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Thread: Police Helicopter Crash
04/12/2013 11:11:07
Posted by John F on 04/12/2013 10:45:08:

Not every aircraft crash results in fuel leaks and not every one results in a fireball. lets be thankful that those circumstances never arose otherwise the very sad news would have been an awful tragedy with a lot more killed.

The firefighters know their stuff and would have been briefed or even be aircraft experienced firefighters so that the safe recovery would be possible. There would not be a single second of aircraft recovery or examination undertaken without adequate precautions being undertaken.

Edited By John F on 04/12/2013 10:45:31

As a full-time firefighter of 25 years, I can confidently second that.

There's no way that anyone would be going anywhere near the incident while there was the slightest suggestion of un-contained fuel or any other hazardous substance without adequate control measures being in place.

An incident involving an aircraft of any description would automatically include the attendance of specialist appliances (although most first-line pumping appliances have a foam capability anyway) and teams equipped to deal with the situation, in this case it looked as though the Strathclyde Urban Search & Rescue team were there working alongside everyone else. Having said that, the majority of aviation and railway incidents are part of the rolling training programme for all fire services and well within the capabilities of all personnel who might reasonably be expected to encounter such events. Any incident involving entrapment of any sort can, by it's very nature become protracted (you could liken it to playing "Kerplunk" or pick-up-sticks, but with higher stakes!) and all of those involved in this incident deserve the very highest praise for their professionalism, not forgetting those who have suffered such a tragic loss.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
04/12/2013 10:07:26
Posted by Peter Miller on 03/12/2013 08:51:32:

Tired of life?

Quicker than castor oil and probably quicker than cyanide.

Absolutely agree!...However, if the gentle readers out there will allow me to digress from the subject slightly, here's a surer way to oblivion... Possibly a project for HK Dynajet collectors. surprise

Thread: Bird of Time Kit build
03/12/2013 09:25:34

Hi Bill,

there's plenty of room in the fuselage for servos etc. Mine is 'Leccy powered with room for the motor, gearbox, esc and a 2200 3 cell LiPo with room to spare, although the servos are in the fin on mine for super-short control runs.

My fuselage pod is really just a sawn-off standard BoT fuselage, but if I was to build another (watch this space) I'd use one of these from Kristoffair. There's a bit more inspiration here

Ray Hayes of Skybench offers some sage advice for adding carbon spars and the pros and cons of doing so, along with a whole host of useful stuff.

As for laser cutting in the UK, there are lots of folks about doing this now; SLEC, Belair designs, GAD and Float-fly to name just four. Any of them would be only too happy to quote for a set of ribs and the dxf files are available for the BoT from Yahoo groups here. Having said that, if you got your rib set from Mountain Models then I think these are the same.

One point to ponder over, if you look at the newer Drela sections used on many modern gliders and compare them with the TLAR section used by Dave Thornburg on the BoT, you'll notice a remarkable similarity! Might go some way to explaining why the BoT still works so well for a 35 yr old design wink

Do keep us all posted

Thread: Durafly Retro Series Junior - a quick fix
30/11/2013 12:06:08

Hi Bernie, I've checked the HK site and it says £86 for the PNP one.

Cheers, Pete

Thread: Bird of Time Kit build
30/11/2013 12:03:26

Hi Bill,

for what it's worth I'd go along with Barrie's suggestion as the wood in the kit isn't always the best.

Unless you're keen to build her strictly as originally designed, the BoT does benefit from having the fuselage stretched a little which is easily incorporated into a plan built version, or you can go the whole hog (as I did) and replace the fuselage with a Bubble Dancer style pod and boom - very light and leaves the option of a longer nose and a bolt-on wing if required.

Happy pondering, Pete

phone pics 1204.jpg

Thread: Durafly Retro Series Junior - a quick fix
21/11/2013 10:15:39

I had an email from Hobbyking yesterday informing that this had arrived.

Now, I realise that some folks will probably pass a brick at the thought, (after all, it's leccy, foam, artf AND from HK...oh, and it's got ailerons as well!!!surprise) but what a little gem and a perfect quick fix when a spot of relaxation therapy comes along without notice! cool

durafly junior.jpg


Edited By pete taylor on 21/11/2013 10:17:59

Thread: Problem with ESC or motor
20/11/2013 19:07:40
+1 for trying the battery first.
They do recover after lvc and will exhibit the behavior you describe.
Thread: Depron 1.8m DH-Sea Vixen Pusher
18/11/2013 21:00:37
Brilliant Roy! Absolutely magnificent...
Thread: 76" Depron Vickers Valiant
15/11/2013 19:08:51
Oh, thanks for the offer of the Avro 707 plan, I have it and its a fascinating build.
15/11/2013 19:00:09

Thanks Daz...I figured I'd take it while it's still there!

I got the drawings printed out today - big ain't it?? So I had a chance to play about with placing the fan over them and you're quite right, there's plenty of space available and loads of intake area. I'll be using a CS12 fan for plenty of "wooshiness" and came up with a cunning plan for the tailcone wink Basically, a cruciform sectioned profile one inserted into the single exhaust that'll look ok from most angles, but without obstructing the exit. I know the fan gives just over 6 lbs of static thrust, so should be adequate for the Vulcan.

One thing that I'm tempted to do is to have a go at fabricating the central fuselage section out of blue foam to preserve strength on that area. It makes the ducting fairly simple to produce by the time-honoured "digging" method. I'll keep everyone posted.

Cheers, Pete

15/11/2013 09:40:38
Posted by Depron Daz 393 on 14/11/2013 16:08:10:

Hi Pete.

