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Thread: Green Air Designs
17/03/2014 21:30:41

A quick update for the benefit of anyone reading this thread.

I sent an email asking for a swift resolution to my problem to those concerned, with a link to this thread and have had not even the courtesy of an acknowledgement. So, as promised...these are the people I'd always assumed to be with the good guys;

Green Air Designs, aka GAD, Gen V or the Electric Jet Centre is the outfit that I can only advise to treat with the utmost caution.

I'm most perturbed at having to take this line, but will be sending GAD a letter conforming to the required pre action protocol tomorrow and will, rest assured keep everyone informed of developments.

Thanks again for all of the advice so far, it's been most valuable.


Thread: Got this plane, What is it
16/03/2014 18:52:42

Hooligan for sure wink

Thread: Green Air Designs
16/03/2014 11:51:17
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 15/03/2014 23:25:56:

You don't necessarily need any legal friends, Pete - nor a

Contacting your local County Court for advice and guidance is the best first move or, alternatively, have a browse of the PDF's here. EX301, 302 and 306 are the most appropriate.

If you reach the stage of completing forms make sure you detail ALL your expenses incurred.

The likelihood is that once the other party knows you are commencing legal proceedings they will very rapidly resolve the situation. Don't take any flannel or more excuses - take your business elsewhere.

If the facts are as clear-cut as you have outlined it should be relatively straightforward. Companies don't like CCJ's. awarded against them - it's bad for business.


I've just seen Martin's post toosmile Provided you have a good read of the link he has provided and comply with the conditions relating to the naming of companies, I don't see any reason why the company should not be named here. However, it would be preferable if you were to first email them a link to this thread and see how they respond. Keep it polite and play it by the book - it will be to your benefit, I'm sure.

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 15/03/2014 23:37:06

Excellent idea Pete, thanks.

Thread: Hyperflight & Puffin models - Superb service!
16/03/2014 07:05:46
I needed a few bits for my latest project that I couldn't get locally so ordered a spinner from Puffing and linkages from Hyperflight on Thursday night.
Came back from visiting Mr Sainsbury on Saturday morning and Lo and behold!...Two packages in the porch containing said items.
Thanks all round, not forgetting postman Pat for a splendid effort!

Thread: Green Air Designs
16/03/2014 00:02:24
Martin, Pete, Daz, et al..
Many grateful thanks for all of your advice and support, its much appreciated.
I had a good read of the guidelines before I posted anything here and I sincerely believe that fellow modellers would be well advised to use caution when dealing with this company (they surprised me and I've a fair reputation for sniffing out rats!)
That said, I'll give them an opportunity to pick up on this thread before doing anything else. Their friends may walk among us!
Daz, thanks again for your advice, I know its sound. On the upside, the lack of a kit has freed up a couple of very tasty edf units for the large depron Vulcan sulking part-built in the corner!!! Every cloud...

Edited By pete taylor on 16/03/2014 00:04:23

15/03/2014 23:13:39
No names just yet, I'll give them another couple of days to pick up on this. That way I can't be accused of not playing fair!
15/03/2014 23:09:03
I've got all of the papertrail, but I really don't need the hassle at the moment. As I said, it rattles me to take that view.
15/03/2014 22:37:46
I agree Tony, totally out of order, but it's really not worth the aggro. Much as it pains me to take that view.
15/03/2014 22:24:32
It didn't cross my mind for a moment...handshakes, fellow modellers etc.
Silly me eh???
15/03/2014 22:01:52

For once I’m struggling to think of a suitable word or phrase to sum up my dealings with a UK based model manufacturing company (the very title “company” might grace the outfit concerned with more credence that it deserves!)

Some time ago I agreed with this lot to exchange a sizeable quantity of raw material for the promise of a kit that they produced using said material. This cleared my shed nicely, obtained the object of my desire and got the aforesaid lot out of a bit of a crisis without anyone spending any money so far. Pints all round! wink

I was even prepared to deliver the stuff FOC which entailed a total of around 220 miles all in.

Can anyone see where this is heading yet?

Raw material delivered (about £400 worth no less) Raw material used up. Any sign of my bit of the bargain?.... No chance! Phone call, emails etc all produced plausible excuses and the right sort of noises and promises, yet some 9 months later still no sign of a kit in my direction. crying the mobsters reply in over a week. Popped a waspish message onto their web forum only to have it removed within the hour! No problem methinks, obviously rattled someone’s bars with that – expect a response fairly soon. That was 2 weeks ago and still not a squeak! The company is still there, still trading, still taking orders and producing new models no less. angry

I’m sure there’s a word for this kind of behaviour and I’m extremely keen that fellow modellers don’t get duped the way that I’ve been. No names or pack drill here, but a PM may reveal all.

Any ideas folks?

