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Here is a list of all the postings Wiltshire Flyer has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
20/12/2015 19:08:26

Another one, strong winds??!!! 😂 **LINK**

Thread: Highside Glider
20/12/2015 19:05:49

Wow they are very similar!

Thread: Anybody else fed up with this warm weather?
19/12/2015 00:43:01
Posted by Chris Barlow on 19/12/2015 00:28:50:

Did Scrouge get out early this year? wink

This weather would suit me just fine if only it didn't insist on raining at the weekends!

Lol Chris! He never went away! 😝

19/12/2015 00:13:02

i want crisp winter days! Frost and the feeling being glad to be inside at Christmas.

Not this ridiculous weather 😡

Nothing out there knows if it's coming or going!

I live in the sticks and have had to put fly paper up at the back door to stop the hoards of flies and nats swarming into the kitchen when the door is opened! Hate to do it as it seems cruel, but it's that or have them all over the place.

Hedgehogs not hibernating, a neighbours tree had blossom on it.. I could go on and I hate it.

Can we have winter? Please??? 😳

Thread: Ebay sellers...
18/12/2015 16:55:15

There are some gems out there! 😂

18/12/2015 00:33:39

This is exactly how not! To do it!

Every aspect of this listing made me chuckle **LINK**

Thread: Bold washing powder ad showing drone flying in a bedroom!!
18/12/2015 00:25:13
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 17/12/2015 21:01:51:

One point about all quads that some people fail to realise, is that if any prop touches anything more solid than air everything stops. Elf and safety.

Not so with a small hubsan I one had, it caught my arm and made pretty slicey patterns along my arm until I chopped the throttle.

Thread: Your first RC model
18/12/2015 00:19:50

Mine was a "nemesis" glider.

Me and a mate went halves.

First build for both of us and it was awful!! We did it on a carpeted floor... And the covering job was disgusting 😂

First flight? Absolute failure! Didn't balance it and as soon as it left his hands the all moving tail failed at the hinge!

Thread: Bold washing powder ad showing drone flying in a bedroom!!
16/12/2015 01:13:16

Maybe we are getting a bit over sensitive about this now?

Thread: Cheep balsa kit for a 6 year old
30/11/2015 02:57:40

C'mon Tom! That's not keeping the "tradition" alive is it? 😋

Thread: Starter radio...
29/11/2015 02:35:10

Many BnF ( Bind n Fly) models are compatible with spectrum.

I'll be honest, that's all I know, I had a Spektrum DX6i and it was great for me, 10 model memory , mixing etc.

The new DX6 is better obviously, but for a beginner the 6i is perfect.

Or even the Spektrum DX 5 e! 5 channels no computer gubbins!

That's my 2 penneth if it helps 🙂

Thread: Returning, require advice
28/11/2015 00:23:07

Again I second the radion! I had one and they are a pleasure.

Thread: December 2015 RCME.
27/11/2015 17:17:35
Posted by john stones 1 on 27/11/2015 12:31:08:

Forgot to mention W.F's Spit, famous at last then wink


Lol John, yes, I've had groupies on the phone non stop 😜

Thread: Poundland adhesives
27/11/2015 04:05:08

My only issue with pound land epoxy is that there is very little in the tubes.

For a few years now I've been buying the 10 minute set from my local in excess for about £1:55 and its full to the top and works great.

The cyano from pound land is brilliant and well more than worth it.

That said, I can buy a (can't remember the ml) but it's a medium size bottle from screw fix very cheaply and again it's great.

Thread: Hand Launching
22/11/2015 15:38:11
Posted by Phil Green on 22/11/2015 08:44:35:

Are you 'anti-runners' seriously suggesting that any model, regardless of type, power, weight, & configuration can be hand-launched by a simple toss from standstill? unless you're a foamy-only flyer, you stick to lightweights or your models are massively overpowered, then that generalisation is just ridiculous!

There you go WF, you found another! how big is the van?


Lol! I need a much bigger van!

22/11/2015 01:27:44
Posted by Chris Barlow on 21/11/2015 17:18:25:

I always launch my electric non U/C madels upwards at about 30-45 degrees and 3/4 power. Once away I allow them to arc over to level then increase the power once back on both sticks.

Regarding running & launching, as ungainly as it may seem (especially when I have to do it) sometimes it's neccesary with i.c powered models, especially older engines more prone to fuel starvation or surging when subjected to the G forces in a powerful standing launch. Sometimes it's better to run up to speed then release the model with the addition of a gentle push forward, whilst still running!

Oh no!!! We have a runner!!!! Keep calm chaps!! I'll get him into the van! 😋

21/11/2015 15:34:40
Posted by Percy Verance on 21/11/2015 08:36:10:


We had a chap in our club many moons ago whom would run with the model, then stop before finally throwing it...........

Sorry, didn't see PM's post in time!

Edited By Percy Verance on 21/11/2015 08:36:54

Percy, Peter, I'm glad I'm not the only one to have witnessed that! 😂

21/11/2015 03:22:53

Just launch it power off into the wind and because it's a glider it will give you plenty of time to return to stick.

I always wince when u see vids of someone running then launching, it's not needed.

Thread: Don't use ARGOS Drop for your parcels
19/11/2015 00:03:53

I don't think you can warn people off of a service on the merit of a single mistake can you?

Thread: To Clip my Cub or Not to Clip
18/11/2015 18:16:22

Nice one 👍🏻

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