Yes mate go for it! Have you started a build log yet? It took me ages to get the right weather for a maiden, and Roy H will tell you that I almost gave up as it was months after the build was finished that I actually got to fly it, but honestly, it flies like a dream. Will you be doing a pusher prop as well? Retracts? Looking forward to another Vulcan to join the club. We (Roy H, Ian 101 and some others who we met on RCG) are looking at meeting up possibly next spring for a mass Vulcan flight, dates and a central location are TBC, but I believe that there could around 10 depron Vulcans out there, how cool would it be to get them all together, would make a cracking photo.

Kind regards


Hi Daz,

No build log yet as I'm still at the head-scratching stage working out how I can pop a 90mm fan in the rear end! Roy has very kindly sent me the 82" 3 view, so there'll be a couple of days looking at how I can adapt the internal structure so that the scale inlets do their allocated job and I can work out how to sort the exhaust. At the moment I'm working along the lines of Tony Nijuis' 96" turbine version with a fairly discrete single exhaust in the rear...any thoughts?? Of course it may be that I forget that and go down the well proven pusher route anyway!

As to retracts, I've had a few problems with them at the local patch, so for simplicities sake and weight I'll probably leave them for now, but incorporate a bit of structure to allow for mods later if needed.

A mass Vulcan meet sounds like a fabulous idea, with spring next year coinciding nicely with my imminent retirement as a "water fairy" wink 2

Cheers, Pete

Thread: Warbird Replicas Spitfire
14/11/2013 15:29:30

You know what they say about if it looks probably is right!

Your's looks fine, mine was a little flat looking to say the least, and once I'd started to notice it, it was keeping me awake at night! crook All sorted now though, I just hated the idea of chopping about a really well made model!

Thread: 76" Depron Vickers Valiant
14/11/2013 14:49:09

Fantastic bit of depron-bashing Daz! cool

I'm about to embark upon a depron Vulcan trip myself, inspired by you and Roy. Will keep you posted!

Cheers, Pete

Thread: Warbird Replicas Spitfire
14/11/2013 14:43:00

Looking good Simon cool You've inspired me to get my finger out and finish mine off!

I bought it part-built about 18 months ago and cracked on with it until I came to the bit where I needed to adjust the dihedral on the wings that were already built. At that point things languished somewhat! I debated long and hard about leaving things alone, but being a bit of a Spitfire junkie, I simply couldn't have lived with it!disgust

Interestingly, I can't see any reference to the required dihedral in the manual. Has this been corrected now, as your's looks  just right?

So.... a couple of weeks ago I took the plunge with the big saw and did the deed surprise Wings now re-joined at the correct angle (5 degrees each side on the bottom surface) wing fillets adjusted accordingly and casting an eye over her she looks much better!!

Keep up the good work, it really is a lovely kit.

Cheers, Pete


Edited By pete taylor on 14/11/2013 14:45:43

Thread: The Worlds Weirdest Weapons
08/11/2013 08:52:53

Here you go John cool

07/11/2013 11:44:06

Sorry to hear you're not well Roger, best wishes for a speedy return to form and all that....wink

Was that the one showing the pigeon-guided missile developed by the USA? The pilot you're thinking of is none other than Eric "Winkle" Brown, who seems to have experienced quite enough excitement already while testing the Me 163!

The one and only manned launch of the Natter ended after a 45 second flight 14 Km from the launch site at the bottom of a 15 ft hole, killing the pilot, Lothar Sieber.

If it is the programme I'm thinking of, it's well worth a look. thumbs up


Edited By pete taylor on 07/11/2013 11:48:46

Thread: Citroens new DS5 modelled of airliner inside
07/11/2013 10:58:55
Posted by Area 51 on 07/11/2013 10:19:23:


Given all the evidence needed for a prosecution there.. silly lad/glad I am not local to this chaps roads.. thumbs down

Indeed he has. Can the mods kill this thread for his own protection before his neighbour passes it to Plod?

Thread: Yikes! - Genuine pulsejet!
27/10/2013 11:42:53

Holy Moly!!wink


Here's a possibility for the truly insane...a scale twin pulse jet powered fighter!

pulse jet twin.jpg 

flea.jpg Oh yes indeedy!!


Edited By pete taylor on 27/10/2013 12:08:45

26/10/2013 11:31:53
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 26/10/2013 09:33:22:

I really don't see why folk are getting so agitated about this - there is clearly an implied criticism of HK in many of these posts. Hobbyking is a global company and the UK market is just a small part of their total sales. They sell a number of other products which cannot legally be used in the UK, such as FPV modules etc, so why the histrionics about one more?

There are many other parts of the world where flying a pulse jet will create no noise problem whatsoever and I think too many here are adopting a 'dog in the manger' attitude......if we can't have one, no-one else should, eithersad

They are currently only available from the Global warehouse. If they stock them in the UK, then there may be some grounds to question the decision, although as far as I am aware it is not yet illegal to possess one in the UK!

Aren't we just showing a bit of the green-eyed monster about the opportunity being presented to other, non-UK, modellers?


Hear, hear!

Whilst using a pulse jet is clearly not an option here in the UK, I can appreciate that there are vast open spaces where it could be done without endangering life and limb elsewhere in the world.

These things are however, a fascinating curiosity to display and pore over...just consider the number of un-run or unusable I/C engines there are in the world of aeromodelling. I'm sure that no-one expects an import ban on any vintage engines incapable of having a silencer fitted. Just imagine the uproar if nobody could run their 1949 ED Hunter or Oliver Tigre twins!! crook Obviously, these aren't in the same decibel league as a pulse jet, but I'm sure people get the drift.

Buy the pulse jet, stick it in a case and admire it for what it is...alongside all the other aeromodelling curios!

Just my 2d worth! smile d

24/10/2013 10:37:57

I'm not sure that vintage is the right place for this, but can't think where else it should go.

Just spotted this from HK...should raise a few eyebrows!

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