Thread: HK Goods not arrived!
04/03/2014 20:30:05
Posted by Paul Marsh on 04/03/2014 19:48:34:

I have only ever used them once, and that was messed up and never properly resolved. It was not very pleasent, them calling me stupid, due to not me understanding their stupid ordering system.

So, I used them once, and that's a 100% failure rate.

I'm quite astonished that any retailer would stoop to personal insults!

Was this the UK warehouse? Did you complain??

28/02/2014 20:16:54
For what It's worth, I've had a couple of items ordered from Hong Kong (HK and another supplier) held up by HMRC then been charged for the privilege of having to go to the post office to pick them up!
Getting a bit keen are HM govt!
Thread: Depron 74" w/s Twin EDF "E.E. Canberra B2"
13/02/2014 16:14:01

Superb project..I'm following! yes

One of my favourite aircraft and on my to-do list in Depron having waited over 18 months for a no-show semi kitted one, even though I placed a firm order 8 months ago!

Just got to finish the Vulcan and Spitfire blush

Edited By pete taylor on 13/02/2014 16:30:02

Thread: Red Arrows Hawk
03/02/2014 18:23:45

Looks like a winner to me.

One thing worth thinking about would be to allow for the use of different fans if needed. I've got both 90mm CS12 and Mercury alloy units, both sound and work great, but they have quite different dimensions when it comes to mounting them and it would be a pity not to allow for that in your proposed kit.

Out of interest, what fan have you got in the sounds fabulous in the video!

Pete yes

Thread: Selecting an ESC
01/02/2014 13:26:19

+1 for the Hobbywing Pentium/Fentium/Flyfun ( they had to change the first letter of the name because a certain micro processor manufacturer objected) Also known by the name Turnigy Plush range of ESC's - All the same gizmo's and the programming cards for these are interchangable.

I've used 20 - 100 Amp versions of these extensively without a hitch and avoid the very cheap ESC's; after all, we're probably talking about a reasonable investment in time and money involved in the airframe for the sake of saving a tenner or so!

Just my 2d wink

Thread: Folding Prop Hang Downs
23/01/2014 21:55:38
Go with the rubber band, works every time.
It goes over the spinner to slip between the nose bulkhead and the spinner backplate, pulling the blades flat againt the fuselage.

Thread: Quiet EDF ?
14/01/2014 20:51:17
The key to quiet edf operation is to balance the fan! The difference this males is staggering, both in noise and efficiency.
I haven't got a link to hand, but if you Google edf dynamic balance, there's a host of information out there.
Trust me on this works and goes a long way to attaining the "magic whoosh" so becoming of a jet!
Thread: WOT4 balsa electric conversion
24/12/2013 12:06:46

Hi Pete

I've done this conversion and can thoroughly recommend this motor with 4 cell packs of around 4000-4500 mAh and a 13-14 x 6 prop. This gives around 900 Watts which is more than enough power for a full sized Wot 4, with most flying being done on around half throttle and plenty of duration.

I opened up the bottom of the cowling on mine and cut two crescent moon openings in the front of the cowl cheeks, made a decent sized opening in the firewall to allow cooling air inside then exit via another hole aft of the undercarriage mounting.

Good luck!


Thread: Algebra 100 CoG?
17/12/2013 11:08:41
Posted by Sodbuster on 17/12/2013 10:28:00:

I can give chapter and verse on the Algebra saga.

Algebra 8 has a glassfibre fuselage; I made the mould and all Sean Bannister's fuselages. I have his original drawing beside me now. The wing section was Eppler 193.

The fuselage manufacture was later handed over to John Hall in Somerset, and he produced the glass fuselages for the various versions of the Algebra 100 series. The fuselages were supplied to Dick Edmonds who manufactured conventional kits which included the fuselage moulding.

As far as I'm aware the EMP Algebras all used a quite different glass fuselage from the original T tail variant. I've got both of them and I'm not aware of any others apart from the ply versions used in both the early Bannister and EMP Algebras respectively. I'd be fascinated to know more though!

Thread: Depron Vulcan for EDF
15/12/2013 16:12:27

Hi all, just a quick post to get the thread going and update a couple of folks on progress to date.

Posted by Electriflier on 10/12/2013 21:33:29:

In fact, I'm noticing that there are other depron builds that have gone very quiet know who you are

Thanks to Electriflier I've got a superb set of drawings to work from and with his advice and that from Depron Daz, I've got a large pile of cut parts ready to commence building as soon as I get some 1mm ply to use for the edf thrust tubes that will be structural in my version.

HOWEVER! as often is the case I've been temporarily distracted from the Vulcan as I'm putting together the prototype of an edf TSR 2 for 70mm fans for Greenair Designs and I must say that I'm quite excited by this minor deviation!wink Shouldn't take too long.

Pictures of both to follow very soon.


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