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Thread: The A4b - a V-2 with wings on!
13/04/2016 22:46:46

Holly cow! That's a work of art. Now im going back to page one and catch up.

Thread: finishing my BT 61.5 Corsair
13/04/2016 13:46:56

Hey there Martyn. The depron sheet is 2mm thick. Strength can't really compare to balsa balsa being a hard wood with extreemly tight fibres. Depron dings pretty easily, cuts, sands and bends easily. Put a 25gm glass cloth and epoxy and that's when things start to get stronger. I've got 3 built up wings made from depron/wood mix, covered in depron and glass cloth one has yet to fail. I had a very hard landing with one and I had to repair the wingtip but a similar landing with a balsa and film cover would have torn through the wing.

I've got the wing center blue foam blocks glued in place and sanded to shape. I'm waiting for some KAVAN building pins so I can finish the top sheeting. I have pins but nothing that will go into ply and not wreck the sheeting, So I must find other things to do while I await thier arrival. Fortunately there's a massive amount to go. Hahahaha.

Edited By Shane Sunday on 13/04/2016 13:47:47

12/04/2016 22:18:20

I've also been deigning a hellcat wheel hub in illustrator that I've sent to the CNC ma hine to mill. I'm working out thebugs but this one wheel, imperfect as it is took an hour to mill on the machine. When I'm happy with the final ilI'll make a mould and perhaps vacform them. We shall see. It'll be used on the 72 inch YT hellcat.


I need to dial back the depth a bit. Its cut from 3mm epoxyy fibre plate. Fantastic for milling but i broke a 1mm end mill. Sheesh its tough.

12/04/2016 22:11:11

You've got that right Rich. We cleaned up the spare room for a guest and guess where my junk went to? Fills up real quick. Im going to have titidy up soon. I want to get the fuselage down and have a look see how my new wing measures up. Once the new wing is done I'm going to weigh it against the original one I built. Well I've a couple new pics of the progress.ive skinned the outer wing pannels using depron. I love depron. I ccut the shape gorilla glue the ribs and spars then weigh the top pannel down. 60 percent of the time it works every time. Haha.


framed the servo boxes in


Went to work on the ailerons here. Changed the design in favor of fuzzy mylar jobbies. I've redesigned them and run a 6mm square balsa along the Le


Thread: My First Hobbyking Order
11/04/2016 09:46:42

Hobbyking is great although there's a couple things to watch out for. First make sure to select your region. Such as UK. If it comes from China you'll be expected to pay import tax. Also again from China watch out for the courier I think it's SC they charge over the odds. Second when purchasing batteries, register them as soon as you get them. This way if there is a problem within the first month they'll full under their warranty. Aside from that HK is brill

Thread: Working cowl flaps
08/04/2016 23:06:53

Working cowl flaps is a great idea even if you only see it on the ground. It is however a lot of work getting the geometry correct. There is a fellow Drice on a scale forum who has done it via 2 servos squeezing a wire that has been threaded through tubes glued to the inside of the flap. The flaps must be afixed in such a way that they naturally sit open of coarse.  That in itself would be a chore. But sure it's all a matter of how much you want something. Give it a try.

Edited By Shane Sunday on 08/04/2016 23:12:23

Thread: finishing my BT 61.5 Corsair
08/04/2016 19:51:32

just a quick update. I've mated tthe outer panels to the centre section. It took some time to line verything up but I have to say that having that centre wing section ji really helped to make sure it was dead on.

here is a shot of the whole wing while yet another brace is being glued in place.


and a shot of the retracts in place. still have all the sheer webs to glue in yet.


my plan is to use blue foam on The LE and trailing edge cetres. II like how tough it is and it's easy to shape with a hotwire. Till next time.

07/04/2016 22:51:03

Well I've been puttering away. I'd cut out the wing ribs and glued the upper and lower spars while offering the wing crank to each panel. When the glue set I pulled the panels away and set to work on joining the centre section.

I've found a place to hang my cloths pegs


Wing panels


Here are thise servo hatches I was drawing up. ThThere's still some work to do but I think they'll fit nicely


And a nice tidy office to work in too. Swmbo thinks i have plenty of space... hmmmmmmmmm


Thread: Hanger 9 P47 Thunderbolt 60
07/04/2016 11:09:36

That's a great Idea Rich. All it would need is a hard wood shim on the TE bearer. Will be watching to see your progress. Good luck

Thread: finishing my BT 61.5 Corsair
06/04/2016 17:46:10

Hi there G. I don't know that at this size I will be putting wheel doors on. The weight is getting up there already. I have built a replica tail wheel on the fuse already but it doesn't retract. I am however going to cut into the fuse and redo the stearing to the wheel and rudder via pull pull. Lado retracts are brilliant albeit expensive. Is your corsair 61 inches or 70+ inches?

Thread: Hanger 9 P47 Thunderbolt 60
06/04/2016 10:56:55

from what I recall I had to put in 5 percent down elevator in the mix with full flaps. With throttle management it should really make landings much more manageable. As always test it out WAY up in the air. the nice thing about cutting an already formed wing is that the ribs and sheeting is already done. The most you'll have to do is cut the wing back a few mm to acomodate the new false trailing edge then cut the flap at a 45 degree angle and get a LE on that then some fuzy hinges. cut and build a servo pocket and you're almost there.

Using a good 3 view will be extremely helpful.



