefully be sleeker, stronger, lighter and smoother opperation. Heres a couple pics so far.




31/12/2016 14:02:40

OK it's Going on January but I have cleaned the building board ( ISH ) and the Corsair build has recomenced. I never liked the way I attempted the tail wheel before and I'm in the process of tearing it out and figureing out how it will be done. Pics to follow. So near the finish line. Time to get my finger out.

Thread: How much does your club membership cost on top of your adult 33 pounds BMFA membership?
16/12/2016 23:41:39

175+ BMFA. private property on an old ww2 airfield under lock n key although a portaloo wouldnt go amis

Thread: DX8 gen2 and orange recievers
17/08/2016 14:19:12

I've just run home to check all my receivers and I've one orange 6 channel DSMX receiver. I tried to bind to the DX8 gen2 and there were no problems. Although all of my DSM2 orange receivers are going on ebay. I've used these for years on my older DX8 Trany. I'm going to send the old trany back to be refurbed for the Mrs. for when she finally takes it up. Thanks guys.

17/08/2016 13:31:44

Thanks for the quick reply. It seems I now have a whole bunch of useless Orange receivers to flog and buy a whole bunch of Spektrum ones. My pocket book is going to be hurting.

17/08/2016 10:57:51

Just a quick question here folks. Has anyone had any luck binding the Spektrum DX8 gen2 trany to the orange recievers? I have just switched from my old trany to the new gen 2 and it seems all of my Orange recievers refuse to bind. Anyone else?

Thread: Lipo battery brand choice
06/06/2016 22:52:43

I've used 2s 4s and 6s turnigy lipos. Ran them as 6 in series 8 and 10s. So far they are cheap as chips and offer better results in my EDF setups.this is what I like to measure by.

Nano tech lipos are crap! Dead cells, wont ballance and puff up. Only just recently purchased them to try. Spent too much to be let down.

I've a few 3s gens ace 2200mah now for a few years and I like them still.

Ive been looking to find a quality lipo for large EDFs and it sounds like the turnigy might just be the best choice. I guess stick to what works.

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