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Thread: New site appearance
15/07/2013 09:50:46
Posted by kiwi g on 15/07/2013 09:42:00:

Im just wondering if the dislikes are from the site change or if the dislikes just dont like change ??wink 2

I'm in the definitely not at all keen gang but not averse to change on the whole!

Can anyone enlighten us all as to why the site format was changed? Was is simly for the sake of something different or was the original broken? thinking

14/07/2013 16:38:48
Posted by Mowerman on 14/07/2013 11:37:13:

Time for a new poll - New site layout -Like or Dislike.

yes +1

13/07/2013 01:34:17
I've done my best to reserve judgement, but alas, I simply don't like this new version!...
I don't find it particularly appealing to look at and it certainly seems to have lost the easy to navigate features of the previous look.
Change for change's sake perhaps?
How about a poll?
Thread: Overlander - Amazing service!
10/07/2013 14:45:48

Just a quick note to give credit where credit's due...

Yesteday morning I placed an order on Overlander's website for a small NiMH RX battery having found that the one in my DLG had expired. About an hour or so later I realised that the battery configuration I'd ordered wouldn't fit into the model surprise

I phoned Overlander to ask if I could change my order and was told that they didn't have any of the required configuation in stock, but if I was to hold on a moment they might be able to change an existing pack. To my relief this was fine and would be done as soon as they could.

Imagine my surprise when the postman (non-privatised) knocked on the door this morning with my new, re-configured battery less than 24 hours after placing my initial order!!yes

So...a huge THANK-YOU !! to the combined efforts of Overlander batteries and Royal Mail yes

Thread: Pilots!
09/07/2013 11:51:08

Hi Geoff, be assured that it's not just you...I can't bear an empty cockpit unless it's sitting on the ground!

Cyano seems to work well on latex. If you can get inside you could try taping the seam first or even just using duct tape to do the repair. I'm assuming of course that he's not expected to work for a living??

Cheers, Pete

Thread: Amazing photograph!
05/07/2013 21:29:01
Whoops!!... That's told me then! lol
05/07/2013 18:01:07
I'll keep my eyes open for that if it appears on terrestrial tv.
I came across it while I was researching the Canberra for an upcoming project and couldn't resist sharing it.
05/07/2013 17:35:22

If anyone ever doubts the capability of some of the finest British hardware...take a look at this photo. Nice picture of Big Ben you might think... it was taken from a Canberra PR9 in 2006 from 47000 ft over the Isle of Wight. That's nearly 9 miles high and 80 miles distant!cool



Edited By pete taylor on 05/07/2013 17:36:55

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
05/07/2013 14:48:51

Hawker Hunter with Rolls Royce Avon and Flg Office Boz Robinson at the contols.

boz robinson hunter.jpg

Hobbyking 90mm Hunter with Mercury 90mm edf for 6s 4000 mah Lipo

mercury 90 003.jpg

Thread: Concorde or TSR2
04/07/2013 11:53:46

Let's hope so Colin.

It's one of the latest generation V kits from GAD with all the parts milled to final section and just requiring finishing, so I've got great hopes!

I was looking at doing one for a 90mm fan and have a plan, but 70mm is simply too convenient to pass on. wink One piece and simple to operate... can't be beaten!

04/07/2013 11:34:15


Just Lookee Here!!! cool ...

Latest 70mm edf project from Green Air Designs.


TSR 2 1

TSR 2 2

I'm picking mine up next week and will start a thread.

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 04/07/2013 21:20:29

Thread: CA Hinges
25/06/2013 09:22:10

Hi Andy, if they're the usual sort that are slightly furry on each side then I've always found them to be excellent. Make sure that you're using thin CA as recommended and you should have a problem-free hinge. smiley

There are, as always various ideas about drilling holes to ensure proper distribution of the CA, but I haven't ever felt the need. just make sure that yoy give each surface a firm tug after assembly to make sure all is well and off you go! wink

Cheers, Pete

Thread: Motor on a switch: Why?
24/06/2013 11:38:21

Quick answer...the purpose of the motor on the majority of gliders is as a launch device only and therefore it's either launching the model ( and launch is pretty descriptive if you watch a competitive type going up in less than 20 seconds to 200 meters!) Thereafter the motor isn't used again during the flight. Most esc's are equipped with a soft start option of one sort or another to avoid excessive strain on the motor/gearbox. This frees up the throttle stick for other functions needing proportional control.

Naturally, if the glider in question doesn't need proportional control of flaps/brakes/crow etc then the throttle stick can be allocated to just that!

I've tried both ways and have settled on brakes on a switch which works fine for me.

Pay's yer money and takes yer pick!! wink

Cheers, Pete

Thread: HK Firenza
23/06/2013 19:07:53
I think Tom was referring to a glide test from powered flight by means of cutting the throttle
This way you can see that if the model dives then the motor was pulling it upwards against the elevator trim, not having enough down thrust built in. Conversely, if the model climbs when the power is cut the motor is doing the opposite and has too much down thrust.
Simple really, but a bugger to do from a hand toss over long grass!!!
Thread: First the Dak, now the Vulcan!
16/06/2013 12:45:24

She must have been right over PM's house! yes

I was just outside Glemsford and getting a tad hacked off standing in the rain when I spotted the oh-so-familiar shape banking to the left from the north, passing about 1/4 of a mile to the west of me at no more that 1000' before reversing the bank and heading westwards again. Brilliant stuff and I didn't care about being wet any more!

Thread: EDF first timer
02/06/2013 21:36:54
Durafly Vampire...looks good and goes superbly on the recommend set up. Sounds great too!
Thread: Plan covering/protection
30/05/2013 19:31:14

I've used the backing from heat shrink covering, film and tex which works well but the best that I've found is Protect-a-Plan from The Balsa Cabin in Maldon. 10ft x 41" for the princely sum of £2! thumbs up

Thread: Is there a trick to aligning torque rods and hinges?
14/05/2013 08:56:46

Hi Graham, as I guess you're already thinking, it's really down to the old adage of "measure twice and cut once" wink

The way I do it is to mark a common datum line onto whatever surfaces then check that that's spot-on and then work to that. There are one or two little hinge-cutting gizmos about that will help centre slots and these usually come with drill guides to centre the torque rod.

If there is a misalignment found later (the purists may like to skip over the following!) I have been known to enlarge the torque rod hole and slot to accomodate, mask off the facing bit of trailing edge and use epoxy and micro balloons to take up the slack!

Hope this helps, Pete

Thread: HobbyKing Hawker Hunter
10/05/2013 19:52:28
Hi Malcolm and thanks.
It's the epo one aka Fly Fly and now being produced in plain white (hurrah!) with a few mods by Jepe.
It does build into a nice model with a bit of effort!

10/05/2013 19:15:35

And another for good measure - on her pins now! smiley

standing up

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