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Thread: Step craft CNC machine
25/01/2016 18:24:29

And finally the CNC controller program UCCNC


25/01/2016 18:23:17

Here is cut2D with parts drawn in ullustrator


25/01/2016 18:22:05

This is a drawing of a model im trying to build. This is done in illustrator.


25/01/2016 18:17:46


Sorted the image thing out.


Here is my 420 machine. A little dusty from use with a depron sacrificial layer and my dremel 4000.


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Edited By Shane Sunday on 25/01/2016 18:20:44

25/01/2016 18:02:17

I keep getting asked to login over and over again when trying to upload photos to my albums. Ive no idea why.

25/01/2016 08:51:53

Good morning Simon. Yes I agree that these things aren't cheap and through this thread i hope to help people understan the actual costs and your right these things aren't new to the market but I feel changes have deffinately been made. Like I've said I've been looking for one for a long time. Hen I first started looking it was at the ones from china. Its all I could find for the longest time but they seemed too expensive and didn't look so well made. Mix that with control boxes that resembled a futuristic bit of kit from the 70s. Now the Stepcraft machine looks nice with the controler inside the machine itself which is more akin to computers of today. Lets not forget that this is German engineering as well, and that really does mean something here. So this is new.

On the topic of programs and computer cross compatibility I cant speak for Mac users but for us windows users the above programs work and they work well together. Unfortunately Simon Im not using cad program yet so I cantinform you about that. Although iI've looked into a 4th axis and my UCCNC controler does and will deal with it when I start in 3D.

what are you looking to cut with the Cnc machine? Are you wanting to print 3D? Or are you looking to mill 3D objects? Also Simon you had mentioned above on how much 1000 quid can get laser cut by someone else, what about those spur of the moment pieces you had either forgotten or had just realised you needed? If you are just cutting ribs and formers from your cad drawings then im pretty sure you can import your DXF files into CUT2D and set parameters that will be saved in GCODE so UCCNC can tell the CNC machine what to do.

I wouldnt discount one just yet.

Edited By Shane Sunday on 25/01/2016 09:01:10

24/01/2016 23:19:23

Just a note. Typing from my tablet is a pain in the but and takes forever. It also doesn't have auto correct and sometimes I hit a C or V instead of the space bar. Please bear with me here. Tomorrow ill add more.

24/01/2016 23:11:10

I understand completely. Yes there is quite the learning curve. I think you have to go with what you know and whereyou would like to be. Like I said im only learning myself but there are some things that inalready knew such asillustrator. So I had a pretty good start there. The fellas at stoney are incredible and very helpful. You can contact them and rest assured that they will help you as much as possible to get you up and cutting.

Tomorrow I will add some photos.

As I statec above the stepcraft machines are priced to taylor to your budget. My budget was rather small and I hadto save for almost a year, just my pound and 2 pound coins. Finally id saved enough to purchase the model I thought would best suit what I wanted to do so I purchased the 420 machine. This ma hine has a 420X300 mm work space. If iI'd saved a bit more I could have gotten the 600 but the 420 machine is plenty for me. The package arived within the 3 week period as stated although it felt like a lifetime as I was so excited to get started. When it finally had arrived I was busy other things and couldnt getbaround to building it. Anyhow... when I opened the box everything was packaged very neatly, everything was wrapped in foam sheet and protected. One look at the instructions reasured me that I could do it. The best thing is that it fits together the way the pictures say it fits. If you put a 6mm long hex into a 9 mm long hole then you will be missing a 6mm bolt later and wonder where to put the 9mm bolt you have left. So this was good. I made one or two mistakes and had to back track but got into it real easy. So follow the instru tions and it goes together well.

So what about the software? You have to have software to cut your files using a cnc machine. Well that was the other thing I liked this machine comes with WinPC NC starter and is supose to be easy to open your eps files you created in illustrator ore coreldraw or another drawing program that deals with vector graphics. Well it wasn't as easy as that for me. Yes I could open the files in winpcnc but only after a couple of days of trial and error. Also the starter pack was so slimmed down from the full version that I could hardly understand where I was oriented on the machine most of the time. So I chose to bite the bullet and purchase a program that could turn my eps files into G code and therefore make winpcnc run better. Turns out that program still won't understand G code unless you purchase the full version. So I caved. But id be damned if id purchace that countervintuitive program.

More reaserch and more money this wasntvwhat id had in mind. But I finally came up with a program called UCCNC. the fellows a stoney cnc had it and a few other ancillaries to me in less than a week and I was off. Sure I had to swithch out thecWINPCNC control board for the UCCNC one but that was easy. So lets see

Illustrator draws vector files which can be saved as eps

Vector cut2D turns eps files into G code

UCCNC translates G code and tells the machine what to do.

