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Thread: Building the Nijhuis Lysander
24/06/2019 13:53:04

Wow! Nice to see this one back, I finished mine, and painted up as a target tug, I reduced the weight of the fin by drilling holes throught it with holesaw. I immediatley replaced the weight by making the tailwheel steerable. Sadly, its still not left the ground.

Thread: Dash Cams
05/06/2015 12:41:00

I cant help thinking this is the thin edge of the wedge.

Dashboard Cameras

Cyclists personal cameras (Police and Traffic wardens too)

Spectacles with Heads Up Displays

Hands free mobile phones

Implanted microchips


Thread: Election....Enough i have had enough!!!!
11/05/2015 15:20:26
Posted by Dave Hopkin on 11/05/2015 13:43:37:

What amazes me is why we haven't started moving towards on-line voting - I can tax my car, do my banking, but I cant vote on-line

I can't imagine politicians in this country ever going for it, the fear of being hacked will overshadow that decision. It doesn't matter how secure a system is, the winning MP's will have won by the tried and tested, good old fashioned method.

I've seen demo's of electronic voting systems that do not involve data transfer over the ether, vote counting would be almost instant. On a pure selfish point I am totally against these ideas - I like being paid.


11/05/2015 13:09:04

I work on the election staff in a polling station and have done so on every election/referendum for the last 30 years. One thing that I have noticed is how poorly the public are educated on the voting systems.

Every time I find myself explaining…

  • The leader of the party is not on the ballot paper, you are voting for your local representative not the party leader.

  • It’s a secret ballot, not anonymous, but it takes a judge to break the secrecy.

  • I can’t tell you who to vote for or what they stand for.

This time I had a long discussion with one of the tellers during a quiet time over changing the law making it obligatory for all those eligible to cast a vote. Those that do not vote would face a small fine. This would be used in combination with a “None of the above” box. If “None” where to win then a bi-election would be triggered sometime later, with all of the above excluded.

I found it an interesting view, one that I broadly agree with.

Thread: New Car Tax Rules Is Causing A Lot of Confusion
27/04/2015 12:50:52
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 26/04/2015 09:32:30:

...The mention of 'No Tax Disc' is in a free text area where the attendant might wish to add notes when the notice is issued, as far as I can see. Anyone care to argue otherwise?...

I would guess that the hand held devise only had the options Tax Disc YES/NO and the operator had set the default to NO and NONE from the change over date.

It's a tough job these guys do. Everyday they face verbal abuse, physical violence is an ever present danger.

Thread: Cheap attempt to trick.
08/04/2015 12:39:30
Posted by ted hughes on 08/04/2015 04:30:31:

I agree with you about the annoyance of being bombarded with advertising disguised as "specially selected trading partners. I also get a load of bumf delivered by RM, which goes straight into recycling.

The problem is,RM has a lot of competition in parcel delivery, which they are trying to compete with.Overall, I think PM is good value for money, and they also pay their staff better than Yodell,etc (though still not well) so I am prepared to put up with it to help keep them in business.

I also want to keep RM in business, I help by sending junk mail back, I save it up and as soon as I get a freepost return envelope I send them my whole collection, having first ensured that there is nothing in there to identify me.


Thread: Germanwings crash
27/03/2015 14:26:56

Its a very sad case, it appears that the co-pilot was suffering from some sort of mental illness, and thus in many ways is also a victim.
I'm not sure if there is anything more that can be done to avoid this happening again. Putting a replacement person in the cockpit will not stop a deliberate act, no-one is going to open the door if the plane is in a vertical dive. That said there are many scenarios that involve to co-pilot being incapacitated while alone that do warrant a second person, being able to open the door.

Thread: Am I being cynical ?
05/03/2015 12:58:05

Perhaps none of them should be allowed to serve more than (say) three number of terms, that would get rid of the career politician.

Thread: Am I Being Followed?
26/02/2015 13:19:17

You are very bad BEB, now I'll have to add these to the list if things I count on journeys, I already do "Eddies" and "Downton" trucks. wink

Thread: RCM&E March photo caption suggestions?
26/02/2015 13:06:56

"Ready, Biggles - Lamb Chops Away"

Thread: Been conned recently?
26/02/2015 12:58:56

Keep it and present it again at a different checkout. Make sure you chose the one with the part time youth that doesn't look like they care or want to be there.

