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Thread: HobbyKing Hawker Hunter
04/05/2013 19:19:20


Getting there! Couldn't quite resist putting another one up wink

Thread: Turnigy plush 60A ESC Is the common mode filter in the wrong place!
29/04/2013 15:51:08
Definitely in the usual place!.
Thread: HobbyKing Hawker Hunter
26/04/2013 09:16:32

HK/FlyFly/Jepe Hunter

I couldn't resist posting a quick pic of my latest toy.. all primered up and ready for final painting!

What a shape!!cool

I'll post all the deatails later.


Thread: Twinstar prop size?
22/04/2013 09:42:27

Hi Steve, have you got a Watt meter? If so, how many Watts are the motors drawing? That will give you a good idea of what's going on power-wise yes

As a rough idea, you need to be getting around 100 Watts/pound for a good spots model. If my memory serves me correctly this will be around 300 W for the twinstar.

That will be getting on for the limit fo your 30 Amp esc but should be ok.

As a metter of interest, have you tried the original white plasic Gunther style props? They might not look amazing but they perform very too! wink


Thread: When is it "too windy"?
15/04/2013 11:27:53

I'm in with Allan - you just need the right model for the conditions.

I well remember flying a Tyro Major with a Fox 25 up front in about 1981 in a bitterly cold easterly howler. Following an extended period trying to start the engine I hand launched into the half-gale only to find that I couldn'd make any headway at all! Stuck it out though until the tank ran out before a very nose down vertical descent, rapid pack - up and a chilly walk home!surprise

Thread: Cannibalism
20/03/2013 11:51:05

Just a thought...How about a new thread, similar to the ebay sellers one elsewhere, but for the most outragous price-hike?wink

No prizes, just the satisfaction of preventing the greedy forging too long a chain!!

Any takers?

Edited By pete taylor on 20/03/2013 11:59:32

19/03/2013 18:41:03

Interesting perspective Martin!

The price to be paid for a lack of knowledge is to be at the mercy of the free market entrepreneurs and ripe for ripping off if I'm reading you correctly?

I think that's where most of the financial sector was coming from before all the various mis-selling, interest and price fixing scandals came to light.

I really cannot believe that it's in the best interests of our hobby to start feeding off each other like this!

Thread: Thrust Line on Giles 202
19/03/2013 09:54:37

Hi Brian, I had the smaller of the two Flair Giles G202 models several years ago and it was an absolute peach!

I can't remember the details, but the thrustline seemed perfectly normal to me. It's probably worth trying it with just a degree or two of side and down thrust to begin with and adjust from there - it's unlikely to be very far out, unlike the situation you're faced with at the moment which might account for the need to repair! crook

Cheers, Pete

Thread: Cannibalism
19/03/2013 09:38:18

Great things, bring and buy sales, classified ads and even flea bay. They all provide an outlet for hobbyists of all denominations to decrease the surplus population in the shed, raise money for the next project or pick up a required item at what is very often a greatly reduced price when compared to the usual retail one. A sort of mutual society of bretheren, not to mention the recycling benefits!

I spotted an ad today on this very site offering a used item (no names or pack-drill ) for what seems like a fair-to-middling sort of a price plus the postage, naturally.

On visiting the relevant website to check on the specs I was most surprised to see that the full retail price of said article was less than HALF of the sellers asking price for the used one! face 22

There's a great, long-standing thread highlighting similar situations on ebay, which left me we REALLY need to start doing this sort of thing to each other now?

Yes, I know that it's always a buyer beware environment.

I Know that there have always been people wheeling and dealing.

I know that it's a free market economy where the seller is able to ask whatever price he/she sees fit, subject to demand and supply.

BUT...there are plenty of sharks out there perfectly happy to eat the innocent, nieve or unwary; surely we don't need to resort to cannibalism?

I'm intrigued to know what folks think.


Thread: change sun 90mm edf
13/03/2013 10:55:21

Hi Ben. I haven't run mine yet, but the set up I bought was with the Leopard 3674 1650kv motor and is designed for running at 6 cells, the quoted figures being 2.4kg of thrust at 86A.

