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Thread: RCM&E Special Issue 2012
12/09/2012 02:16:49

BEB, that is a very relaxed approach, you know you are always in trouble, only the level varies. If im planning a full flying weekend, i phone the hairdresser to find out the appointment, log it in my phone.

Its totally safe to beep...she is in the hairdresser, having a wonderful time ( rather hit my thumb with a hammer) Now you get in first with "your hair looks great, have you had it done?' Hey presto, double points.

Now a couple of issues to watch for:

1 Phoning ahead, speak to the dumb jnr, the air head, as she/he will forget your name in a nano second, her hairdresser will mention it before she gets the second foot in the door.

2 If she steps in the door holding the relished RCM&E KEEP FOCUSED Eyes on the hair, If you falter, halt at the line is ok, but never mention the mag. All points safe and secure


Edited By David Ashby - RCME on 12/09/2012 05:37:21

Thread: Carbon cloth
10/09/2012 12:30:04

I use this, hope the link works ok. See here



Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 10/09/2012 15:14:30

Thread: What have you got planed?
08/09/2012 07:52:09

Working on a 59" Tornado, lots of design as you go work here,

64" tucano on the other bench.

80" tucano arf waiting in the wings, and i have just lifted the lid for a peek at the newly arrived DB Sports Vampire. woo hoo!

Have almost kitted the 90" hurricane so dont want that to wait too long either.

AND did i mention....I am plugging for a TN whirlwind teeth 2


Thread: Corby Starlet 52" RCME sept 2012
04/09/2012 13:58:34

Really lovely Ton, congratulations. Shame about the niggles, Trust that won't put of anyone off a great build.


Thread: That's the modelling budget sorted, then.
13/08/2012 00:08:21

Just this week i had my biggie! Possums playing silly buggers on the power lines outside my business brought the 11kv supply down on to the lv supply. We took the full force of it, switch board looked as if some one left a hand grenade in it, every thing electronic vaporised, the smell will be etched in my brain for life! Even the light fittings suffered a scorching. Cost? 5 zeros any way. and it will put me back some years.

But the good news, I had to test the new fax machine......I ordered the DB Vampire form Eddie and Judy!

God, I feel good !!

Thread: EDF Vampire T11
12/08/2012 23:25:11
Posted by Mark Powell 2 on 12/08/2012 15:36:12:


I had expo on the ailerons on my Great Planes OS 91 powered Little Tony (scale model of a 'hot' pylon racer) and on the maiden, when I moved the stick more than a little bit it rolled inverted unexpectedly very near the ground, only a few seconds after takeoff. My great skill (HoHo, totally luck) recovered it. I have avoided expo ever since.

Just a thought Mark, you didn't dial in negitive expo by mistake? Have seen it done before.


Thread: Corby Starlet 52" RCME sept 2012
08/08/2012 04:13:58

Like this Garbo?


Thread: Vulcan XH558 to Duxford!
05/08/2012 13:14:54

One day, CS, when i scan my slides into the computer, i will post the pickies! the one into the bomb bay is most impressive, it was only 100ft above me. Ahh...the memories!


Thread: Harvard! Tony's 2012 design for the Special Issue
05/08/2012 13:07:39

Himmm, didn't think I would be into this one, but at 66" ya got me!!!, I'm in...darn it

I'm off to re shuffle the bucket

Edited By graham kindberg1 on 05/08/2012 13:09:21

Thread: Vulcan XH558 to Duxford!
05/08/2012 00:42:07

Have a great time, Had my "fix" in the late 60's with low speed dirty passes, bomb doors open etc, and the end of display high speed low level departure!

(hooked for life) Graham

Thread: 46 Inch Tony Nijhuis Mosquito build
02/08/2012 14:49:12

Congratulations on the build and maiden Graham, don't forget to post pickies of the completed colour scheme all tricked up with decals. Trust you have many rewarding flights.

Think you use the same camera man as i do


Thread: Corby Starlet 52" RCME sept 2012
01/08/2012 10:57:48
Posted by Simon B on 31/07/2012 23:12:22:

I liked the 1.3m version. I dont want to build the 1.5m one! Any chance of a CNC pack etc for the smaller one?

Wow, and there is a 60" one? wink (And I didn't start that one)

Thread: My Forum Gripes...
31/07/2012 12:50:05


Started electrical apprentice in the 60's ended up as an electrical engineer, so as you can imagine i don't have any issues with it. No, a candle is not a watt. 1 amp at one 1 volt is 1 watt, the current being drawn by a motor is measured in amps. RE:10 amps per hour, perhaps the best way to describe this is in a measure of capacity, eg, batteries are measured in amp/hours. You may have a starter battery that is a 10 amp /hour. It can deliver 10 amps for one hour.


31/07/2012 12:25:59

And here's me thinking a current is what you find in a bun, a bulb grows in a garden, and an electric lamp lights your house? devil

Thread: What electric flight battery connectors do you mainly use?
31/07/2012 12:14:52

Am almost changed over to XT 60 from deans, I have nearly 200 lipols! so its taking some time. I have lost two good aircraft (70"  to failed deans plugs. Use 6mm in the big stuff though (12s 8000mhr)

As Pete B has indicated, a large iron with lots of heat for a short time, I use a Weller temp controlled leadlighting iron.


Edited By graham kindberg1 on 31/07/2012 12:32:05

Edited By graham kindberg1 on 31/07/2012 12:33:04

Dunno how that smiley got there, cant seem to edit it out??

Edited By graham kindberg1 on 31/07/2012 12:34:31

Thread: Corby Starlet 52" RCME sept 2012
28/07/2012 23:06:55

Hi Ton

Very nice as always, you have been busy! Nice touch the two sizes too. Some thing other designers should pick up on eh. More than half of my builds are "blown up" from origonals. Even blew the Nijhuis Hurricane up to 70".



Thread: Which country is everyone from ?
25/07/2012 03:14:52

Queensland AUS, Its the middle of winter, 26 degrees outside, 2 Ks of wind, sunny, and i'm flying tomorrow.......Just weep!


Thread: Harvard! Tony's 2012 design for the Special Issue
18/07/2012 23:27:12
Posted by Tony Nijhuis on 11/06/2012 23:11:03:


Graham and David as editors do understand the market and which subjects are popular....I think they made the decision on the way back from Nuremberg so I guess they had been doing a little research out there.

I think of next year, it's a toss-up between the runners up in 2011 and they were a DH98 or a Whirlwind...either way i think Barry may get his wish soon. Persistance maybe dose pay off

Did I mention that I was plugging for a Whirlwind?devil


Thread: What do you say to a friend who has just crashed his pride and joy ?
18/07/2012 23:16:11

I think in this hobby you have to accept that every flight is a risk, leave it at home in cotton wool if you want it to always look nice. I have lost planes to failed maidens, dumb thumbs, Shot down by others, and the worst, was when the trucks in the local Quarry decided to re tune their radios for their own "Private" frequency bang on mine! I lost 5 planes in 8 weeks to that, including my pride and joy, a 80" own design mosquito. I was upset be assured, but i didn't go and kick the cat, or spit the dummy. Get your head around it or take up stamp collecting.

Thread: 46 Inch Tony Nijhuis Mosquito build
08/07/2012 01:24:31

Nice touch the retracts, would suggest counter rotating props. keep it light where you can though.

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