This is what I use to cut everything so far. Which so far isnt much. I've cut hard wood, plastic, plywood, lightply and depron.

23/01/2016 14:05:13

I know a lot of you are like me and prefer to build your own. Perhaps your skills on a band saw are like mine and pretty rough making all your template just a little off. Perhaps like me you want to get on with the build and couldn't be arsed catting all those formers. Also like me you have a few brain cells and can figure out simple computer program techniques. I've wanted a CNC machine for so long it hurt and doing my searches for the exact thing I wanted was tough, mix that with my budget. The stepcraft machine is so versatile with add ons and it's ability to be adapted for 2D, 3D. laser cutting, 3D printing, foam cutting and much more. I saw this to be the machine I wanted and it came in various sized that could suit whichever budget I had saved for. Sure there's a learning curve as with everything. Also not everything that glitters is gold! But if you'll bear with me I will over the next few days go through my trials and tribulations so far with the machine. The good mad and the ugly. I'm at work now on my lunch so I shall update more tonight but suffice to say in a couple short months I truely didn't know how I managed without one before.

Thread: Did Santa bring you anything nice ?
26/12/2015 23:34:06

Nick ziroli 101" B25 mitchell plans from the kids. I just don't know how they know.

Thread: Autumn is here!!.....Who's been flying??
19/12/2015 10:32:32

I live in Northern Ireland and since I've got into this hobby around 5 years ago this has been the worst year for flying ever! I think I can count on 2 hands how many times I've been out. I've had enough. I was hopeing that durring the Christmas hollidays I'd nip down to the patch but it looks as if the winds will be up around 20 to 25 mph. I don't mind a bit of wind but I'm not risking in worse weather. Add to that that at our field it may say 10 mph on the weather channel but when you get ther it could be 15 and rainy. Seems to have it's own weather network down there. Well that's my rant. Hope evryone else is getting a turn.

Thread: Scratchbuild 84" Depron Vulcan Pusher
10/12/2015 13:16:45

Where do you find the time good sir? Well I am looking for something good to watch this winter season and as luck would have it my favorite show hasn't been cancelled or switched to another station. So now I am fully tuned in and subscribed to what will most deffinately be another interesting and action packed build. I just hope the weather settles so we can watch the conclusion of the previous show.

Thread: covering with aluminium tape.
08/12/2015 09:58:00

I too will be looking to use this same tape. My question is this... What about 2.4 radios with short antena?

Thread: Scratchbuild 84" Depron DH Mosquito
01/12/2015 17:35:15


Are you guys going to fly this thing or just gonna leave this thread unfinished. I'm just looking for some closure here. This is like waiting for toast to pop.

Thread: Electrifying the Oodalally
12/11/2015 10:51:05

I built one veggie powered. I use a 6s 4000mah lipo and still needed lead upfront. I've moved F1 forward as well but I think the best idea someone suggested was to lengthen the nose an inch or two to help bring the CG to the correct position and keep weight down. My landings are obviously faster because of the added weight. Also cooling IS an issue with the ESC as I've burnt mine out once already. Just thought I'd add my 2P's worth.

Thread: Scratchbuild 84" Depron DH Mosquito
12/11/2015 10:44:55

what a great looking model. I can't really say more than it's a pleasure to watch you build sir. Looking forward to the maiden please get it on video.

Thread: A TN 46'' SPITFIRE by an Intermediate builder
06/11/2015 13:39:34

Hello Henri.

I am about to partake on this same model for the second time. This one will be assited by my CNC machine and also made from depron. I wanted to make a comment because my partners father served in the same squadron as the fellow you've paid tribute to in this build. I will also be paying tribute to him with this build. His father was french and mother British He was a young man at the invasion of Fance and they had to flee back to England otherwise she would have been taken. I'm sorry his name was George Cristinacce. He obviously wanted to join up as an infantryman and because he was bilingual they requested he become a pilot.

Well I've yet to go through all of your thread but I promise I will. I just thought I'd post this before I forget.

BTW Nina noticed the book on your first page immediately.

Thread: Which designer would you prefer to base your 2016 Mass Build on?
31/10/2015 13:23:07

I like Tony on account he designs some great warbirds that look and fly right. I could see me getting into his FW 190 some time soon. Although by t he looks of things everyone is going for Peter.

Thread: Scratchbuild 84" Depron DH Mosquito
31/10/2015 11:08:59

My exact words were... WHAT!!! and JEZUS!

That's awesome man.

Thread: Mass Build 2016
26/10/2015 22:25:08

Id build the cutless but couldnt make Green acres. Wouldnt be interested in much else though.


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