Thread: Screw head - What is it called
26/02/2015 12:52:31

I tend to scavenge old broken electrical items for potential useful parts, such as micro switches, wire connectors etc.

I've found that these tamper proof screws are often used deeply recessed in the plastic casing down a hole too small to allow the magnetic bit carrier to fit. I've a modified screwdriver to deal with the ones described by Plummet.


Thread: Buddy lead help required
20/02/2015 14:45:52

I have one of these , essentially the same as the one recommended by Ian, it works really well, and gets over the incompatibility of my Futaba / Hitec combo. The only problem I had was my Futaba 6ex "deadman" trainer switch is not channel based. I had to convert one of the other switches (landing gear).

Thread: Insurance vs Buddybox
20/02/2015 14:17:43
Posted by CARPERFECT on 17/02/2015 19:42:57:

This might make you think ?

Driving instructor teaching pupil to drive, speed camera flashes at car. Letter comes to the car owner. Question were you driving the car when the incident occurred . No

Then who was ?

You must name the pupil.

Even though the instructor was in charge

Pupil gets the speeding ticket.


How do i know.

Because i am a driving instructor

A nice grey are this one, the pupil may not know the speed limits, it is the instructors job to keep the pupil legal. One that perhaps can be tested only before the magistrate.

I presume you're speaking hypothetically, if it were a real case I would not be using that instructor again. I may even go as far as to let it be known as widely as possible that the instructor had allowed the traffic offence to occur in the first place.


Thread: Keeping LiPos in a rented garage
20/02/2015 12:55:36

It's a lock up garage that you are proposing to use, the landlord will be well aware of the types of apparatus that is likely to be stored there. A car is full of potential flammable products. I would not worry over it, provided that I store the products in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

Edited By Mogs on 20/02/2015 12:56:53

Thread: glow panel voltage
02/02/2015 09:46:07
Posted by cymaz on 31/01/2015 12:58:25:

I have a power panel, now only used as the fuel pump switch. The Ripmax panel got through pumps like they were going out of fashion as they kept leaking. I bought a seperate pump in the end.

I too have the Ripmax power panel that is used now purely for the pump switch and power source for my driver. Two replacement pumps, before I learned my lesson. Now I've a separate pump cable tied to the handle of my fuel bottle.

I now think that the pump in the panel is a compromise too far, as the leak allowed fuel to spill all over the battery.


Thread: Help needed to build an on-board glow ignitor?
26/01/2015 09:33:53

Electrics solved !

I found an identical microswitch, mounting these side by side and soldering a tiny piece of brass across the levers I’ve constructed a 2 pole switch. Whilst looking for the switch I came across ready made parts to complete the second circuit - LED, resistor and some button type batteries.

I’m now in search of a suitable tube with a min 26mm internal diameter, to make the drop tank. I think a pump action toothpaste tube may fit the bill, so if the see a fellow with Vernier callipers measuring toothpaste it’ll be me.


Thread: Priming the Carburettor
21/01/2015 10:35:00

Ah! Thanks Bob, No-one has mentioned this method to me before. Now I know, it's obvious.blush.


21/01/2015 10:15:25

I’ve been building the Tony Nijhuis Lysander for about 2 years now.

I’ve just about finished, but one problem that I did not consider till now is access to the carburettor air intake, which is why I’m posting here as the problem must occur for all cowled engines.

I’ve primed my engines before starting, either by plugging up the air intake & cranking the engine or dripping a few drops of fuel direct into the air intake (my preferred method).

The engine I’m using is a SC52 FS, as recommended by Tony. This engine has the air intake on the opposite side to the cylinder head. As the engine is fitted “inverted” the air intake is pointing up, just under the RX battery (which I boxed in). I cannot get a finger over it and when the cowl is in place neither can I get my primer spout in place.

I could drill yet another hole in the cowl, but it’s already more colander than cowl. My first thought is to fit a brass feeder pipe, one end of which being just over the air intake, the other going to a Slec tidy tank filler hatch. Before I go to the effort of doing so, I was wondering if anyone has solved the problem (if a problem it really is) and how?


Thread: Help needed to build an on-board glow ignitor?
21/01/2015 08:09:05

Thanks All

I'll have a look through my box of bits and bobs on the weekend.


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