Edited By Shane Sunday on 06/04/2016 10:58:42

06/04/2016 10:05:21

Hey Rich. Quite honestly I'd heat up the covering on the wing, peel the cover back and start the instal of some flaps. This would bring the weight back a bit and they really helped on my P47. It's a doodle to do too.

someones already done it.


Edited By Shane Sunday on 06/04/2016 10:17:45

Thread: finishing my BT 61.5 Corsair
06/04/2016 08:00:20

Good morning Martyn. I did a seach and found a top flite corsair build thread. It looks like a very good model, very sensible build. For instance I like the way it builds the top of the aircraft on the plan then the lower section of the fuse and you mate them together. For people like me who go electric this is a great time saver for making a battery hatch having the entire top section remove able.

Morning Rich. The few times a got to fly my 47 for grass I had to yank it off the deck. It too wanted to nose over although on tarmac she was well behaved. I seem to recal mine weighing around 9lbs but it had flaps. So landings were nice. Dont get rid of her you'll be sorry. I'm trying to get my buddy John to sell me his. Its gorgeous.

Not a lot done last night. I offered the inner wing to the outerjust to check that my jigs are good. I think I'm going to build a support jig for gluing them together. I also started drawing the servo pockets. I plan on having a servo for each wing and deviate from the plan.


all my photos seem to be on thier sides.

05/04/2016 13:23:42

I just nipped home on my lunch to cut the outer panel ribs on the machine using 6mm depron. Obviously spruce spar on top and hard balsa on the bottom. I've set a sheet of plastic over the plan and did a rough layout. should be able to get these sorted quick enough.


Now I've had some seriouse bad luck this season almost to the point of giving the hobby up. First was my beloved F18 pusher prop, new motor with folding prop. Promised to be super fast. the Mrs wouldn't throw it and I couldn't get my fingers on sticks fast enough. Writen off! Next was my beautiful segul PC9. I ignored a vibration. Nuff said. Next my 7 year old son wanted to learn on the trainer. I couldn't see which way was up after he'd twisted it into knots and I let go of the buddy button too late. Lastly was the PC 21. Absolutely brilliant! First flight felt like an old friend only one hop on landing. Second flight the battery cacked out on me.

So what have I learned in 4 months time? Make it strong, save weight where you can, don't be cheap and check check and triple check. Also maybe don't let your son try until he can aford his own plane.

The point of my little story is that taking apart a couple of the models to salvage what I can, I came across some great modeling ideas that I want to incorporate into this design. So we've something new coming up hopefully.

Edited By Shane Sunday on 05/04/2016 13:27:10

05/04/2016 13:06:12

Martyn have you started a build thread? I would love to watch you build that one. The E flight retracts twist and turn smoothly and feel rock solid although I think it'll have to remain wire struts or light plastic oleos. Just the cosmetic jobbies. ( that's my word for the day) I don't think it's got enough umph to take a built up oleo out of aluminum.

Also I appualogise for the sentence structure and spelling from time to time. My tablet has a mind of it's own.

Rich How do you like the flying characteristics of the P47? I had a seagul models one and found I couldn't get enough power out of it although it would land very smooth it felt to floaty I guess.

Thread: Extra 300 scratch build from plan.
05/04/2016 10:54:03

Looks cracker! I bet she flies great. Makes me want to build one. Looking forward to the maiden.

Thread: What do you hate doing on your aircraft?
05/04/2016 10:46:49

Mechanical retracts! Frustrates the hell out of me. I don't think I have ever got it right. I must have read 3 or 4 threads on the topic and still manage to bodge it up. I've spent hours setting them up step back and flick a switch only to find I'm wrong again. I've extended control horns, cut wire, added elastic bands soldered joints and bought various retract servos. Still I cannot get hem right. So... electric it is. And I've learned the expensive way that it is better not to buy the cheapies.

Well that and crashing.

Thread: finishing my BT 61.5 Corsair
05/04/2016 10:29:56

Hello Rich. The Corsair is my absolute favorite aircraft of WW2. I have an afliction for bent wing birds. I was tempted to buy the hangar 9 model a while ago as well but something about it didn't sit right with me. It just looked too clean and too stove pipe for my liking.

Martyn I've got a set of Eflight retracts 25-40 twist and turn jobbies. I've had them now for as long as the build has been going on. I can't wait to get them installed.

Tonight I will try to get the outer panel ribs cut.

Thanks for watching.

Thread: 1/5th scale Hawker Hunter in Depron
04/04/2016 23:15:29

I like the idea of EDF but the flight times are horrendous. Mix in as well that you may need to purchase stranger higher C rated batteries. Dont get me wrong. Ive a couple in the hanger but they dont get flown as often. Just my two cents.

Thread: finishing my BT 61.5 Corsair
04/04/2016 22:38:27

Thanks Rich. It's nice to know someones watching. I follow haven't asksilds but seldom comment. Im trying to get as much info as I can. Well not much got done today. It's been a lot of clamp look measure unclampanel'se cut and clamp back together do it all again. I have CA'd the ribs in place after carefully lining them up. I then cut the centre no 1 rib as well as a couple strengtheners for the retract section yet again. These will be glued onto the spars hopefully strengthening the wing at its bend.



ive been cutting spruce spars for the top of the wing. I haven't enough spruce for the bottom of the wing spars but plenty of hard balsa. I want to get the centre section built before i start on the outer wing panels


a fellow builder suggested i box in around the entire retract area. This would give strength to the retract bearers more glue on the bearers. Having the cnc machine doing the cutting is a blessing. Now when i mate one surface to the other they match up! The last wing i built for this bird was never true because i couldn't cut straight.

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