I'm using 2 x 3s 4000 mah 30 -40 C packs in series with a Turnigy 120A HV esc.

eCalc confirms the figures as 2.7 kg thrust at 89 Amps for a 22C load on the batteries.

Hope this helps too.

Cheers, Pete

Thread: Weekend Giveaway
01/03/2013 08:25:39
Great selection of books there!
I'm in
Thread: DB Cirrus Moth 20E
26/02/2013 09:34:25

Hi Dale,

I built one of the original Moth 20 kits about 20 years ago, before laser cutting etc was about and it was a very straightforward build that can only have been made even better by modern manufacturing techniques.

Although mine was OS 26FS powered at the time I've often wondered about building another for electric which has moved on immensely since then. The flying qualities are superb on just 3 channels and the model looks very much the part in the air, especially with a little scale detail such as elastic rigging wires added.

I doubt you'll be disappointed!

Cheers, Pete

Thread: Delivery problems!
19/02/2013 12:40:29

Just to add my two penneth worth; out of a total of 32 orders from HK using the Hong Kong, UK warehouses and self collection I've only had one minor hitch that was sorted out without the slightest quibbling by the following day.

I got more agro from the LHS circuit! Late, great Galaxy Models excepted.

Thread: speed 400 brushed motor on 3s
18/02/2013 11:37:51

Hi Mark, try one of these from Puffin Models. Sp 400 and 480 rated for 3s LiPo

Thread: Stampe refurbishment and restoration - Rothmans colours
04/02/2013 10:24:15

Looks like the Precedent one to me.

Thread: Poly-C
23/01/2013 11:18:12

I've used Poly-C on balsa, obechi and foam in conjunction with glass cloth and as a varnish/top coat. Excellent results all round! I did a couple of small experiments before commiting to an airframe to check on the warping issue and can confirm Tony's comments. Might be worth a little play first.

It's quick drying, odour free and washes up with water - what more can you ask??

I can't speak for it's fuel resistance as i fly electric.

Cheers, Pete

Thread: Vulcan Bomber
15/01/2013 08:36:11

Absolutely magnificent!

A worthy tribute to an outstanding aeroplane. Thanks for letting us see it.


Thread: Is HK killing off the LHS?
14/01/2013 14:38:33

A year ago I had a choice of three LMS. I chose not to use two of them because of a number of reasons including re-pricing of existing (sometimes quite old) stock to latest rrp or more; making a journey only to find that quite mundane items were not in stock; dropping by to pick up a pack of urgently needed 3mm cap head bolts, only to be offered a specialist rc car pack of 5 for £6! (all that was in stock) Refusal to sell only a transmitter without rx, servos etc when I upgraded to a computer radio of the same make several years ago (I therefore had several compatible rx's and plently of servos)

By contrast, the LMS I did frequent, Galaxy Models in Ipswich held plenty of variety in stock, could get just about anything within a week or so and the staff, particularly the owner Gary, consistently fell over themselves to be helpful not only to me, but to every other customer I witnessed asking for advice. Sadly it was Galaxy Models of the three which closed down last year, presumably due to the overheads etc.

Shortly after Galaxy closed HobbyKing opened up their UK warehouse not far from where I live and I found it most convenient to browse and order online then collect (usually the following day) Stock levels are, on the whole excellent and anything not in stock is obvious immediately.

I appreciate that not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to collect but even allowing for the occassional vagaries of theRoyal Mail, one only needs to plan a little in advance.

I'm not going to labour the obvious point of my post. Suffice to say that if LMS are to survive (hopefully the decent ones will) in the current, particularly hostile commercial environment, then their owners need to think hard about the service they are offering to modellers.

Thread: Hobbyki-CK-ing
10/01/2013 19:47:09
Hear, hear from a thoroughly satisfied HK customer.
You pays your money....etc etc
Thread: Any one know this model?
08/01/2013 23:15:48

Cotswold Models "Square One" by the look of it.smiley

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