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Thread: Worst movie ever?
16/07/2014 15:41:08

Redtails. I thought it was really naff. Looking forward to the remake of the Dambusters though!

Thread: Mosquito return to flight.
02/07/2014 07:32:39
I thought there was only the one flying Mosquito KA114???
Thread: 86" W/S Depron MkIX Spitfire
01/07/2014 12:36:48

Cheers Roy. Need to finish the Mozzie first and then i'll start the build. The spit looks fantastic on the ground and in the air.

Ian again fantastic spit i can only hope to build something that good one day. I had to go back a few steps with the mossie. One of the electric retracts(turnigy ones) stopped working. I think the motor burnt out. I won't try and blame it on them being cheap. I think i might have been the cause. I've fitted some mechanical retracts with servos which seem to work ok. I also had to adjust the fuse so that there was a former at a 45 degree slant so that it was easier to get the wings on. Still i'm not too far off giving it a first coat of paint and a test flight. If it survives i'll stick a video up.

30/06/2014 18:51:53


I was just thinking about building a P47 and was going to adopt a similar approach to yourself. I noticed that you stuck the side view of the plane to a piece of depron. Did you stick your formers straight onto the paper or did you cut that away?



24/06/2014 08:18:39

What are you using to do your CAD drawings. I am using Google Sketchup atm but it seems a bit limited.


Thread: Depron DH Mosquito
20/06/2014 19:37:47

sorry heres the pic.


20140620_143555.jpgshe weighs 74 ounces at the moment with batterys. Plenty of wiggle room for paint and a bigger battery.

Edited By Neil Powell on 20/06/2014 19:38:42

20/06/2014 19:35:25

Ok so i haven't done much on the mossie recently. Only just manage to sort the retract legs out thanks to my new k and s mighty wire bender. Money well spent as far as i'm concerned. Ailerons, Flaps, elevator and rudder all connected. Just need to attach the nacelle moulds and then i'll consider giving it a quick test flight. Here she is so far.

Thread: 96" Hawker Hurricane Electric build
04/06/2014 11:51:03

Thanks for the info on the wing loadings. I guess its personal preference but the qualitys of a laser cut kit mentioned, accurate etc and the wcl seem to make it, in my opinion, good value. I really think i'll be giving this a go. Fancy a p-47!

02/06/2014 21:04:22
So if it's going to be about 11lbs what does that do to the wing loading and WCL. Just interested to see if the cost of a laser cut kit is worth it bearing in mind the weight saving.
24/05/2014 07:08:16

Thats a massive difference and i'm guessing that the wing loading/wcl is going to be fairly low meaning you don't have to be an expert to fly one. Really considering this option.

23/05/2014 10:34:59

I've often thought about doing this(hate cutting out formers ribs etc). What would the weight normally be if you just used wood to cover it? Looks great by the way.

Thread: Modelling Tools
05/05/2014 15:04:59
Found this one at screwfix(sorry at work and they only have a really old version of ie so can't use the link button).
05/05/2014 15:04:12
I saw the cheaper Proxxon table saw but it only cuts to a depth of 8mm. I want it to cut balsa up to about 15mm into strips so i don't have to spend a fortune on balsa. But i also want to be able to cut angles accurately, something which i just can't acheive using a mitre block. I was wondering if a scroll saw set up would work. I've seen a few around the ?100 mark that have fences and angle guides. I know it's a bit bigger but they seem ok?
04/05/2014 15:35:55

Hi i was looking at getting a Proxxon Table saw to get really accurate cuts but really can't afford the £300 price tag. I then started looking at a manual mitre saw with a fine blade on it. Has anyone used one of these. I have a small model makers mitre block but i find the blade tends to wander causing inaccurate cuts. has anyone else got any suggestions ideas.



Thread: Depron DH Mosquito
25/04/2014 11:25:14

I'm getting towards the end of this build now after months of turmoil at work and home(long story). I'm just trying to make some landing gear and was going to go down the route Rob Caso took in his free plan 2011(see link)


I just wondered what he used to join the wooden parts of the legs together. Obviously they need to pivot. I seem to recall that he might have used something similar to pressstuds??? Can anyone help. Need to join two pieces of 1/16 light ply together. Cheers all.

Thread: Bristol Blenheim Mk1V
07/12/2013 23:17:34

That looks so cool. Excellent workmanship. I can only hope to build something that nice one day. Keep it coming.

Thread: Module for Turnigy 9xr advice needed re telemetry
07/12/2013 23:13:40
Posted by PatMc on 07/12/2013 20:29:49:

Doesn't the 9xr have audible telemetry same as the Taranus ? With a FrSky module you'll get audible low Rx & RF alarms at the very least.

Oh well that changes things a bit. I think i better do some more research. I bought it because it got some good reviews and looked pretty cool(that might just be a personal thing). I was aware you could get telemetry but didn't even investigate audible. Best check it out a bit further. Thanks Pat

07/12/2013 19:58:32

Thanks Andrew

I think i might have answered my own question to be honest. Calculate the approx average amps like i normally do and base the battery time on that. Secondly don't use on screen telemetry as i'm not that good at flying and i shouldn't really be taking my eyes off the plane.

Joking aside it was more of a quizical interest really.


07/12/2013 11:52:21

Hi all,

Just ordered a Turnigy 9xr as my first 2.4ghz tx, despite only saying the other day that i was sticking with 35mhz(it's a christmas present). I'm now looking for a module to go with it. I see Frsky do one with a matching v8fr2 rx and that this combo does telemetry. I can't find anywhere what the telemetry would actually tell me and if i would need any other sensors to get the information.

I think all i would really need is something to keep an eye on the battery level. Thanks for any advice you can give.

Thread: Is 35Mhz dead? (Availability issues).
04/12/2013 19:19:11

cheers Ken. I don't know anyone where i fly that still uses 35mhz, apart from me of course. EDF is something i haven't ventured into yet so i'm gonna stay put for the time being. The only thing that bothers me about 35mhz is the daft long antenna. Doesn't look as good as the 2.4ghz ones but i'll live with it.

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