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Thread: Bird of Time
21/10/2013 20:30:05
Ken, those links both refer to the artf version that was known to have issues with the centre section construction. The original BoT is built using 1/2 x 1/8 spruce top and bottom spar caps with 1/2 hard balsa vertical grained webs between and 1/16 ply doublers in the centre section and will withstand a sensible winch launch without modifications. Interestingly, Ray Hayes of Skybench Aerotech still uses exactly this spar structure for their range of soarers.

Edited By pete taylor on 21/10/2013 20:32:54

21/10/2013 19:21:32
Hi David
If you've built your BoT from the original plan or the Dynaflight kit you'll have no worries about folding the wings..this was only a problem with the artf version. Dave Thornburg designed the BoT for f3b comes...a long time ago admittedly! She's still a thoroughbred though Pay attention to setting up as the plan suggests, esp the cg - resist any urge to move this forward of the suggested range, the rearmost position will allow you an amazing speed range and indicate the slightest lift.
As for motors, look for one that will swing a 12-14" prop. Have a look at the robotbirds or hobbyking glider motors.
Thread: EMP Algebra 2.5m
09/10/2013 22:17:42
Hi Donald, and welcome to the forum!
I had an Aurora when they first came out back in the early 80's.
As far as I can recall, the Apex was the arf version with straight veneered foam wings, whereas the Aurora had polyhedral wings build up over a foam core. The construction was unique to EMP and worked well.
I don't have any manuals, but can recall the construction method quite clearly. If you need a hand, pm me and we'll take it from there.
Cheers, Pete
Thread: My First and hopefully Last experience of been Burgled!
06/10/2013 12:10:33

Nice one Scott for moving the idiots along, no-one needs this kind of stupidity in their home life.

Maybe one of the moderators might like to remove the company's name from the post concerned to avoid further problems?

Just a thought.

Thread: Free stuff weekend
04/10/2013 09:31:38

Yes please!

Thread: Time wasters!
27/09/2013 20:22:20
That had crossed my mind until said member appeared highly active and buying and selling in the last couple of days! Just seems to have shot through
27/09/2013 19:01:48
Out of curiosity, have many of the good folks on these forums experienced a problem when selling items?
I've just had my first encounter with a gentleman who was adamant that he wanted to buy an item from me, to the point that we'd agreed a price, postage and that a cheque would be in the post shortly. Then cheque, no email, not a squeak from chappy, although he was online here! I sent an email asking if he was still interested...still not even the courtesy of a reply!!
None of us are here to entertain Walter Mitty's...if you don't want something, just say so! Nuff said!
Thread: Ebay sellers...
11/09/2013 09:20:36

Has anyone suggested to ebay that they might start a new catagory for 'Any old tat' ?

There's an early contender here

Do these folks seriosly think that anyone will buy this stuff?surprise

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 11/09/2013 10:01:09

Thread: How Many Cows Dd It Take To Build a Zeppelin?
01/09/2013 10:31:18
I guess it depends how fast they work and how quickly you need your airship.....

Sorry, couldn't resist! Fascinating programme though and well worth catching up with for anyone who hasn't seen it.

Edited By pete taylor on 01/09/2013 10:33:36

Thread: Dereck Woodward
29/08/2013 19:04:53

That really is sad news. A great designer and a very funny and thoroughly human guy.

God bless you Dereck

Thread: Thermalling clockwise or anti clockwise?
29/08/2013 18:02:19

Hi Bruce, and welcome again!

I'm no expert, but I have been flying thermal soarers for quite some time (Ye Gods...can it really be 35 years this summer???) Anyway, for all practical purposes it appears not to make a jot of difference. I'm sure someone out there will correct me (Lord, how we all do love a pedant!) but Chris is quite right, just find yourself a thermal by whatever means you can and milk it for all it's worth. The whole game is really a bit like fly fishing I always think - only in the air... and I've found myself holding my breath and contorting in all directions when willing a model around a tiny bubble of lift!

To centre on a thermal isn't too tricky, you need to watch closely and see on which side of the circle the model goes up, and which side it goes down (if at all) then gently elongate your turning circle in the direction of the upward part - cos that's where the lift is better. What you will find is that once you've got the centre nailed the model will speed up quite noticably.

One thing that I would whole-heartedly recommend for any budding thermal soaring is Dave Thornburg's Old Buzzards Soaring Book. It's not new, and possibly maligned in some quarters, but it's a real insight into what goes on in the "river of air" and a fascinating and very funny read.

Good luck with the thermal hunting


Thread: RC Lander distributor?
14/08/2013 23:03:59
Forgive me if this is a repeat question, but does anyone know who imports RC Lander models into the UK these days?

Edited By pete taylor on 14/08/2013 23:05:00

Thread: HobbyKing Hawker Hunter
12/08/2013 10:34:44

Hi Dusty,

Thanks, I'm quietly pleased with it I must say! I'll get up there as soon as I can, hopefully in the week. Are you around this week at all?

11/08/2013 21:19:26

hunter 005.jpgNow fitted with a Mercury 90mm EDF unit. STILL awaiting maiden! blushhunter 001.jpg

Thread: HobbyKing-taken the money and run
27/07/2013 12:44:05
Posted by Martian on 27/07/2013 10:22:57:

I can reccomend the online chat facility to try to unravel the problem

+1 for this! yes

Thread: New underpants please...
25/07/2013 13:34:57

Edited By pete taylor on 25/07/2013 13:51:59

Thread: New site appearance
15/07/2013 09:50:46
Posted by kiwi g on 15/07/2013 09:42:00:

Im just wondering if the dislikes are from the site change or if the dislikes just dont like change ??wink 2

I'm in the definitely not at all keen gang but not averse to change on the whole!

Can anyone enlighten us all as to why the site format was changed? Was is simly for the sake of something different or was the original broken? thinking

14/07/2013 16:38:48
Posted by Mowerman on 14/07/2013 11:37:13:

Time for a new poll - New site layout -Like or Dislike.

yes +1

13/07/2013 01:34:17
I've done my best to reserve judgement, but alas, I simply don't like this new version!...
I don't find it particularly appealing to look at and it certainly seems to have lost the easy to navigate features of the previous look.
Change for change's sake perhaps?
How about a poll?
Thread: Overlander - Amazing service!
10/07/2013 14:45:48

Just a quick note to give credit where credit's due...

Yesteday morning I placed an order on Overlander's website for a small NiMH RX battery having found that the one in my DLG had expired. About an hour or so later I realised that the battery configuration I'd ordered wouldn't fit into the model surprise

I phoned Overlander to ask if I could change my order and was told that they didn't have any of the required configuation in stock, but if I was to hold on a moment they might be able to change an existing pack. To my relief this was fine and would be done as soon as they could.

Imagine my surprise when the postman (non-privatised) knocked on the door this morning with my new, re-configured battery less than 24 hours after placing my initial order!!yes

So...a huge THANK-YOU !! to the combined efforts of Overlander batteries and Royal Mail yes

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