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Thread: Airbrush paint coverage
23/07/2015 10:37:30

Hey tripwire. Valejo air paints ARE already thinned as you said. They are great in that the company has done their home work and the colours are almost always correct. You are going to use these on a foam model and I'm guessing it doesn't need fuel proofed right? Velejo are water based and won't take to the fuel proofer too well. Having said that... These are wonderful paints but will require multiple THIN layers to get a good result on a larger surface. Buy a larger quantity as you will use more than you think when starting out. Make sure to constantly PICK the nose or needle clean as you are working due to material build up on the tip.This happens more often with water based paints than celulose based paints. Air pressure is important. Too high and you waste paint, too low and it obviously won't spray or will come out in spatters. Air pressure also relates to the type of air brush being used. Is it a suction feed or gravity fed brush? gravity will require 20-30psi while suction will require up to 50 psi in small airbrushes. Spray guns may require more. Now what about your compressor? If you are spraying a large area say more than a foot square then you will most deffinately want something with an air tank attached, even something as small as a ltr tank will suffice to keep the air smooth and consistant. Small diaphram compressors without a tank will stop and start and leave you with an uneven spray patern. which then brings me to a moisture trap. A must have in any airbrush application. especially over here where moisture is abundant. Moisture will eventually get into the air line and into the airbrush then splatter all over your sufface during painting ruining all your efforts. So make sure to get a moisture trap too.

After all of that it's time to clean up. Airbrushing is setup/prepare/paint/finish and clean. You must clean! your brushes will not last one session if you don't and doubly if you use acrylic paints. Fortunately the too will clean up with celulose thinners. But if you flush your brush with a bit of window cleaner after the job is done then a bit of water you should be good. Just make sure it's spraying clear onto a rag.

Hope this helps.


Thread: Depron 134" Lancaster.
10/06/2015 22:13:23

This is beautiful!!! Re: exhaust stubs, ive a vacuum form machine if you make the molds id happily vac form them for you. Id sudgest something very hard for reusability and finished perhaps with a tooling gell. Thought id offer

The lanc looks great keep it up.

Thread: DB 1/8" Scale Sopwith Pup E Build
10/06/2015 08:33:40

There has been no updates on this thread. Is there anything to rsport? Ive just recently brought mine down off the shelf to continue ive already built the fuse and wing panels. Thiz thread along with another one piqued my interest again so I started on the tail, horizontL stabs. I find them to be over engineered. Sure they will withstand the odd bump but the weight!!! Also with this being my first bipe ive had to stop and think and think and figure out what the instructions mean with regards to tne cabane assembly. Has anyone got a pic of thier cabane in the process of being built? It would be quite helpful.

T'would be nice as well to see Davids model too

Thread: Oodalally
05/06/2015 11:11:32

OOoooooooooh. I like that big model. These are so much fun I bet the larger one is even more fun to fly. I had mine out yesterday and had such a great time. I'm still geeking out today. I've finally gotten comfortable with it. I've only had a hand full of flights but now it will most likely come to the field with me. Truely feel everyone should build one of these.

Thread: A TN 46'' SPITFIRE by an Intermediate builder
18/04/2015 17:19:11

Its lovely. Makes me want to build another.

Thread: DJI Phantom 2 Vision + for beginner, first drone?
07/04/2015 15:59:07

I have the original phantom and I'd have to say it's a very stable platform. As for ease of use and learning curve... As long as you're smart and take things slow it should be perfect.

Hope this helps

Thread: I.c. or electric/silent - what do you mainly fly?
19/12/2014 15:00:29

Well I just have to add. The fellas like to say down at the field that being able to hear their engine as their model soars through the air can tell them much about how it's fairing and what it's doing. That is why they like IC so much. WELL I LIKE THE SAME THING! But I can't hear anything the moment one of the fellas turns of one of their greasy oily smelly contraptions. It's half and half at our field and we get on well. TBH I do like the sound of a radial moki engine but I prefer the reliability of Leccy.

Thread: What would you like from Santa. .?
02/12/2014 15:22:36

I do know what you mean Danny. Perhaps I should just ask Santa for Thomas to be finished and into production by mid next year? Hey Dave. That's why I added the F-14 to the list I reckon the kids are a lost coz. I've had the Beautiful woman ARF Cost far too much in the end.

02/12/2014 09:31:17

Dear Santa I would like if at all possible 5 children who do what they are told, pick up after themselves, are not greedy and selfish and appreciate their mother and father. Failing that I'll have Invertmasts F-14 Tomcat delivered to my door please.

Thread: 84 inch Depron AT6 Texan.
14/11/2014 13:46:41

I love these type of builds! i glean so much information, tricks and tips. this is the type of class they should have had in school. brilliant work fellas! I'm going to build a 72 inch L-19 this winter using as many of these techniques as possible.


Thread: Dec 2014 issue feedback.....
13/11/2014 21:18:27

Having gone through this months magazine I just wanted to send my thoughts and best wishes to the family and friends who lost Colin Nolan. In last months issue my heart was lifted by the clubs spectacular and well organized chAotic event where the kept a model aloft through out the day from dusk till dawn. Good on you lot! Alas Cancer takes the best of us and the best we can do is continue fighting. Lately I've been looking to my winter build which I've decided will be the Cessna L-19 and to my surprise I see a beautiful model on page 29 only to read the sad news. I'm sure Colin will be remembered fondly. Anyhow best of luck to all of you and remember to live every day.

Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
23/09/2014 08:09:54

Danny. I think an add on to a build thread such as repairs would be invaluable to many. All of us have had crashes I think most of us would benifit to see how a deft hand as yourself handles it.

22/09/2014 21:28:19

image.jpgA little something I'd like to share with all you spitfire fans out there. I could have put it anywhere but felt this thread to be about perfect.

my partners father was a spitfire pilot for the free French airforce. He kept his pilots note book from sept 1943. This is what it has to say about the stall

Thread: Tony Nijhuis' new Vulcan
19/09/2014 23:27:47

A fellow down at the club has built the prototype to the Vulcan. It had the intake on the top of the aircraft it also had ailerons and elevators so he built it into his model. In board elevators and outboard ailerons. It works very well for him. Unfortunately the Vulcan doesn't interest me in the least but I am quite interested in this Hawk you speak of Tony. Good luck to all of you and happy landings. I look forward to seeing more of Tonys models in the air.

Thread: how to recover a lost lipo cell
07/06/2014 11:01:55

I just wanted to give an update as when I posted this I'd only just tried it. So I've put my recovered lipo on my watt meter to balance them out. It took quite a while to balance and I recharged the battery on my lipo charger. The good news is its a success. This works the lipo balances nicely and holds a charge.

02/06/2014 21:19:56

I think most of us have had a cell go on a lipo at one time or another right. Its a pain especially if they are new ish. I've tried making them into smaller lipos but that never has worked for me and it's risky. Somebody told me how to recover that lost cell. He had said to hook the lipo up to a NICAD or NIMN charger for 30 seconds then onto you balance charger to ballance the lipo out. that didn't work. In fact it's a bit more involved than that. the Balance charger still didn't recognise the lost cell or recognised it as being far too low. but I figured another way.

What we want to do is get that cell enough power for the balancer to latch onto that cell and therefore balance all cells together. this is what you will need

- a NICAD/NIMN wall charger that can attach to your lipo (deans, HST conectors)

- A WATT meter

- A good quality balance charger

Hook the lipo balance lead to the WATT METER, select LIPO press ENTER then press ENTER again. You should see all but the lost cell. now conect the lipo to the NICAD charger and watch as the lost cell is force fed power. keep an eye on it. once the lipo is unplugged from the NICAD charger the lost cell will begin to lose life again. Ideally you want to watch the watt meter untill the lost cell reaches 2.31- 2.35. Then disconnect the NIcad charger and Watt meter, connect the lipo to your BALANCE charger with the settings at about 1.5a and set to BALANCE. Your charger should recognise the lost cell and will begin to balance all cells together.

If it doesn't work the first time try repeating the process again. It took 2 try's for my first one. It seems to be working fine. And please remember to always keep an eye on all lipo' being charged.

I hope this helps.

Thread: Iwata Hi Line HP TH, the brush to have.
24/05/2014 13:26:30

sorry just found a generic pic off the net.

24/05/2014 13:25:46

Hey folks I just thought I would post about the most handy airbrush I've come across for our hobby yet. I've been airbrushing creativley for around 15 years. From automotive paint to fine arts on canvas. The one thing I've found is that the amount of paint needed to spray say a 60 to 72" WS model doesn't need a full size spray gun. Also the compressor needed for a full size spray gun. Saying that, my fine arts airbrushes don't move enough paint to cover a whole model without constant paint refills and smoothing out the coats. Takes and age...

Iwata Hi Line HP TH is a cost effective versatile brush that fits the bill perfectly for me. I found mine on flea bay for £150 quid from japan and arived within 5 days. With a fan spray cap as well as a point cap she can do pretty much anything for your medium sized jobs. I'd go even a bit larger even. The trigger is more comfortable and it also comes with a air control valve on the brush itself. It will spray around a 3" fan very smooth atomization with great coverage. I've you have a large workshop compressor obviously you can hook this up to it but for most of us who work indoors the Hiline HPTH can be used indoors with a diaphram compressor. Personally I use my Bamby 5ltr super silent and it's perfect.

Needless to say I am blown away by this airbrush. get it blown away...

Iwata Hi-Line HP-TH/Kustom TH Airbrush Gun Free 3 Accessories (Free Shipping)

Thread: Free Glue Grab Weekend
23/05/2014 13:13:19

sign me up

Thread: That first flight of a new model.
23/05/2014 13:12:00

Going it alone for a maiden is a trip to say the least. As the fellows have said above have someone on hand who has experience. Perhaps the model needs trimmed out but you are wrestling to keep it aloft, the other person may lend a hand with switches and trims. Also your mind will be more focused on the sticks while another person can offer advice as to what to do. We sometimes panic and forget what we should be doing. I know I have and the other fellow reminded me to trim the rudder. Saved the model. Leave plenty of time and space for your landing. Also the other fellow can help with clearance for landings. And for gods sake stay away from the sun!

Good luck

Maidening your own models is a skill we should all learn and feel great once achieved.

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