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Thread: a sticky problem
09/12/2014 13:52:51

I'd be inclined to go for a very thin smear of Gorilla Glue Eric. Failing that, epoxy wink

Thread: plans to depron
07/12/2014 20:26:57

Have the plan copied at your local copy shop then cut out the various parts, leaving a small excess all round then paste these onto your Depron sheet using 3M Spraymount. It's a simple job then to cut through the paper patterns and Depron

You can then either remove the paper, or leave it in situ.

Have fun, Pete

Thread: Blenheim takes to the air - again!
05/12/2014 19:02:18

Flew from Duxford according to reports.

Have a read of the article here describing the restoration.

There's a fascinating link to the story of the Mk1 cockpit section here.


Thread: dx6 orange don't mix
08/09/2014 17:01:04

I've been using Orange R615x, R800 with and without satellites added and R620 recievers, all without problems.

08/09/2014 13:38:36
Posted by John F on 08/09/2014 12:56:22:

I think KC that there is something else at play here. Binding a receiver does not damage it in any way, only telling it to listen out. if nothing is heard or an incompatible signal is heard it does nothing. It either works or does not work.

I have only found one reference specifically towards Orange NOT working with a DX6 here: **LINK**

Other than that there isn't much info that is easily found on this issue with Orange.

Edited By John F on 08/09/2014 13:14:01

I've been using my new DX6 with Orange Rx's as have a couple of clubmates without any problems whatsoever.

There has been an issue with what appears to have been a faulty DX6 transmitter though, only producing very low output intermittently. This was replaced by Horizon Hobby and no problems have occurred since.


Thread: Hobbyking
07/09/2014 19:33:13
Posted by David Burrows on 07/09/2014 19:27:28:
Don't order on a Friday midday from the UK warehouse with 24 express and expect a delivery on sat morning .that was the mistake I made with my first order from HK

Order using 24 hr delivery from almost anywhere on a Friday and you'll be lucky if the courier considers Saturday to count!

Been there - done that! frown

Thread: Model flying photos you're proud of
25/08/2014 00:44:02

My latest smiley

dsc_1978 (2).jpg

Thread: Upgrading to digital access
16/08/2014 11:19:31
Ditto! When I took out and paid for my print + digital subscription last December I expected the relevant t&c's to run until the renewal date at the very least.

Edited By pete taylor on 16/08/2014 11:21:58

Thread: Goodbye Robin Williams
12/08/2014 21:56:43
"I would just like to say that if you suffer from depression, or know someone who does, help is out there. Please don't suffer in silence.

Robin Williams, 1951-2014. R.I.P. funny man. You made me laugh thousands of times. God be with you my friend."

I couldn't agree with you more Daz...if the loss of such an outstanding talent raises awareness of and reduces the stigma attached to mental illness, then there will be yet another glittering achievement to add to Robin's career.

May you be at peace at last Robin, thank you and may God bless you.


Edited By pete taylor on 12/08/2014 22:00:07

Thread: Any thoughts on versatile first low wing iC plane
12/06/2014 19:57:40
Posted by Chris Anthony on 12/06/2014 19:50:11:


+1 yes

Thread: 2014 DX6 availability
08/06/2014 19:00:50

Has anyone heard any whispers about when exactly the new Spektrum DX6 will be made available here in the UK?

Cheers, Pete

Thread: Covering wings after glassing
08/06/2014 18:55:59

Tower Hobbies make just such a tool Keith... wink

Although I haven't a clue if it's available here.

Edited By pete taylor on 08/06/2014 18:56:50

08/06/2014 13:51:12

You certainly can! Here's one I did earlier...just be super careful with the trapped wind!!

Dragon Models Fouga Magister

Thread: How do I close my account?
01/04/2014 07:25:14
Why not just log out and delete the site address from your favourites list, then simply not visit the site?

Thread: Green Air Designs
27/03/2014 20:25:20

Many thanks to Adrian for clarifying one or two minor points that I'd so far been careful to avoid. However, as the matter has now been raised I'll add my final offering to this thread.

Firstly, the TSR2; this is not a kit, but a one-off set of fuselage parts only that Mike had asked me to build as the prototype. No plans, no kit of parts, in fact not even a set of drawings to work from when I got it. This was accepted as a favour to Mike to hasten into production the prospective kit and enable GAD to market it. I'm aware that Adrian has built several models for GAD along a similar arrangement over a number of years. The fuselage is a very long way indeed from being any sort of kit as has been suggested. Needless to say, as the prospect of the agreed Canberra waned, so did my enthusiasm for helping to get another prototype to production status.

Secondly, I have not, at any time been given a set of laser cut parts for anything. What Mike did do for me was to cut a pair of foam wing panels for a DH 108 spanning some 38" and for which I remain suitably grateful.

I really must say that I resent deeply the implication that I have been anything other than absolutely honest in my dealings with GAD, or in any way frugal with the circumstances relayed via this forum. The facts remain that some 10 months now since I originally offered to deliver some £400 worth of styrofoam to GAD in return for a £200 (at that time) kit , there is still no sign of said kit.

I am most grateful for all of the advice offered here on the forum, which is why I turned to it out of exasperation in the first place. I wait with little expectation of any amicable resolution to the situation and will certainly have no further dealings with GAD following this.


Thread: Another model I.D. help request
25/03/2014 23:51:15
What was I thinking about??? I meant Escort, but typed magician anyway....numpty!!
I vaguely remember a bit of a spat involving the two ipswich shops. Am I right in thinking that there was a glider it two involved too?
Simpleton and Simple Simon?
Thread: Green Air Designs
25/03/2014 22:46:51
And so another week goes by with no resolution to my complaint.
It seems that despite the latest assurances it is indeed 'business as usual' at GAD... empty promises seem to be the only item in production!! Am I failing to appreciate the complexity of producing a single kit???

Edited By pete taylor on 25/03/2014 22:48:46

Thread: Another model I.D. help request
25/03/2014 08:24:56

The trainer looks like a Bowman's Models Skyman, or maybe a Galaxy Magician.

I can't shed much light on the glider though!

Happy building wink


Thread: Green Air Designs
18/03/2014 23:48:15
I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly that this forum is most certainly not the place to bully small traders. I have the utmost empathy for their plight in what is a very difficult environment currently.
GAD have as much right to post on this thread as any of us. Indeed, I know that their attention has been drawn to it.
To which!... Contact at last!!
Apparently there's been an internet hiccup at their end resulting in no emails being received (oddly, the forum my post was removed from still worked)
None the less, Simon is now aware of the situation and will address it forthwith!

Power to the forums eh?
I'll keep you all posted.

18/03/2014 17:07:58
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 18/03/2014 16:14:42:

I'm not sure it's appropriate to speculate on possible personal reasons for this hiccup, folks. So far we have been presented with one set of facts, fairly presented as far as I can see, and we should be careful to keep to what we know......


Absolutely Pete.

There is nothing whatsoever personal in my gripe with GAD, and I am quite aware that Mike works hard to make it work.

However, being left in the lurch to the tune of 400 quid with nothing in return for 9 months is not, I believe, acceptable.

My gripe is with GAD as a company and most certainly not any individuals.


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